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Nintendo Crushes DS Piracy with New Firmware


Nintendo has introduced new copy protection features into the latest firmware for its new DSi handheld, rendering all previous flash cards (or majikon in Japanese parlance) obsolete.


The new 1.4 firmware appears to break all current piracy solutions on the market, with the following devices checked:

Hyper R4i
R4 Ui
R4i Gold

The 1.4 firmware will of course be present on all new DSi units, and is available as a downloadable update. The firmware also adds Facebook compatibility (using the camera built into the unit), not that this will convince many affected to upgrade immediately.

With Nintendo and Sony both looking to move their handheld devices online and make them part of their own DRMed content delivery networks, it looks as though traditional retail and the piracy associated with it will not continue in the same form, though unless the unusual success of the PS3 in stymieing copies can be replicated, it will doubtless only be a matter of time before new cracks are developedโ€ฆ

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