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Japanese Men Spurn “Carnivorous” Women, Hunt Virgins


A survey of Japanese men reveals that most spurn sexually assertive women, with many thought instead to hanker after the mythical innocent and passive Japanese maidens of legend.

The survey, conducted by a marriage consultation agency, asked what men thought of “carnivorous” women, women who are prepared to take an active role in finding sexual partners, as opposed to the “herbivorous” men the Japanese mass media increasingly frets about.

The number one response was “depressing” with 27%. Next was “I’d like to socialise with one” with 22%. However, a meagre 3% wanted to marry one, 9% thought them “lascivious” and a further 6% found them irritating.

A variety of other responses were registered, and in total 53% of respondents held negative opinions of such assertive women.

A man surveyed explains that men seek “virginal” women, rather than ones who think often of men: “However old she is, unfortunately men just want an innocent woman.”

Via Dokujo Tsushin.

It might be hoped that the half of men willing to tolerate assertive women are the ever more common and ever less assertive “herbivorous” men, but the evidence seems not to support this

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  • the jap man, lacks balls, The giant Americans Took it away when we nuked them, twice. No guns in jap, no knives, and no agression. I hope china attempts to invade to force the jap males balls to drop once again…

  • BloodThirstyNogitsune says:

    that man who was surveyed was trying to virgins are a safer pick than non-virgins they cant compare you to your ex and they are less likely to cheat on you or carry an STD or worse

  • BloodThirstyNogitsune says:

    i can think of 3 good reasons why us guys seek virgins

    1. we dont like woman he give themselves up to every boyfriend she gets (sluts)

    2. three words: sexually-transmitted-diseases!

    3. morals, if we have them then our partner should also

  • Can’t really blame those poor guys, they can be intimidating and look slutty if they go out trying to hunt only meat all the time.

    If they’re going to be like that they should at least take up athletics and MMA and become bisexuals to increase the appeal to compensate.

  • Wow, these were not the sort of answers I was expecting.
    This is something new?
    Newsflash: men have preferred virgins in nearly every culture since ever!
    Due to how universal the idolization of female virginity is, it’s not far fetched to assume the reason to be genetic.
    Also, the “men go for virgins because they are unconfident” is utter bullshit invented by women to vilify men because they can’t accept the truth.
    I am aware that this can come across as a value-judgment towards non-virginal women, but it’s not like that at all. I just think people need to see the facts here.

    Be wild and have fun if you wish, but realize that if you’re looking for a serious relationship, having “been around the block” is going to be considered a flaw by many men. Fingerpointing and claiming that “you just can’t handle a real woman!” is just going to make a fool of yourself.
    For every action there is a consequence, like it or not.

      • I don’t think that there is a preference for virgins when it comes to men desiring younger partners. Your reference was a little hard to understand as well. Women’s fertility peaks at the age of twenty two declines after the age of thirty. A women most likely would not be a virgin by this time. Maybe it was different then, but I’m sure that virginity wasn’t a major factor in primitive humans’s decisions. It wasn’t until religion came into the picture that people started worshiping hymens.

  • Also, I doubt that the “herbivore” men are the ones doing things like going nuts over Kannagi.

    Otaku =/= girlyman.
    2ch otaku can be some of the biggest misogynists around. And just look what they said about men in dresses!

  • Assertive women are fine as long as they have self control and have class. I don’t get why being a quite a pushover must instantly mean you’re innocent and being assertive means you’re a ho.

  • Don’t diss the ‘herbivores’. Some herbivores are nastier than carnivores. For example, the hippotamus (known for chasing and mauling humans into a bloody mess), the rhinoceros (also known to maul people), the elephants (maul and trample), the bulls (more mauling) and the horses (and their bone-breaking kicks!).

  • This begs the question. Lynch me all you want; but this is the question that has been oh so verily overdue.

    “What the hell is it you f***ing women want?”

    And as a follow up to just about any common or lame-ass answer.

    “We already did that, and either you didn’t answer, didn’t give a damn, or rejected it/us.”

    Give it to us f***ing straight.

    I’ve been paying much attention to (wo)mankind, and all I have to say is: CUT THE BULLSHIT!!! The world is miserable enough as it is anyway, and nobody’s doing a damn thing to improve it in any way. For better or worse, nothing’s going to improve; but it doesn’t mean you have to be a complete bastard/bitch about it.

