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Japan is Sinking: “Death Before Foreignness!”


A survey of 5,000 Japanese reveals that a quarter would rather die in Poseidon’s watery embrace than live in another Asian country.

The situation:

“Japan will sink in one month!

But the kind countries of Asia have agreed to take in the Japanese; your citizenship will change to that country.

Which Asian nation will you go to?”

The top responses:

1. 24.3% “Then we shall sink together!”

2. 19.2% Taiwan

3. 11.3% Singapore

4. 6.6% Thailand

5. 3.8% Korea

6. 3.6% Bhutan

7. 2.9% The Maldives

8. 2.8% India

9. 2.7% Malaysia

10. 2.7% Brunei

China scrapes in at 11th with 2.6%.

The rest of the responses are to what are presumably considered even more wretched hives of Asian foreignness. Last on the list are Pakistan and the various central Asian religious tyrannies.

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