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The Tears of Kyoto Animation


Kyoto Animation’s gifted depictions of moe girls becoming distressed to the point of tears is shown below in these few images, coming to us by way of the ever helpful and always tear loving 2ch:



The crying face offered for K-ON! (viewable further below) seemed to be cheating somewhat, so this lovely shot of Tsumugi nearly crying might better serve…



This image of a moe Mikuru (the original post in the thread) came along with a heartwarming message:

Even though her mucus is hanging, she is still my bride.

My love is eternal.


Kaname was unfortunately absent, though she may not have had a full-blown crying scene fully facing the “camera” in this manner?

You can taste more sweet tears on the Channel, though strangely many seem to have little to do with lamentation…

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