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Japanese Women “Cruel & Heartless”


A Chinese writer writing that “the Japanese woman we know is a thing of the past” has unexpectedly been hailed by 2ch as possessing an accurate grasp of the state of the nation’s womanhood.

His thoughts can be read below:

A perfect life is said to be “an English house, an American salary, a Chinese cook and a Japanese wife.” Probably the whole world thinks of Japanese women as meek and obedient.

What we see in movies shows them making breakfast for their husbands, getting his clothes ready, taking care of the kids, doing housework, and greeting the husband on his return with supper and a bath.

I asked a Japanese friend about this. He laughed and said “That’s the past.”

I heard a relevant story about this; a romance between a Chinese man living in Japan and a Japanese doctor ended in marriage.

After they married, the doctor never once used her money on household expenses, everything was paid for out of the man’s earnings. Later, when the economy weakened, the man lost his job and his wife told him “As you can’t fulfil your responsibility as a man, we can’t go on living together.” She divorced him.

I was surprised when I heard this. It seems Japanese women think a man with no job is utterly worthless. They seem cruel and heartless.

He goes on to talk about the bizarre behaviour of Japan’s “gal” subculture, saying a visitor to their haunts might think they had stepped into another world.

Fortunately for what remains of his image of Japanese womanhood, he seems not to have heard about the vast numbers of Japanese girls engaged in casual prostitution, else he might truly despair…

Coming from a Chinese person, it might be thought that the immediate response of 2ch would be to tell him to go back to eating cats and Tibetans, but this seems not to be the case, as the responses overwhelmingly agree with him:

“He’s really hit the nail on the head.”

“Well, they are still preferable to Chinese women…”

“Exactly. There’s no way to dispute this.”

“This is probably written by a Japanese.”

“I can’t dispute any of this.”

“What about Chinese women? At least the Japanese ones won’t marry you then kill you.”

“He finally discovered reality.”

“With all the sex in shoujo manga and the sex tips in teen magazines, and with ‘keitai novels’ being nothing but sex, it’s obvious women will turn into bitches when surrounded by it all. Instead of banning loli they might want to try banning those.”

“I don’t know about the past, but he certainly knows about the present.”

“We don’t want to be told this by the Chinese!”

“The truth is worse. 90% of Japanese women are prostitutes…”

“This is correct. The ‘Yamato Nadeshiko’ has fallen…”

“This thread is going to be long…”

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  • Japanese women are heartless I know from experience I had a girlfriend did everything for that bitch she throw it all away cause eof a few disagreements ! 3 days before I was gonna see her again I hope Karam fuck her life over and she get fired from her stupid jop!

  • >>After they married, the doctor never once used her money on household expenses, everything was paid for out of the man’s earnings. Later, when the economy weakened, the man lost his job and his wife told him “As you can’t fulfil your responsibility as a man, we can’t go on living together.” She divorced him.

    This really disgusts me. That cunt should be forced to pay alimony or some form of restitution, for draining him blind and leaving him the second their ship hits rocky water.

  • its the feminist desire for total empowerment that corrupts the minds of us women today. being black in my case would make 2ch claim me as a loud mouth gold digging whore with no hair. but my only wish towards gender equallity is the dropping of those hypocritical double-standards….

  • Anonymous says:

    Female liberation,my foot. I truly feel sorry for that unfortunate husband for getting the raw end of the stick. Women who don’t pitch in to support a home besides cooking, cleaning and fucking are my worst enemies and I’m a woman and then she divorces him? Makes her look like a whore with a ring.

  • serves the poor fucker right, he should have known something was up when all his money went to paying for the house and electricity, and her money went into her bank. if the dude had any fucking sense, he would have seen the big red flag shoot up. oh well, it’s better for him this way anyway before shit gets too serious. hopefully he got some hot japanese sex out of her.

  • “With all the sex in shoujo manga and the sex tips in teen magazines, and with ‘keitai novels’ being nothing but sex, it’s obvious women will turn into bitches when surrounded by it all. Instead of banning loli they might want to try banning those.”

    “This is correct. The ‘Yamato Nadeshiko’ has fallen…”

    ahh this… so, SO TRUE

  • yeah, my eye have can’t believe what i read, cause I’m also a believer that “Japanese women”=”ideal” suck a true shocker to me, and my choice well would be Russian, hope hasn’t gotten as bad.

