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Hiroyuki vs Crypton: “Crypton is the New JASRAC”


2ch creator and NicoNico Douga boss Hiroyuki has harshly criticised Crypton Future Media, the company responsible for Hatsune Miku and the MAD boom surrounding her, implying the company is acting hypocritically and is in danger of becoming like JASRAC, the Japanese answer to the RIAA.

He made the comments on his blog:

“I get the impression Crypton have started doing something strange.

I believe Crypton’s CEO Mr Sato used to criticise JASRAC for destroying Japan’s MIDI scene with its use of copyright, but it seems at some point Crypton has started to become the mirror image of this in its behaviour.

There’s a nice song, “Shiroi Usagi,” [below] but Crypton had it deleted [from Nico, where it had nearly 200,000 views] for copyright infringement.

Where JASRAC were concerned, their reasoning in deleting MIDI was clear – “What are you doing uploading a composer’s works onto the Internet for free and with no permission?” However, just how Crypton’s copyright is infringed by “Shiroi Usagi” is a little hard to fathom, isn’t it?

What I don’t like about Crypton’s actions here is that by deleting anything for whatever reason using the pretext of copyright infringement, they are behaving even worse than JASRAC…”

The MAD in question, unmolested on YouTube as they seemingly take no notice of Japanese rights holders:

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