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“Disabled” Chikan to Staff: “Hold My Penis For Me”


A man who pretended to be disabled so he could trick a female store employee into manipulating his genitals whilst he relieved himself has been arrested.

The man, a 31-year-old who worked with the disabled, visited a Mie prefecture convenience store, where he importuned a female employee (30): “I can’t use my hands so I’d like you to help me relieve myself.” Whilst doing so he pretended to be unable to use his hands.

The employee dutifully assisted him, holding his penis for him whilst he relieved himself.

However, she soon thought something was amiss when the man started using his hands, and then drove off in his car. She subsequently reported the incident to police.

For his part, he denies any wrongdoing: “I just had her help me go to the toilet.”

Police have charged him with indecent assault.

Via ZakZak.

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