  • I thought I should chime in on this subject, Now I too have some rough experiences with Japanese girlfriends in the U.S; which I won’t go into But a friend of mine whom, I was talking with the other day and told me, that because he lost his job his Japanese girlfriend told him that he was unmachuline and dumped him, funny thing was they had been together for a year seemed quite happy too but I guess the funds just ran out : P
    Be careful

  • Lol so true…

    I am actually married to a japanese girl for 2 years now and have been dating her for 4.

    After dating her for 2 years we decided to marry sincer we love each other so much blablabla

    if someone asked me today if I’d like to marry a japanese girl I would laugh first, and then curbstomp him to death..

  • I don’t know anything about Japanese women. And frankly, I’d like to, and I find this disheartening. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. I’m not a Japanophile, I don’t pretend I know Japanese or Japanese culture or throw out pointless sub-culture specific and referential terms like the vast majority of people on the Interweb who are obsessed with Anime or Japan or whatever, so maybe it’s a surprise to me? In my experience with women, all of them being American, regardless of their strong cultural identities or related affectations of their behavior, honestly I don’t think that the proportion of evil women to pious, good women in Japan is any higher than anywhere else in the world. In my opinion, women everywhere have the same potential to be neurotic, gold-digging, manipulative, unfaithful, and whatever other slew of negative adjectives you can conjure up. Am I wrong? Has the weird ass country of Japan consequentially become a breeding ground for jerks?

    • Anonymous says:

      dont worry,there still some jap women not like what is writen in here,i have a jap teacher,she’s marrying a spanish,and she doesnt seem that bad,and she has her own restaurant,XD

  • I don’t think its just women…

    People in general have becoming more and more obnoxious every single year ~____~
    Not just women…

    Generally the nice people end up being so abused and distraught with the world that they lose it though xD
    Or hide in their closets from Reality… so the nice people never end up meeting each other X_x

  • Anonymous says:

    I think the post above is quiet true, despite the writer seems didn’t so happy since it wrote by the Chinese.

    It’s not because Chinese woman is better and kind, but it was influenced by modernization. A modern Chinese woman will look like that in the near future, may be. A serious problem for the future, people need a strong education, to teach them about morality and ethic code.

    I also find this website has a racist tendency about anti-Chinese. All they see in his eyes, Chinese is bad, ugly, evil, idiot, etc.

    Yeah, Japanese is always world no.1, is the best of the best. Too much pride of them self.

  • Well, looks like I’m staying a life-long bachelor.

    Not that I wouldn’t *mind* doing my part to up the collective IQ of the human gene pool, but….. ugh. >< Double ugh!

    Natural Selection. Your best friend (and mine).

  • Anonymous says:

    Quotes of Socrates:

    Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior.

    As to marriage or celibacy, let a man take which course he will, he will be sure to repent.

    By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.

  • screw china for its thoughts!!

    But if there is a woman, who can only live with me together because of my money, than I kick her out of my live. There are enough women in the world.

    Dalmatians and half-dalmatians like me are abit cruel in this thing…sorry

  • decepticon says:

    wow so many comments on this topic as expected.

    (btw i’m a guy)

    Firstly this does seem the reality in japan~
    but having said that, it seems such influence have spread to worldwide too~

    but i guess just emphasizing japan, like one of the 2ch posts said, with so much eroge material and stuff in magazines, are we really that suprised to see society shaping these girls into these heartless gold diggers?

    Let’s look at teenagers for example, everyone once was or is one~ now look at how easy it is to conform and be just another teen, to fit in,to be popular.

    when something is popularized, sensationalised- it then becomes somewhat mandatory , and people then conform.

    yes these women and girls are to blame, but i think we should also look at what caused it, and that seems to be society.

    it’s so dissapointing that these girls are losing their morals, ethics or to an extreme sense,their souls…

    but in this age and day of fast food,fast money, there’s also fast women and fast sex and both women and men,instead of focusing on important,sentimental and deep things, all seem to concentrate on how fast they can get something without second though or consideration of developing relationships.

    i feel sorry for all guys wanting to find a decent girl, and girls who have lost faith in guys.

    problems create problems, so layer by layer we should fix this before the world is really fucked.

    if we look at the mindset of guys and girls, it seems:

    girls think: guys just want sex sex sex,they care more about my breasts and ass then my thoughts or heart, so why not control a few with my charms and get what i want, cos i’ve put faith in objects now instead of relationships.

    guys think:deep inside i think i really want someone special that will stay with me cos i’m lonely, but i don’t wanna admit it.
    instead i’m gonna stare at this eye candy, fuck confused girls,read some porn hoping that it will fulfill what i truly want when i know it won’t.

    so much confusion leads to only more confusion…
    when i think deep inside everyone just wants to be loved by one other person, as idealistic as it sounds.

    what causes women to develop such horrible manipulative personalities is the faith in men they once had.

    and what causes men to be like this is their search for something that is quite rare these days, and that’s sincerity.

    i wanna write more, but i’ll stop here~ thanks

    • Only if you’re someone NOT their husband. Like the neighbor, some guy at a pachinko parlor, etc. Marry them and the sex dries up, til the misses needs to hide the fact that she got knocked up cheating on you.

