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Newtype’s Shocking Haruhi Announcement Unveiled!


Newtype’s announcement that “something is going to happen” with regard to otaku exploitation anime Haruhi has been finally made public, taking the form of no less than four shocking announcements.

The announcements run along these lines:

1. The seiyuu for Haruhi, Nagato and Mikuru are recording some exclusive interview for distribution only to Newtype’s loyal rubes!

2. Endless Eight will be shown again on Newtype’s site for a whole day at the end of August! Relive the joy!

3. Fans will finally get to test their knowledge of Endless Eight in the “Endless Eight Cult Quiz”! How many questions will you be able to answer?

4. New information on Haruhi goods for you to obediently buy up is forthcoming!

Incidentally, they chose today to take their server down for (scheduled) maintenance; you can see the announcement in situ below:


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