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Exposed! Otaku Names Daughter “Kana” After Eroge


A married otaku fan of eroge classic Kana: Little Sister had some explaining to do after his wife found out that he had named their daughter “Kana,” after the girl from the game, not after some a character from classical literature as he had claimed…

The man apparently harboured a great respect for adult game classic 加奈 〜いもうと〜 / Kana: Imouto (available in English), and when he learnt his child was to be a girl, he knew “I had no other choice but to call her Kana.”

Since his wife had dibs on naming the child if it was a boy, he was able to name her Kana, telling his wife it was from a book he had read in which “Kana” was a “wonderful, good little girl.”

However, he had kept the game’s box underneath his keyboard, and his wife happened upon it and realised his deception.

When he returned he was confronted, and soon had to explain himself to his wife and both his and her parents; since they had no idea what an “eroge” was, he was forced to play it in front of them.

We do not hear what the results of this encounter were, but his rather optimistic speculation on 2ch was “Perhaps they’ll be so moved by it they will forgive me?”

2ch was naturally in its element in helping/excoriating him:

“Poor Kana-chan.”

“Just say your daughter’s name came first, and you bought the game because it excited you.”

“That’s sheer genius.”

“It’s sheer perversion.”

“What’ll you tell her when she has to find out her name’s etymology at school?”

“I was intending to give my daughter an ancient name too: Haruhi. Sadly, I couldn’t. I’m jealous of your bravery!”

“It’s a good name, he should be given a break. Just because it’s from a 2D work is no reason to scorn it.”

“If his daughter finds out she might kill herself.”

“I wonder what a classmate’s reaction would be to an ‘Izumi Konata’ in the class. Well, I’m a virgin anyway, so…”

“Why was I named after a character from a BL manga? She told me it was a character from a manga she liked…”

“I was going to call my daughter Fuuko, but my wife watches anime and so when Clannad came out I had to change it. Now I will call her Fuuka so I’m safe.”

“In 15 years there will be a lot of Miku about…”

“My damn wife called my daughter ‘Mikaeru,’ what a stupid name! She said if it was a boy she’d call him ‘Lucifer’, what…”


“It’s a great game so it’ll be safe!”

Questionable naming practices have been all the rage in Japan for some time now…

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