    To get your way at the cost of another’s own free will; it’s almost 2010, and society hasn’t changed one bit.

    …Ah, screw it. I probably figured it out anyway. Oh, do I pity the world. :nods head in shame:

    • Hey, the world was shit at all times and will be. Do we need any improvement? I dont think its even possible to improve anything. It’s a world where a man (woman or not) can do anything he/she pleases, and if you got hurt by someone, well it’s just your fault. You shouldnt rely on society in the first place, all they tell you is bullshit. What do woman want? They want you to think they are gods, and you are trash. Dont let no woman screw you.

      • You’ve got to be kidding. You think women want to be thought of as gods, and men treated like trash? Fuck, do you pay attention to human society at all? What the hell do you call all of this brain dead patriarchy and insidious theme of misogyny placed all over the god damn planet?

        You want to know why exactly you guys nary a clue as to the desires of women? That’s because you created a fantabulous societal structure that produces mind boggling gender roles. The contradictions in these roles are enough to actually cause people, man or woman, to not know what they want, nor how to tell when they’ve got what they want. Seriously, you guys want sex, but you want non-sexed partners. Then you proceed to spew bull about how you want awesome sex and prostitutes. THEN you accuse your partner of being a cheater.

        Jeez, you males must have the worst self-confidence and case of unfounded paranoia ever documented if you think you have to protect yourselves from the sex the created you. Oh, and to answer your elusive question: women want equality. And that’ll happen when this whole “virgin morality” has become null and void.

        tl;dr You’re butthurt, I’m butthurt, the world is butthurt. And we’re all butthurt because of our hurting butts. The End

        • And how the fuck does misandry justify misogyny? And nice job strawmaning that persons argument. She never said women create people out of thin air.

          Fuck men’s rights. Fuck women’s rights. What happened to universal HUMAN rights?

        • Well put, Anonymous. As you can see in these comments that several people are misguided. Someday women and men won’t be scorned for their actions, but that will probably never happen.

          People, please listen to reason. It has to start somewhere.

        • Woman, shut the hell up. You honestly believe this is all one-sided? There is just as much misandry in this world as misogyny. You women put such ridiculous expectations on men as men do on women. So save your crap.

          And no, men don’t have the worst case of self-confidence and paranoia. Maybe you women do, but not us. And no, women didn’t create us. BOTH men and women did. Funny how you don’t like the idea of women being treated as gods, but then you spout crap like you created us out of thin air.

  • This reeks of a situation where a majority of the men there aren’t confident sexually. Thus they want someone who has -no- experience, rather than someone who knows how bad they suck. XD

  • I’d rather have a girl who understands at least part of me – like one who knows how to geek out over something. It’d be nice to have a virgin/relatively chaste one if possible, but as you get older, good luck with that…

    Now me… I’m friends with one who is both, and hot! The downside? Well, if you get a girl who’s relatively inexperienced, she may just not be interested in a relationship in general, so you get ruled out too. BAWWWW… T_T

  • abort-retry-fail says:

    Japanese notions of what women currently are is getting outdated and not realistic..

    Coupled with the foolish notion of Japanese women looking for wealthy husbands (which is also outdated), no wonder the country is having a population contraction…

  • I guess the japanese don’t like women who are strong,they want a weak and passive woman pff.c’mon
    assertive woman who are strong willed and know what they want are the best if they are assertive it doesn’t mean they are sluts like some anons commented it means they are strong and intelligent woman that seek a partner that isn’t a total dick or pu**y that doesn’t give her attention because of work or doesn’t become scared or is weak in the time of truth.what happened to the old japanese men that where like that.
    I guess the woman are the samurai and the yamato nadeshiko are the men now. I like japanese people but I gotta say it ,this is too much, both of them need to be assertive to have a better relationship which I think is why the japanese have low birth rates damn when I get my foot on japan I hope they are prepared cuz hell is gonna break lose

    • The Japanese, Hell, EVERYONE apparently needs to learn about something called “equality of the sexes”. Nothing is better than being with someone who is your equal, a human being you can interact with on many levels, from the stupidest and most immature shenanigans, to the most fulfilling acts of intimacy. I agree whole heatedly on all of your points, Ponky14.

