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7% of Japanese Men Reject Onanism


A survey of Japanese men’s masturbatory habits reveals that most appear possessed of a pathetic libido, with a shocking 7% refusing onanism entirely.

The small scale survey was conducted on the readers of men’s magazine Men’s Non-No:

“How often do you do ‘solo-H’?”

Never!: 7%

Once every one to three months: 4%

Once every two weeks: 7%

Once or twice a week: 26%

Three to four times a week: 32%

Five or six times a week: 12%

More than seven times a week: 12%

Considering statistics generally show Japanese men to not get terribly much sex, the most optimistic interpretation, that they are too busy having sex, seems unlikely. The magazine asked to be sure, and found 60% of the men with girlfriends (less than half of them) had sex roughly once a week.

The most hopeful interpretation would probably be that the readers of the rag in question are the sort of effete types beloved of Japanese women, but again it is hard to be sure of this.

More pressingly, this rather raises the question of just what they are doing with all that porn…

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