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“Heroic” Woman Hailed for Chikan Penis Flambé


A woman is being hailed as a hero after she set fire to a man’s penis in order to put a stop to his unwanted advances.

The 26-year-old woman, a native of the Greek island of Crete, was enjoying the night-time revelry the isle is famous for when she was approached by one of the many booze guzzling louts from the UK who regularly invade the island.

He apparently removed his trousers and began waving his penis at her and others, and then “forcefully fondled” the lady and offered her the use of his genitals.

She declined, and bade him stop, but he was resolute in his determination to continue his depraved revelry. She tired of this and doused his penis with her highly alcoholic beverage. Even this left him unfazed, so she then took her lighter and ignited his penis, terminating his advances.

The man was hospitalised with second degree burns to his penis and testicles, and is recuperating in a Greek clinic.

The woman earned local praise both for her penis burning and for turning herself in to police soon after.

Courts soon released her pending trial, widely seen as an indication that they accept her argument that she acted in self defence; crowds cheered her on release. Her counsel also expresses an interest in pursuing the chikan for his advances.

Via the Telegraph.

Although few will be sympathetic to the man’s drunken antics, it does not seem there was anything preventing her walking away or merely resorting to the classic expedient of a firm kick to the proffered organ…

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