  • Getting married in this day and age is a suicide. Especially with how cold and bloodthirsty women have become. You give them and inch and they take a mile. Better to have a fuckbuddy and keep your money and liberty to yourself.

  • Forlourned says:

    This is hilarious, some turkey must of realized this was already happening in the anime studio called Kyoto Animation and wrote a fantasy episode -the last one to boot!- about a successful woman becoming more and more successful while her boyfriend graduated into a no nothing job that could barely keep a roof over his head.

    It ends with her running -in slooow motion- into his arms crying about never wanting to let go and will be with him forever… HA!

    The show was called ‘Clannad’ and this was a ‘fantasy’ story since the dude married another wench.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lol to be honest most of your comments made me laugh. Seriously people , it’s all about knowing the person you love more. I admit , i’m a complete nerd , an otaku , but also man w/ a family. I’ve been married for 6 years now and happy to have 2 childrens! life’s good really! It’s just a matter of understanding one another , when to dominate when she’s totally wrong , and when to listen when you know you’re the one who’s wrong to make things right between the two of you. And there’s a time to be rational and sometimes not to , it’s about balancing that factor , and i think that’s the sad part about most of you , you’re too rational to everything , i bet you laugh about “emotions” or “feelings” and never understood it at all. Seriously i’m seeing most of your comment as being a one-sided , no real feeling people , and that’s just a like a one big bias factor , worst than being naive. And with that kind of logical thinking , it would make sense as to most of you never really understand what’s “loving” really is.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s great. That’s a wonderful personal anecdote. But there’s your great marriage story about a man and a woman finding love (which might hit a rocky road the moment she finds out about the kind of web sites you take the time to post comments on), and then there’s a look at the bigger picture – society in Japan, and how declining marriage rates, increasing divorce rates, stagnating child birth rates, and a perceived implosion of understanding between the sexes, have coalesced into what is increasingly viewed in Japan as a social pandemic. When these things are viewed from a broader, sociological perspective, you can only think rationally, looking for clues and reasons why such a problem exists, why men are beginning to perceive women as being “cruel and heartless” and why more and more women are preferring to stay single.

      No one thinks like this when they’re in the hotseat known as a relationship. The comments you’re seeing here are the way they are for two reasons: 1) it’s not about “my girlfriend is cruel and heartless” but about some Chinese blogger who made some generalized statement Japanese women that strangely resonates with a bunch of Japanese forumgoers, and 2) they’re trying to insert a little humor.

      Don’t be surprised if most of the comments here make you “lol.”

      • Lazydabear says:

        It a good point,they call American Women whores,Bitches, and Hoes for so long it happens to be a big International joke.

        Its like Korean women I am scared to go out because of the stereotypes and the fear of hurting a Korean females feelings.

  • It seems this guy based his description of japanese women on one example. One example is not enough to make a sweeping accusation. Oh and my wife is chinese and she has not killed me.

  • I don’t know about the statistics either. But really I don’t think that there’s no way the whole country of Japan’s women act like that. Come on. Plus, Japan isn’t the only country with some women who also acts cruel and heartless.

    • It really is a two-sided problem that feeds on itself. Women are selfish bitches, the men fearing rejection accept it. Women become even more selfish and demanding, men in turn give in even more…

      I do believe though that men will eventually reach the breaking point, if it’s not already happening. It’ll get to the point where what happened to divorce rates in the 80’s will happen to marriage rates in the 10’s.

  • Anonymous says:

    Having lived in japan and dated numerous japanese girls I can concur that they are indeed cruel and heartless.

    Most just want money, most will just run away from you without saying a word, most are cold and don’t even express their feelings.

    I seriously hate japanese women. My advice, just fuck them and leave it at that, don’t waste your time trying to get emotionally evolved with one.

  • Tha gal culture “from another world”? The bitches everywhere? 90% of japanese womans are prostitutes?

    Why, the situation is becoming better and better. I wish I lived there, they certainly wouldnt pass on a tall, muscular gaijin with huge dick 😀

  • Jeez. I knew they’d be some women out there would would leave their husband during some bad times like these, but dang…. is what I’m hearing for real? For just Japanese women 90% of them…No way.

