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Yuria 100 Shiki Anime Adaptation Confirmed?


Android Dutch wife near ero-manga Yuria 100 Shiki, by talented ero-mangaka Nobuto Hagio, has had a mysterious adaptation confirmed, but the announcement is deliberately vague as to whether the title will be an anime or a live action production…

The announcement is plastered all over the front of volume 10 of the manga, just released:


The choice of the very ambiguous “eizou-ka” (something along the lines of “film adaptation”) rather than the usual “anime-ka” or “jissha-ka” (for live action) is rather curious.

However, supporting the notion that it is to be an anime is the previous release of a drama CD, which had a full cast of top seiyuu who would likely reprise their roles in any anime. Additionally, the manga is nearly in ero-manga territory, not usually fertile ground for live action adaptations.

In any case it is curious that they would not reveal at least what it is to be…

Those unfamiliar with Nobuto Hagio or Yuria may wish to have a look at the introductory article on him.

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