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Mio’s Shimapan Bowl Disappoints


The Keion-bu’s “Lunch Set” previously reported on has gone on advance sale at Comiket 76, prior to its scheduled October release, but many are quick to note that the set’s main item, Mio’s pantsu-colored chawan / rice bowl appears to be decidedly undersized…

The promotional images (shown above) had made it seem a fair amount larger than the reality:


To those unfamiliar with Japanese crockery the bowl might seem properly sized for use as a tea chawan, but given its color and that we actually saw the bowl filled with rice in the anime, there is little question on exactly what type of chawan this is meant to be.

In any case, fans seem content with the rest of the 5,000 lunch set that is produced by otaku superstore Cospa, despite the bowl’s size most likely precluding much in the way of tableware cunnilingus.

Domestic fans can still easily pick up a pre-order at Cospa or AmiAmi, or ideally purchase them in person at C76, already into its 2nd day and as lively as ever. International buyers, however, will need to do some searching.

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