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Tales of Vesperia Remade for PS3


Fans of the beta version of Tales of Vesperia have been howling with rage at the release of the PS3 final version, which now seems to border on a remake.

The changes between the two are even more substantial than previously thought, making this an essential title for RPG fans:

Loli pirate Patty Fleur has been added, and integrated into the story, movies and event scenes.

tales-of-vesperia-ps3-6Flynn can be added to the party more frequently, and take the top slot and change skills.

The entire scenario is now fully voiced.

A large number of new skits have been added, apparently bringing the total to twice what was in the beta version.

With two new characters added the story has been adjusted.

Event camera work has been adjusted.

Event scenes can now be skipped.

Three new dungeons have been added along with an additional above ground area.

New bosses and giant monsters have been added.

New missions, events, secret missions and submissions are confirmed.

Party AI has been enhanced.

New ougi for each character have been added.

OVL gauge can now extend to 5 with unknown effects.

New skills have been added.

A total of 26 new attacks for the various characters have been added.

tales-of-vesperia-ps3-4Bosses can be refought in a practice mode.

Arena party battles have been added.

Attack sounds are enhanced.

New items have been added.

Namco Island has more features.

Smaller gameplay changes too numerous to mention are also added.

New, sexier costumes have been added:


There is only one month remaining until the game’s PS3 debut; whether this will sell PS3s as the beta sold Xboxes remains to be seen, but with the new PS3 models in the wings it seems possible.

The only possible detraction is the issue of the game’s resolution

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Via Hachimaki.

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