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KyoAni Staff in Open Rebellion over Endless Eight


An official interview with the Kyoto Animation production staff of Haruhi’s much loathed Endless Eight arc reveals that staff are angry enough to allow their displeasure a public airing.

The interview between “Kuroneko-man” and one of the animators, published on the official KyoAni website, seems to suggest staff are greatly aggrieved at the decision to air the same episode eight times with minor changes throughout:

What’s it like making the same episode over and over-nya?

There’s a variety of stuff to do for each production team and even with the subject material being the same there’s plenty which differs, so it’s interesting.

The answer of a model pupil-nya.

No, no, even with a normal series we often wonder “what would the other team do here?” Seeing that in actuality is very interesting!

I thought I heard one of the people behind groaning that he wants to get it done with-nya…

I think I understand how Nagato feels.

Everyone behind is strongly agreeing-nya. Everyone empathises with Yuki-nyan being really bored-nya…

I don’t know what you are talking about.

Sometimes we do get confused over which yukata or swimsuit goes in which episode though.

If you keep doing the same scene over, your outlook broadens as you can try a variety of methods.

Oh! Everyone behind you is booing loudly-nya! Isn’t that what they really think-nya!?

It’s true! I really think that!!

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