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Iron Man & Wolverine Anime Trailers Impress


Marvel, having decided to produce anime adaptations of both Iron Man and Wolverine, has just released some impressive trailers of both.

You can see them below:

Due for Japanese release in 2010 (via Animax), the series look at first glance to have been adeptly handled by esteemed studio Madhouse. Another two anime adaptations are apparently also in the works.

Marvel seem to have moved away from the traditional depictions for these productions; they describe it as “popular Super Heroes redesigned and repurposed as emerging from the fabric of Japanese culture”. Particularly in the case of Wolverine, at first glance it is certainly easy to get the impression that this is actually a Japonified version of the series actually intended for American audiences…

Whether the end result lives up to the trailer remains to be seen, but it certainly looks promising enough at this stage.

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