    It shouldn’t even be like that all the time. Husband and wife regardless of race should be able to find a way to work things out even during bad times. No matter what happens they have to get through and make sure that they’re bring the happy times again. That’s considered as true love right there. Sometimes females can’t always sit on their a**es and let the male do all the work. They gotta do something to keep the house running. They also shouldn’t just walk out of them like that.

    However, it might not be the case for some people out there.

    I have to be careful when choosing a women I want to be with, even if she’s foreign. I don’t know what’s up with some of these Japanese women. But I do know this. Something in their brains IS NOT RIGHT!

    If 90% of Japanese women are prostitutes, then 10% are not…. It is sad the way it is in Japan right now. The fact that this s**t is going on with these people right now just vexes me. I’m still going to like Asian women regardless, but really I have to be careful if a woman I’m with someday doesn’t just walk out on me because I’m out of the job for some time. Ughh…

    • Anonymous says:

      “Sometimes females can’t always sit on their a**es and let the male do all the work. They gotta do something to keep the house running. They also shouldn’t just walk out of them like that.”

      When a Japanese woman marries Chinese that’s what they expect, fool.

  • Damn those females and their current liberties *shakes fist angrily*. How dare they going to vote, speaking their minds, not staying at home as slaves, and protesting injustices against them? We should all go back to the 50s when men and women knew their places.

  • Anonymous says:

    At least Japan still has seiyuus who can at least sound like the ideal Japanese girl. And it’s still a pleasure to chat with softspoken Japanese women.

    Where I live girls who grew up on Britney and Miley are starting to sound like nicotine addicts (even if they don’t smoke). Do they think having loud, raspy giggles gives them positive attention?

  • Well, As Anime fans we might be sad that there aren’t any moregirls like Asahina Mikuru, or Ayanami Rei, but we can delight in knowing that Japan is still filled with women like Haruhi and Asuka.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you look at it state by state, divorce rates are much higher in hillbilly states than places like New York, Massachusetts and Illinois. Hopefully, this means that the swine of the nation will eventually weed themselves out, bringing the overall divorce rate down and the average IQ up.

      Japan doesn’t have nearly as high a divorce rate as the US, but they have a much smaller marriage rate. Americans going on their third of fourth marriage isn’t uncommon. For Japan, it’s practically unheard of.

        I know right? All those dumb people should just stop having kids.

        In my opinion, some of the worst women live in the large cities. They’re the ones most likely to have the attitude shown in this article.

        Marriage rates have been steadily falling for the past 10 years in the US (if not longer. Last time I looked it up, the stats I found went up to ’99).

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, I was hoping someone would bring that comic up. The only difference, however, is that the particular comic, along with the aforementioned movie, points out that unintelligent people are having more kids. I can’t make a proper case for this, since there hasn’t been a solid study done on birth rates among intelligence brackets. The case I am laying down is that your tea-drinking, scarf-around-the-neck yuppie is more likely to keep his/her marriage alive than your average God-fearing Nascar enthusiast. More cruel and heartless women in the cities? Maybe. But at least they still have a ring on their finger.

          And marriage rates in the US have been falling for a much longer time than just the past 10 years.

    • lest there not in the usa… with kids.. hell paying the divorce peosidiengs and the rest.. i think suiside would be easyer than that shit.

      Single. Yes
      Probability of marring at somepoint… 0.000000000003% im not stupid enough for that just yet

      • Family court is still heavily unbalanced towards women in America. Couple that with some really stupid laws, and it’s not in any guy’s interest to get married here in the west.

        Don’t know if it’s any better in the East though. This article makes me believe it’s probably not…

        I’m thinking we all hold out for gynoids. Start saving now men!

        • Anonymous says:

          Srsly, just don’t get married.

          Sure your family might hound you about grand-kids and settling down and shit, but oh well. Living w/ another person sucks. You can’t be selfish like you wanna be. You gotta think about the other person before you do shit. Save yourself a lot of trouble and just stay single.

          If you find out later that you really DO wanna get married:
          a) lie down until the feeling goes away
          b) read horror stories about Guys getting shafted in family court (there are a few million of them…) or
          c) wait until you’re like 40 or 45 when you know how life works.

  • lol ‘this thread is going to be long’ hahaha… but the links to the other articles down at the bottom show some pretty scary trends =\…”80% of japanese women : marrying poor men unthinkable” ” more japanese women prefer being alone”.. and then theres “chinese men lust after japanese women as revenge” lulz that doctor must have read the article =p

  • northpole776 says:

    The mistake was telling a woman that she is also a person with equal rights. Whoever did that should have never done that, and us men would still be lounging around today.

