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KyoAni Official K-ON! Yui & Mio Dakimakura


Kyoto Animation will be adding to the numerous doujin K-ON! dakimakura we have already seen with this Yui & Mio cushion, though it is certainly oriented towards the pair’s moe qualities rather than ero…

The product, newly added to the KyoAni Shop, is officially branded a “jumbo cushion” on the site, but its true purpose is made all too evident from the helpfully provided dimensions of 50cm x 150cm.

The dakimakura is available for pre-orders at the KyoAni Shop for an immodest ¥15,000, which includes both the dakimakura cover along with the typically non-included internal cushion.

International orders are, of course, not available from the site and the item is not likely to appear at any of the usual international retailers, so some prospective buyers will likely need to do some footwork.

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