Agnes Chan: “The Internet is the Lolicon Superhighway”


Anti-loli crusader idol Agnes Chan is still trying to curry favour for her cause, despite having been abandoned by Japanese politicians in the face of elections. Now she has started hinting that the Internet itself is part of the problem…


She made a variety of comments lamenting the lack of a proper loli ban in a short interview with the Yomiuri Shimbun, but the highlight is her comparison of the Internet to a lolicon highway:

“Why doesn’t the loli decrease?”

“The Internet is like a highway down which loli porn travels. Even if one country restricts it, it will just flee to a country with looser laws. Just having loli isn’t even a crime in Japan. Most other countries ban it, I want Japan to change its laws too.”

With this line of thought, it is not hard to guess what sort of laws she will be promoting should she get her ban – mandatory filtering of all Internet connections springs to mind, already in operation in a number of developed countries which should know better.

Sadly for her aspirations, Japanese politicians will be for the foreseeable future only be concerned with saving their own skins as elections loom and the LDP’s popularity continues to plummet.

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