    I’d rather go fishing than try to pick up a woman. At least when you catch a fish, you kill it and put it in a bucket. It’s not going anywhere that way.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have to agree that most of them have gone to the dark side. The good ones are few and far between. I am one lucky white boy to have an old skool Chinese GF. Though she doesn’t live with me, but she does all my shopping, helps clean, cook, do laundry, run errands and rubs my back anytime I want. She’s a bit older than me, but it’s a very small compromise to make for all the good she brings to our relationship. Sorry, no advice on how to find one like this – I just got lucky.

        • Anonymous says:

          >You all want slaves, not companions.
          Yet what you, like the woman in the article, want is a slave as well; that is, somebody who will support you while you do as you please, never having to give anything in return.

          If I’m paying for your food, your clothing, and your lodgings, you had damn well better be willing to put that apron on.

          It’s sad that “women in their right mind” is synonymous with “women with delusions of princesshood” these days.

        • That’s right, we want slave companions.

          Because we ourselves are slaves. What better companions for slaves than fellow slaves?

          Look at all sets of your grandparents. Who ruled the roost at home? Grandfather? Please. I bet you at least 75% it was your grandmother who ruled the home. Most of your grandfathers were the lapdogs of your grandmothers.

          When they interview couples, almost always it’s the woman who speaks up for BOTH, even when it’s apparent the man might not fully agree.

        • Anonymous says:

          OMG. You all want slaves, not companions.

          You deserve to be bachelors after all. No woman in her right mind would subject herself to being your naked lapdog with an apron.


        • @Grenadeh

          “Yea man it’s not like the native Americans introduced agriculture…”

          That’s absolutely right. It’s NOT like they did. Agriculture developed independently in various parts of the world. And the earliest it has been employed, that we know of, is around 10,000 BC in the Middle East.

          “…or are responsible for the number one industry in America – the cigarette industry”

          Again, it’s NOT like they are. Yes, they were the first to smoke it. Because the Americas is where the Tobacco plant evolved and grew. They did NOT build the multi-billion tobacco industry of today. Not that that would have been an accomplishment to be proud of to begin with.

          “And surely Africans didn’t invent the potato chip (invented by a black native American), the blood bank, the gas mask, or carbon filament, or mailboxes, or traffic lights.”

          What the hell are you talking about? Apart from the potato chip, all of those were invented/pioneered by Caucasians.

          Yes, that includes the traffic light. A black man did indeed file a patent for a traffic light (which looked like a cross and nothing like the ones we wound up using). But that was 2 years after the patent for the first one… and 50 other patents came before it.

          And why would you call George Crum an African if he lived and made the first potato chips in Saratoga Springs, USA?

          Then you go on to claim personal offense on account of the race of some of your ancestors. As if that has any relevance whatsoever. Your ancestors are your ancestors; you are you. You are neither guilty of their crimes, nor do you get to claim credit for their accomplishments. Race shouldn’t even come into consideration to begin with.

          And, finally, tell another human being – presumably someone’s son, someone’s brother, perhaps even someone’s father – to go kill themselves for the grave crime of voicing an opinion that hurt your feelings?

          In your own words:
          “Are you mentally retarded? That was literally the most racist, ignorant shit I have read in a long time.”

        • And thus we come to the effect of calling someone “barbarian” or “gaijin”: Whatever you or your culture is or has done, you just don’t quite measure up when compaired to what I or my culture has done. You may be good, but you’re just not good enough. You might have gold, but I’ve got platinum. You might have a gun, but I’ve got nuclear warheads.

