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Mother Skins Baby, Eats Brains: “The Devil Made Me Do It”


A woman who butchered her baby son, eating his brains and other body parts, did so at the devil’s insistence.

The 33-year-old woman, a resident of San Antonio, Texas, gave birth to her son three weeks prior, but motherhood soon gave way to grisly murder.

She used a steak knife to stab her son to death, then carved off his head and skinned and gutted the corpse.

She apparently also devoured his brains and ate several of his toes.

After finishing her macabre antics she attempted to commit suicide by stabbing herself repeatedly, but was soon hospitalised when police responded, and is now in a stable condition.

Her statements to police reveal she may well not have been entirely compos mentis when carrying out the crime; she claims to have heard voices and to have been told by the devil to do away with her child.

Police have charged her with murder, and set her bail at a million dollars. She may face the death penalty if convicted.

A motive, other than demonic compulsion, has yet to be established; acquaintances describe her as “a little odd,” but no substantive mental issues appear apparent.

Via the Houston Chronicle.

This has all the hallmarks of a particularly extreme case of postpartum depression, the cause of many murderous acts by mothers to their infants…

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