  • Lazydabear says:

    Its kind of hard when women in Japan now are losing there virginity around the ages of 13 and up. Japanese men tend to want girl that are pure its harder to find a women in this world that has a real image then it is the one you dream about.

  • Strange! Normally everyone wants a woman who’s not out to fuck any cock she likes.

    In western societies you are just forced to pretend you like the cunt for everyone.

    Just another reason to like asian Cultures and especially Japan.

    • That’s what this article said: they prefer “pure” virginal women, not predatory ones. Yet, you preface the rephrasing of the article with “Strange!” …

      If you’re agreeing with it, how is it strange? It’s as if you only skimmed it and understood the complete opposite point but decided to post anyway … strange!

      On an additional note, WTF is “in western societies you are just forced to pretend you like the cunt for everyone” supposed to mean?

      • Well if its different to his culture, then it would be strange to him. The phrase he said sounded like he was implying that being gay in a western society is wrong in accordance with society. What relevance that has to the article though, i have no idea…

  • I’ve read somewhere that Japanese men have fetishes for increasingly younger girls because :

    They’re socially expected to provide single-handedly for the family. Some nonsense about how if a man can’t, he’s deemed laughable and useless. In fact, in Japan married ladies are expected not to be promoted past a very low tier (office lady), and are in some cases expected to quit their jobs once they tie the knot.

    What this leads to are tired men who don’t have much leisure time, and women who have TOO much leisure time.

    Which leads to the women being far more widely educated than men, since they’re free to travel, and experience more.

    This puts the men in a difficult position : They’re the breadwinners of the household, yet they’re “inferior” to their women.

    All in all, this results in men going after younger girls because they are less exposed to the world generally and the men can feel superior and assertive over them.

    Actually, all this seem to be supported by what I’ve been reading on SA, so wut.

    Japan and its strange customs…

  • chickenwing says:

    For some reason this just doesn’t surprise me. Japan has been becoming more and more feminist, and judging by previous surveys the men just seem to be passive and non-aggressive compared to the women. Just look at the separate cars and groping issues, where the men are nearly always taken as guilty, regardless of evidence. The dynamic between men and women as a whole has been changing, in some cases to the complete reverse. Not just in Japan either. This is happening in the US too, sometimes to the extent of reverse discrimination. Of course this is all possibly mis-informed speculation on my part, considering I don’t live in Japan.

    Anyways, I personally agree with them. I have always been attracted to the naive/shy type of woman, hence the appeal of anime, which nearly always has a character of that archetype.

    • It’s not going to happen in the US because American men are all assholes (in a good way) and would never tolerate this kind of bs. Japanese males are just too weak to handle feminists.

      • chickenwing says:

        True; the American men, as in the general population, don’t tend to tolerate that crap. But sadly, that is not true of the government. Just look at Sonia Sotomayor – she herself claims that she’ll make a better Judge because she is female and hispanic. Public schools are the same way. And have you ever heard of P-Town in Massachusetts?

    • Highly industrialized nations have always been feminist. How else can they pull off the mass enslavement of legions of salarymen who have no say at all in the corporation nor in the home, and they give all their salary to their wives as is the custom. Seems like people have had a wrong impression of patriarchy in their minds all along.

      The NEET phenomenon today is a form of courageousness, as young people (mainly men) say “fuck this shit” to the whole grade school-to-salaryman enslave system, and prefer to leech off society instead of slaving away for it.

      Here’s a thought: The modern era is the triumph of Gathering culture over Hunting culture. Industrialization has merely served to spread the female pasttime of gathering (i.e. shopping malls… every citizen a mere consumer, instead of a producer). The only remnants of Hunting culture exist only in videogames, that’s why many guys find solace and retreat in it.

      • Anonymous says:

        On the contrary, what you’re describing isn’t feminism at all. The woman in these “salary-man” scenarios aren’t given a choice to work or make their own money. If the man feels trapped, maybe they should discuss the issue and the woman should go and find a job and they should work towards a more egalitarian marriage instead. THAT is the main idea of feminism, that men and women should be of equal standing. NOT to enslave men in this “system”. Yes, I agree it’s unfair to expect the man to do all the bread-winning and the woman to stay at home and raise the children. BOTH ends of the gender spectrum are fucked up and as an industrialized society we should recognize that bending these rules and views are necessary to form a better understanding of ourselves and a healthier lifestyles.

