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To Love-Ru Pressing Oppai Trouble



The latest OVA and uncensored manga edition of top oppai anime To Love-Ru is apparently so packed with nipples that one schoolboy couldn’t contain his lust, grabbing the DVD, detailed in pictures below, and attempting to make off with it before being chased down and arrested.

The boy, a 16-year-old Saitama high-schooler, made off with a manga/DVD combo in station-front bookstore one morning, but was spotted by guards and opted to run.

Careening down escalators in his haste to evade pursuers, he crashed into an 8-year-old boy, moderately injuring him, and ran off, but was later overpowered by bystanders.

He explained his crime simply enough: “I wanted this manga and DVD.”

The title was not specified, but the price given was identical to the list price of To Love-Ru…

Just why he was so desperate to steal the title can be seen in the below details of the release, the 15th volume:





The OAD bundle is available now.

Via Sankei and Earl Box.

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