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Queen’s Blade Official Ero-Cosplay “Game Book” Due


The latest erotic addition to the booming Queen’s Blade franchise is to be a suitable erotic cosplay photo album/game book featuring gravure  idol 森下悠里 / Yuuri Morishita, cosplaying maid assassin Airi.

Her pantsu baring preview video is visible below:

There is some ambiguity as to whether this will be a straightforward gravure photo album or an actual cosplay version of the game books (the video mentions “Of course, you can also enjoy games with it as with the rest of the series”).

Whatever it is, it will be going on sale in October, and further such experiments seem possible given the hunger of Queen’s Blade fans for anything in torn pantsu.

Here she urges fans to await the new season, due soon:

You can wait out the release with the aid of some unofficial Airi ero-cosplay in the relevant gallery. Airi aside, and official or not, it seems the superb Cattleya cosplay we saw previously will not soon be beat…

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