        • Grenadeh – I do not wish anyone death or even unhappiness. And trying to compare potato chip and a computer chip is not very brilliant. Excuses moi, if for you the source of your dignity is the ancestor’s heritage – i am very sorry for you. I thought, that we are equal as humans. Ans I see, that for you I am lower, because I do not find computer chip intellectually equal to potato chip. Be serious! We both eat potato chips and both use computers. Do you have problem, that native Americans did not welcome Columbus with computers and cities like New York? Do you have problem, that we learn geometry from the Euclide’s book not from the tales of Great Sitting Bull? If yes – I am sorry for you. Historical truth is one thing, the human heritage is our own, as humans. It was not me, who invented a computer chip, nor you, who invented traffic lights or potato chip. What is the problem? We just took what our ancestors invented. And I am also literate European, don’t worry. Maybe my English is not as good, as yours, but I at last can communicate.
          And I did not know, that political correctness assumes killing politically incorrect people. I am not politiclly correct, I am just observer of reality and truth. And I NEVER considered ANY human lower than me, just because Newton had white skin and I also am white. Only personal achievements count. It was not me, who wrote Newton’s “Principia”, but we both use it. With equal results.
          I think, that racism is in trying to equalize people by comparing merits of their ancestors. It is FALSE. Merits of people are only their private achievements. When I learned geometry from Euclides, it was the same work and the same merit, as you learned this geometry. Only narrow – minded people turn attention to the skin colour of inventor. Their discoveries are our common, human heritage, because we are only one race – human race. We are children of one God.
          My texts were provoked by common Japanese (at least on Sankaku) contempt, that gaijin by default is lower, uncivilized human.

        • Grenadeh, I did not wish anyone death or even unluckiness. I do not find nobody as lower human because of his descendants. I appreciate every human the same. But also I say the truth: how to compare invention of potato chip and a computer chip? Tobacco was discovered by Native Americans just because tobacco grow in America, and Native Americans were so stupid to smoke it. European colonists were equally stupid learning how to smoke. But then nobody knew about the fact, that tobacco is poisonous. But assigning them responsibility for the tobacco industry is a bit overemphasized. BTW – tobacco is quite good payment for the plague, that white colonists took to America. Tobacco now kills huge amount of Europeans (and other people in the world). I appreciate civilization created by Native Americans, they just did what they did and lived on their land successfully. Tell me then, why Europeans sailed to America and not native Americans sailed to Europe? Why In Europe thousands years earlier Europeans knew, that Earth is round and knew it’s circumference, while until meeting with Europeans others thought, that earth is flat? Why the World learns geometry from the book by Euklides and physics from the Newton’s “Principia”, not from the tales of a Sitting Bull?
          I am talking about TRUTH, historical truth, not about political correct comparison between potato chip and a computer chip or even a transistor.
          These facts however have NOTHING to do with our human dignity. It was not me, who invented the transistor, neither you, wgo founded the tobacco industry. We are equal as humans. And I will not wish you death. I wish you long and joyful life. Our human dignity has NOTHING to do with merits of our ancestors. This is the difference between me and you. We, as human beings do not need any historical background and ancestor’s tradition to have equal dignity. We ARE EQUAL as human beings, because our equality does not come from history and merits. We all come to this world with this human dignity, independent on the fact, if we live in stone houses, teepee (however it is transliterated into English) tents, or live in a jungle completely naked.
          I understand, that political correctness demands killing everyone, who is not politically correct? So it divides people along the political correctnesses border? maybe some concentration camp for anyone, who is not willing to compare a potato chip and a computer chip? Sit down and think a bit. Learn to differ between political correctness ant the historical truth. And learn the simple fact, that human dignity of a human does not depend on history of his ancestors. Did you understand? Since you use a computer chip and I eat potato chips – now we are the same. Because it was not me, who invented a computer chip, and not you, who invented a potato chip. We are humans living on the same earth and we are beloved children of the same Father – God. Do you understand?
          All this discussion and my texts were provoked by apparently common (at least here, at Sankaku) conviction, that every non-Japanese is barbarian in it’s pejorative meaning. I tried to prove, that this attitiude is false and wrong, because there are “barbarians” in this world, from which Japanese took their contemporary civilization.
          All human inventions are our common heritage. Independently on the race, ntionality, or skin colour.

        • Yea man it’s not like the native Americans introduced agriculture or are responsible for the number one industry in America – the cigarette industry. And surely Africans didn’t invent the potato chip (invented by a black native American), the blood bank, the gas mask, or carbon filament, or mailboxes, or traffic lights. Are you mentally retarded? That was literally the most racist, ignorant shit i have read in a long time and it actually offended me as a native American descendant and as a literate member of society. Pokrec you need to kill yourself and leave this site. Preferably at the same time.

        • So, let someone explain me, please, what is the Japanese word for a stranger, non-Japanese, other than pejorative “gaijin”? Gaikokujin maybe? Do Japanese have such a word, or use just “gaijin” in every situation with default contempt?

        • Anonymous says:

          Barbarian is Greek, originally meaning something like “blah blah people,” that is, anybody who spoke a language other than Greek. Thus, it was used as a catchall term for all foreign cultures the Greeks encountered and, because it was fairly condescending to begin with, picked up more negative connotations over time.

