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$50,000 Gold Penis Enlarger Most Expensive Ever


A Saudi businessman has commissioned the creation of a $50,000 diamond encrusted gold “penis enlarger,” the most expensive ever produced.

The man, identified only as an inhabitant of the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah, commissioned the device specially from Canadian penis rack producer X4 Labs, who claim their products can increase the length of the male member.


Their “medically certified” penis extenders normally retail for a few hundred dollars, but the buyer in this case supposedly had a “a severe skin allergy to stainless steel” and so needed a solid gold device.

We do not hear whether he had a medical excuse for needing to have the device encrusted with dozens of diamonds and rubies. His request saw the makers cooperating with a local jeweller.

The company admits it was sceptical at first: “It’s an unusual request. We didn’t take it seriously at first, but once he sent us a deposit, we had to agree to it. Obviously, there were giggles initially when we presented our project to a jeweller and asked him for help.”

Since Saudi Arabia is a medieval dictatorship, importing sex toys is strictly banned, so the company gets round this by calling the penis stretchers medical devices.

The order appears to have gone to the heads of the penis rack hawkers; they say they are “convinced that there is a demographic that is willing to pay for lavish medical devices for their private areas, to pay good money to spoil themselves.”

“There is something tremendously selfish about the male ego, and subsequently $50,000 orders may become the norm for companies like X4 Labs,” is the rather optimistic claim.

Expect to see offers for ruby encrusted penis enlargers gracing millions of inboxes in short order.

Via Heaven.

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