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Comiket 76 Breaks Attendance Record: 180,000 on Day 1


Comiket 76, this summer’s August event of the twice annual otaku mega-convention in Ariake has broken its already massive attendance records on its first day, with a reported figure of 180,000 attendees, on a blisteringly hot August 14, topping last year’s C74 by 10,000.

Comiket has long been famed for its absurdly crowded conditions, multi-hour queues and the endless throngs of people whose otaku devotion allows them to put up with these unsavory conditions, so a newΒ one-day attendance record is none too surprising.

Conservative estimates put the expected number of attendees at this Natsucon (Summer Comiket) as at least 500,000 attendees, although that number may well be exceeded given the obvious wave of attendees witnessed yesterday.

Ero “H” content is of course present in some level on all three days at the Comiket, but Day 3 (Sunday, August 16) is the main day for H and historically draws a significantly bigger crowd than Day 1, so it is likely we will see C76 break its attendance record yet again later this weekend.

Via Yahoo Japan.

Some other photos from C76:



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