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Japanese Women: “Date Losers to Avoid Cheating!”


The latest suggestion for Japanese women to avoid the scourge of infidelity from their partners is to date otaku and others who look incapable of getting any, as of course it will be harder for them to betray.

A small survey revealed 30% of female respondents had experienced cheating; the suggested counter to this problem was to find a man who couldn’t cheat if he wanted to, whether by choice or ineptitude.

One such lady says of her boyfriend, who has no interest in fashion or other signs of treachery:

“My current man is a conservative, scientific type I met through friends. Even if he is unfashionable, I feel secure with him. I definitely recommend a loser man for that reason.”

Other women are doubtful:

“You want a man who nobody else is interested in? Aren’t you lonely? I like popular types. If you relax with a man like that just because he’s plain it’s probably even more dangerous!”

2ch damningly observes: “However, this only applies to rich men.”

Via Itai News.

Similar surveys found that 45% of Japanese women admitted to cheating, so possibly these observations might be even more pertinently observed by men…

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