          Given that Gaijin is a catchall term for all foreigners, and is frequently used negatively, I think it’s a fair comparison.

        • @Pyrus: be serious. Chinese – OK, there was a time in history, when China was civilizational leader of the world. Many chinese inventions are in use today throughout the world. But Native Americans? Blacks? What they invented? Native Americans did not even invent a wheel. Tell me, what symphony was composed by an outstanding black composer? Where in Africa we can find a museum with native African masterpieces like Mona Lisa? I do not think about them as of lower people – NEVER, but about the truth. Without political correctness. Why they were white europeans, that sailed to them, not they, who measured Earth, observed Jovian moons, stopped the Sun and moved the Earth (heliocentric system)? Why they were white europeans, who took the risk and sailed through oceans to other people on the Earth? White europeans decisively are not barbarians. NEVER. From the Japanese point of view we are gaikokujin (gaijin), OK, but thinking of us as barbarians is a mistake. What especially barbaric is in our culture, not mentioning differences like sleeping in beds, living in big, stone houses, using “western style” toilets, sitting on chairs, eating with fork and knife, etc, etc?
          @Domo-Kun – you are intelligent, and tried to blackmail me emotionally. But you are right. YES, “foreign otaku” is much better. Because it is not the problem of country or race generally, but the problem of otaku. I know some Japanese and I never noticed, that they ever thought about people from other parts of the world as lower just because of their “gajinness”.

        • @Pokrec
          Barbarian originally meant stranger (I forgot whether that was in ancient Greek or Latin). Also, the more “civilized” many societies became — or think they became — the more arrogant they often became toward people from societies seen as “not civilized”, which usually meant nearly everyone else. And taking advantage of other societies’ knowledge often doesn’t change the viewpoint: Native Americans, blacks, Chinese, and others have all contibuted knowledge & culture and were still considered lowly.

        • If in Japan words “gaijin” and “barbarian” are synonymes, it certifies, that Japaneses have a huge problem + complexes. I do not understand where it comes from. People live not only in Japan. By the way: how can they call “barbarians” people from nations, that created contemporary culture? Why then Japanese artists come to study art and music to Europe, to “barbarians”? Why the most beloved by Japanese, classical musician is “barbaric” Chopin? Why in Japan Italian restaurants belong to the most expensive and luxury brand? Who do the Japanese call barbarians? People raised in the tradition, to which they aspire? Last, but not least: up until Meiji Jidai, Japan was the place, where devil said “good night”. In the Meiji era Japanese opened themselves on the world. And it resulted in very quick civilizational development of Japan in the european direction.
          I think, that not every Japanese treats gaikokujin as a barbarian. I think, that the more educated and broad – minded person, the more he/she understands world an is the equal as a human being to all of us.

  • Well, yes.. we are still speaking about woman here.

    Sure Japanese women are more calculating and more manipulative due to cultural inheritage (while maintaining a more elaborate facade), but despite they are not much unlike woman elsewhere on this globe.

    Man can’t understand woman anywhere, that’s just the natural order of things.

    • Anonymous says:

      It seems to me that the Japanese women are stuck in a half-way state.

      (a) They don’t have the full opportunities of earning money as do men in Japan (the glass ceiling, using college-educated women for limited duties, as “office ladies”, with limited salaries), and,

      (b) Economic security is more important to them than it was in the past, and they seem to expect their husband to provide all of their economic support.

      Coupled with the “gold-digger” mentality, when hubby loses his job, they split, looking for another gold mine (well-off man).

      I think in the current industrial world economy, the “man makes all the money + wife stays at home doing household chores and raising children” model is impractical for most couples, since “most” men don’t have super-high-paying jobs.

      More practical is that both men and women work for money (and the women can’t be stuck in low-paying jobs, or it won’t work), so if one gets laid off or fired, they still can survive comfortably while the other one looks for another job.

      The “survive okay” part presumes they haven’t done something foolish, like run up big credit card debts, bought a house and/or cars it takes BOTH their incomes to service the debt on, etc.

      The down side of this arrangement is that it takes juggling and work to raise the kids properly, vs leaving that to babysitters, schools, etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Man can’t understand woman anywhere, that’s just the natural order of things.”

      Wait until you reach 30. You WILL understand them my friend. Because by then your hormones would die down and you will think more with your brain than with your dick.

      But if you weigh your pros and cons, you may come to a shocking realization… that it may be better to remain a bachelor for life.

      • jack s. smith says:

        what the hell?

        “Man can’t understand woman anywhere, that’s just the natural order of things.”

        Sexist punk. It goes also the other way.

