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“Something is Going to Happen!”: New Haruhi Season?


Haruhi marketing rag Newtype promises a “major” Haruhi announcement come August 17th, which hopeful Haruhi-ists have immediately speculated means a new season (which would almost inevitably include “Disappearance”) or at the very least a movie; more sober calculus suggests to some that this is merely another piece of abusive marketing for some trifle…


“Something is going to happen! Look forward to it!” is their promise.

The update, apparently only on Newtype Channel, is due on the 17th, so doubtless it will be leaked and either defiantly shredded or covered in grateful fluids by 2ch before then.

With Newtype being the loyal tool of Kadokawa in all its marketing shenanigans, who knows what the announcement will constitute; the Endless Eight movie perhaps…


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