      • chickenwing says:

        That’s an interesting thought, one I hadn’t heard before. Glad I live in the US where I can still own a gun and go hunting. It’s amazing how the world has changed so much in such a small period as 100 years.

        What made men dominant in the past is largely their general physical/muscular superiority and aggression. With the immense improvements in the comforts in life, and processed food from farms (in many industrialized nations), there is no longer such a need in the general populace for physical strength and hunting. With the new reliance on mental capability, women are equal to men.

        Then there is always the factor of women believing they need to sometimes oppressively exert their equality, almost as revenge for male dominance many years ago. Sort of like the current “pro-black” movements, along with affirmative action, in the US today.

    • (un-assertive woman – your wife – approached by a pick-up artist):

      Pickup Artist: “Hey, baby…”
      Your Wife: “Ehhh?”
      PA: “Check this out…” (gestures to new sports car parked at curb, gently ushers her in that direction)
      YW: (politely) “Yes, that’s a nice car.”
      PA: “Here.” (opens passenger door) “Sit here and check out the feel of the genuine Corinithian leather seats.”
      YW: “Haaaa…” (slowly sits down into passenger seat)
      PA: (closes passenger door, walks to driver’s side and gets in) “Another great thing is the feel and sound of the engine.” (drops car into neutral, starts engine, blips the gas pedal a couple times) “Like the sound of that?”
      YW: “Un…”
      PA: “There’s nothing like the wild feel of the wind in your hair,” (flips open soft-top) “and the feel of hitting the curves hard.”


      After a fast cruise up the old coast road, and some time spent in a love hotel in another city, your ‘un-assertive’ wife is dropped off where she was picked up, and with a bit of blush, watches the guy drive away ….

        • Personally, I like to marry a woman whom I can trust, with, well, everything. Money, faith, children, anything at all. Even more so if she is a capable woman whom I can consider my equal.

          After all, it has been said that behind every great man is a great woman. And I would like to add that behind every great man and a great woman is a great family. And I like a woman whom I can create a great family with.

          But knowing society nowadays, leave that ideal in the gutter because it isn’t going to come true.

        • Vampire Lord says:

          Well, Mexico is not exactly the kind of place I could find a woman among the rougly 30% who is not prone to cheat, but I got your point…

          This sucks, I just wanna have a nice and loyal girlfriend.

  • Yuria 100 Shiki implied something to this effect–the forwardness of sentient, man-hungry love doll Lucy (made in the US, natch) was outright offensive to the Japanese dudes around her (never mind that she was probably topless). Well, their loss!

    • Actually it’s more like the “Yeah, baby, go, go, cowboy!” expression of hers that’s a big turn-off.

      I actually floated the idea of being pursued by assertive women versus being the pursuer, but women warned me that aggressive women may “have an agenda”. Case in point some distant relative whose wife was more aggressive during the courtship and now that they’re married she treats her husband like shit, so he always finds excuses to stay in hotels. He’s filthy rich, btw.

  • I don’t care if virgin or not virgin.It’s not like it’s smart being so choosy.
    I realized that i like women the most where i can understand with them pretty good,talk very much,she says about her interests and i about mine.
    And first i thought nothing of a certain women becouse of her looks and how she was working.But in the end looks didn’t matter,only how we understood each other.
    And in the end she doesn’t look bad.
    It’s at those times i actualy feelt love,rarely had a feeling like that.

    But in the end too bad that she still likes her boyfriend,i think he maybe got jealous of us,since she doesn’t answer the mobile phone anymore when i call her.
    Oh well at least i undestand how it all works now.

  • An this type of out-of-date way of thinking were the women only nods her head and obeys her husband is one of the many reasons of why the japanese women prefer to stay single.
    I mean really, do the japanese really prefer them to just lie on the bed doing nothing?

    • LOL!

      Well, it seems they want their “wife” to be all “traditional” and “virginal” and “coy” (“Aaah, goshujin-sama! …”).

