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Rapist Charges Victim: “She Didn’t Tell Me She Was HIV+!”


A man is pressing charges against a woman he is accused of raping, accusing her of not informing him she had HIV.

The man apparently had sex with the woman at his residence in Helsingborg, Sweden, after the pair took a taxi there.

She alleges he lured her back to his apartment with a promise to give her the fare, then raped her. She allegedly begged him to use a condom, but he refused, and only relented and released her when she told him her children were waiting for her.

He alleges she was a prostitute who he drunkenly paid the equivalent of $500 to have sex with, and only pressed charges against him to avoid charges stemming from potentially having infected him with HIV, as she was HIV positive.

The man has not been confirmed as being infected.

Via Helsingborgs Dagblad.

Sweden has some of the higher levels of rape in the developed world, which can either be interpreted as evidence it is a degenerate nation of brutes, a nation where justice for women is taken seriously, or one were men have no chance at all against the allegations of women in court…

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