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Monster Hunter 3 Release Disaster After All


Panchira hunting RPG Monster Hunter 3’s release has rapidly turned into a disaster after a reasonable start and the distinction of a full 40 point score from top gaming rag Famitsu. However, now the game is already selling for 60% off its starting price, and industry sources are saying this is “a once in 5 years” flop.


Though reviews have been favourable, the million copies apparently shipped to distributors have proven to be wildly optimistic, with some retailers able only to sell half of their stock, leading to the fantastic (and for retailers, highly depressing) discounts seen now.

Just why this game, capable of getting a full score in Famitsu, is resolutely failing to sell is a matter of some speculation.

Curiously, of recent releases several titles have seen similar treatment, though these are now acknowledged to be overhyped rubbish:

King of Fighters XII:


Magna Carta 2:


Via Hachimaki.

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