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Watarase Jun Oshiri & Oppai Mouse Pads


Lovers of Watarase Jun are sure to be driven into a frenzy by these beautifully illustrated mouse pads, with both “oppai” and oshiri on display.


Most will of course immediately recognise this as another spectacular work by Kashiwamochi Yomogi, well known for his love of Jun, OS-tans, and of course Senne-chan.



The pads were specially commissioned and will be going on sale at Jun-only event “Jun-nyan tariteru? Deluxe“, due to be held on September 20th in Kawasaki, and promising much in the way of trappish delights.

The only possible complaint which can be conceived of is that the area of Jun’s hindquarters chosen for the pad is perhaps not low enough to satisfy some sadists, though perhaps for Jun’s sake this is for the best…

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