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Monster Hunter 3 Release Debacle Looms


Popular panchira hunting RPG Monster Hunter 3, for the Wii, looks set to enjoy a release debacle if the freezing thus far reported turns out to be widespread.

The game is released on the 1st of August, but early recipients have begun playing already.

Freeze bugs have been reported (the video was broadcast live so an embed is not possible), 6 or so times in this one play session:


There is some speculation that this is copy protection (though the player uploaded a picture of his box) or a Wii related defect. However, similar bugs have been problematic on other titles, so only with the release will the truth be known.

This is apparently what the game looks like when played in โ€œHDโ€:


Surely there must be some mistake?

The game itself otherwise looks as one might expect from this sort of title on the Wii, with PS2 level graphics (in fact the game is even being sold bundled with a PS2-clone controller) and long load times, but with the classic Monster Hunter gameplay apparently intact:

If these issues turn out to be isolated then doubtless the release will go well all the same, but if they turn out to be widespread the game may be in severe troubleโ€ฆ

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