      But look at all the money spent on prostitutes and such over there.

      Perhaps when they want a whore, they go out and hire one.

      I’m not a “bottom”, nor a “top”; but I like women who know what they want and express it clearly (“Spread ’em, buster.”) vs. having to guess if she’s in one of “those” moods and doesn’t want to be touched.

      • But they DO like prostitutes. They just don’t think they’re fit for marriage.

        Herbivorous girls suffer because their husbands always jump the fence looking for carnivores, while carnivores suffer because said husbands always choose herbivores over them for commitment.

        Liking sex is not synonymous with sleeping around. Intimacy is the best aphrodisiac, after all.

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree. If you enjoy sex and know how to protect yourself, you are the farthest away from being a whore or a slut. Japanese men are just stuck on the innocence = desirable fantasy. When in fact adhering to these standards only hurt women. Sexual women should be celebrated and supported, birth control and other forms of STD control should be made more readily available in all countries.

        • My GOD, someone on this thread who actually has more than a teaspoon’s worth of braincells in their head. Come on, how can so many people world wide be so blind to the truth: women are just as sexual as men. We’re all humans, we’re all like that. Yet “sex=bad, sex=even worse if a woman admits to liking it” notions continue to be drilled into our skulls. Girls and women who are “carnivorous”, a.k.a. pro-sex are not whores, not instant STI carriers, dubious cheaters, etc. etc. Besides, men seem to be the biggest whores of them all.

          I’m definitely not surprised that so many Japanese guys feel this way, just look at what their culture’s pornography (hentai). It’s so contradicting and based almost entirely on fantasy that their own realities get distorted. Then you have the little otakus here who fall prey to the same problem. Joy.

      • If you want to associate STDs to a certain behavior, make it not wearing condoms instead of promiscuity.

        A girl who has fucked 50 guys and always used protection is less likely to get infected than a girl who has fucked 2 guys au natural.

        Also, no use being a goody-two-shoes if your man’s a whore.

        • First of all, condoms do not protect against every STD. So, really, you shouldn’t be trying to engage in casual sex in the first place outside of a partner you believe beyond the shadow of a doubt is clean and monogamous.

          Second of all, you don’t lower your standards on the basis of someone else not living up to yours. You basically turn into the very scum you despise. What’s sad is that there are so many people like you who drop your emotional baggage unto innocent people’s laps and then wonder why you see so many broken people who do not function within the scope of your ideals (wanting to deal with flesh and blood people at all, for one).

    • That’s because they never had a real virgin before. If they have had one, they wouldn’t want to touch it with a 10-foot pole. One of those things that they don’t get so they want it even more.

        • Women that I’ve known (friends’ previous girlfriends.) who exploit the whole innocence thing usually had attention seeking behaviors. These girls were in their twenties, but they talked and acted like moe-blobs.

          I really haven’t met an “innocent” girl who wasn’t trying to live up to some falsified persona.

          I personally like aggressive girls because they are aggressive. I’m not saying that I like slutty girls, I just like girls that are confident and not afraid to go for what they want.

          I don’t see show aggressive automatically means “slut” and innocent automatically means “ok”. In my opinion, if you’re past your teenage years, being “innocent” makes you look sheltered or mentally unstable.

        • Quoting Anonymous
          “In my experience I’ve found it’s the women you assume are “innocent” or “shy” that are more likely to cheat. Mostly because they’re too weak willed to say “no” to men who come on strong. At least the assertive women know how to handle themselves.”

          Note that we’re talking about “Carnivorous women” Meaning aggro ones who hunt for men.

          Hint Hint!!!!!

          Also note that Carnivorous doesnt = to Assertive.

        • Being sexually active, assertively or not, puts you on a fast track for herpes regardless of gender.

          Only in the US, it’s estimated that 50%-80% of the adult population is infected. If you take into account the whole Western world, it’s safe to assume a share as high as 90%.

          Most people have no idea they’re infected, and the moral importance attributed to this disease doesn’t help much when it’s time to face things as they are or seek proper treatment.

        • In my experience I’ve found it’s the women you assume are “innocent” or “shy” that are more likely to cheat. Mostly because they’re too weak willed to say “no” to men who come on strong. At least the assertive women know how to handle themselves.