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Korean Rage over Anti-Korean Anime “Unko-san”


The latest Japanese object of Korean fascination and outrage is excrement themed anime “Unko-san.”

Koreans allege that a character named “Kim Ben” (“Ben” is a pun on the Japanese character for excrement), who loves kimchee, has narrow eyes and is “easily angered,” is in fact an attempt to liken Koreans to nightsoil. He is visible in the top right of the above illustration.

The characters of the show all seem to be based on none too kind classic cartoon stereotypes; whether it constitutes a racist caricature or an attempt to soil Korea’s good name seems a difficult matter to determine, though there is no denying that “Kim Ben” fits the profile of a national caricature, and that good taste is alien to the makers of this anime.

You can see the characters below:


Kim Ben “loves kimchee,” “is very easy to anger,” and is “extreme” according to his various official descriptions.

The anime itself:

How long this anime will now last is anyone’s guess; considering what happened to blameless anime Hetalia when it fell foul of Korean nationalism, it may not have long.

Via Itai News.

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