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Illusion Strikes Back at Feminists…


Rapelay maker Illusion recently announced its latest game, Yuusha Kara wa Nigerarenai. The latest gameplay information reveals something curious about the title, and most probably connected to the censorship mania the industry is currently gripped by…


This diagram displays the gameflow. The player is the effete looking male demon.

1. World Map

2. Level Up

3. Technique Creation

4. Battle!

Winning the battle gives the reward of sex. Losing means being raped by the heroes, resulting in humiliating level loss.

This is apparently the point of the game – instead of hunting down women and raping them as in previous titles such as Rapelay and Battle Raper, the male protagonist is now being hunted down by a variety of female perverts intent on absorbing his essential essence, what is called in Japanese “gyaku-rape,” reverse rape.

It seems Illusion have cunningly observed that their feminist adversaries do not care one jot about men being raped, which should make this immune to criticism?

The game itself admittedly looks awful. Here you can see battles are actually fought as “posing battles,” explaining their posing engine


Possibly the new restrictions do not allow any violence at all in eroge, meaning they also had to resort to this frankly ridiculous expedient?

Via Ore-teki.

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