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Hetalia Baccano! & Juuden-chan Parody Madness


This pair of MADs featuring Korea’s favorite anime Hetalia are both sitting high on Nico’s Anime Rankings – the first being a fully hand-drawn piece set to Baccano!’s OP theme, and the other a parody of Juuden-chan‘s catchy ED.

HETTALIA!【手書き完成版】 (Hand-Drawn Complete Version)

Hettalia! currently is placing #1 on Nico’s Anime Rankings and, as mentioned previously, is set to the Baccano! OP, Guns & Roses.

Here is the original Baccano! OP sequence, in case a reminder is needed:

The second Hetalia MAD:

ベラルーシがトレーニング+α / Belarus Training +α

This video has Belarus-chan (Russia’s temperamental little sister) doing “training” ala Plug from the Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! ED, in what seems to have become Nico’s latest MAD meme.

This too also is very popular on Nico at the moment, coming in at #8.

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