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K-ON! Best Selling TV Anime Ever


The release of the K-ON! Blu-ray edition has seen a new opening day sales record set, with the Blu-ray edition selling 33,000 copies, with a further 8,000 sales of the DVD edition, a total which makes it the best selling TV anime of all time, and one of the best selling anime titles ever.

The main contenders for TV anime opening day sales records are mecha anime:

Code Geass Volume 1: 36,634 (68,821 total)

Code Geass R2 Volume 1: 25,955 (59,041 total)

Macross Frontier Volume 1: 17,548 (64,981 total)

These kind of opening sales figures also fail to take into the longevity of a title’s sales, which can be impressive (Gundam Seed Destiny’s first volume sold 80,000 in total), though for many titles sales are concentrated on the opening day. How K-ON! will do in this respect remains to be seen.

Haruhi’s crown is also firmly crushed into the mud by Mio’s popularity: the greatest opening day DVD sales Haruhi ever enjoyed was about 31,000 (36,000 in total).

Needless to say, K-ON! was the top TV anime in recent weekly charts too, though anime movie DVD & BD editions, which can enjoy much higher sales levels than TV anime, such as Evangelion beat it easily.

Those unfamiliar with just how spectacular the Blu-ray version looks can see a comparison here.

Via Oricon.

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