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Loli Hostess Bar Employed 12-Year-Old Girls


A “snack bar” where hostesses are expected to erotically entertain and flirt with male patrons has been shut down after it emerged it employed schoolgirls as young as 12.

The Ibaraki prefecture snack came to police attention only a month after it had opened, and on further investigation police found that its girls were aged 12 to 17.

They were receiving a ¥1,800 hourly wage, a good wage for a minor in legal work, but a poor one compared to a certain common but illicit schoolgirl profession.

Police arrested the proprietor, a 29-year-old woman, and the manager, a 24-year-old man, on charges of operating an unlicensed venue and of employing minors.

The woman denies the charges in part, claiming “We weren’t checking the girls’ ages.” She is thought to have been operating a similar loli snack bar elsewhere.

Technically hostess bars do not provide sex for money, instead providing expensive fake relationships, but it is an open secret that if patrons ply the girls with money and gifts for long enough, they will usually make themselves available, and indeed this may be a condition of their employment.

Via ZakZak.

She would have done better to have started her venture in the US, though Rhode Island has apparently hurriedly closed its loli stripper loophole after the embarrassing fiasco which ensued.

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