        And some men actually try their hardest to understand women and end up dumped like trash if women gets bored of them.

        Never generalize people.

        • Thousands of comedians and men would beg to differ with you. We like to generalize our gender and pretend that there is nothing for women to understand about us. There is, but frankly there aren’t men that are so astronomical that you couldn’t understand them. We like what we like, and we might like what they like, whether or not its to get sex, and similarly we dislike what we dislike. There honestly isn’t anything so exquisite for women to understand. We speak English and we literally mean what we say. Usually. If i say I hate you to a girl i probably don’t hate them but i’m rounding down.

        • Anonymous says:

          I, for one, prefer friends-with-benefits. There’s no reason to pursue marriage unless both you and your partner are committed to death to raise a family as a couple. Aside from that, and the advantages on things like tax issues, marriage is a very bad idea.

          Now, marriage is a good thing; it’s actually a very beautiful thing. But like the ritual and tradition that brought its institution about, unless you carry that same heavy level of conviction in your entire soul (and not just in your dick), do NOT get married or you’re pretty much looking at a guaranteed divorce and more than likely child support sometime down the road. Sooner rather than later, unless the both of you are stuck with each other for financial reasons, and even that will end when your most urgent financial obligations are both satisfied.

          Remember, women despite having no dicks (not including futanari), tend to be bigger dicks about this sort of thing.

        • Marine-RX179 says:

          Nothing wrong with getting married…except one in three marriages end up in divorce. So before getting married, one should ask himself- “Do I feel lucky (enough not fall into the 1 out of 3 groups)?”

        • Redsight88 says:

          I think it would be better to have friends with benefits. Don’t live together though. That way you won’t get bored with the same person forever, and you’ll have lifelong friends who put out.

          Just take care of your kids, and things will be fine.

        • That’s absolutely true. I don’t mean to hate on the institution of marriage, and I used to believe in marriage and I definitely wanted to do it, but you just reach a point where you’re like “Listen here you sum bitch. I’m doing what I want, when, where, and how I want it for as long as I want, because I’m me and this is my life, and I’m not putting up with any bullshit.” You just get tired of bullshit, especially female bullshit. You have to be extremely in love to voluntarily give up parts of your life and yourself.

        • If you find a way to make it last either you are whipped or you sir have turned into a woman. Why? Because most guys that I know that have married fall into those categories or if they don’t have gotten divorced. Let’s see how it pans out in your life though.

        • GourmetPrince says:

          You have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about mi. Go take your cock sucking ass somewhere else, preferably with your future wife. I’ll watch your dumbass come back crying with divorce papers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dude, you can’t SERIOUSLY believe this can you? You know that Sankaku translates ragsheet journalism right?

      Moreover, if you really knew the Japanese, you would know immediately that they wouldn’t listen to a Chinese poster on Ch2. Furthermore, “an English house, an American salary, a Chinese cook and a Japanese wife” is a Western saying, not Japanese.

    • Well I guess Japanese woman today have finally caught up with the rest of the world when it comes to being cold hearted bitches. Caught up and even surpassed maybe since such gold digging is really on a level of it’s own in terms of stupidity.

      • i think it has to be either the media and/or the parents… who puts it in their head from childhood to get a rich man and toss the rest? it is easy to find a general party to blame, but all in all, it wont make a difference. refusing to evolve with the times will only leave you behind, so i guess there is no going back to the traditional women of any country because, daddy wants his little princess looked after and mama don’t want her daughter making the same mistake as her.

        • blade2577 says:

          I have to agree with the article. And to someone that said before it’s not the MINORITY, it’s actually a large amount.

          ANd to the person that used golddigger that isn’t exactly the case. They believe a man has to work for house expenses and basically just fund her life and the rest of the family. It’s just a popular belief in Japan -with women, that you can just marry and you don’t have to work or continue your career.

          By agreeing I didn’t mean they are cruel but the woman community in Japan indeed does think like that. No not everyone, but that’s how it is. The reason Japanese women are thought to be the best wife is because well… I’ll still want a Japanese woman. Just not one of those. *sigh* that can be a long journey

        • Frankly, I have to disagree. I have no empirical sociological evidence to support this claim, but in my experience, girls (the supposedly good ones) not only are not averse to dating total douchebag fuckfaces and being treated like shit, but they gravitate towards it. I literally only know one girl who is dating a guy who isn’t a douchebag and they’re getting married in September, and in fact he’s the one that was treated like ass in previous relationships by crazy girls. On the other hand every girl I know is dating a worthless retard. I’ve dated girls and I’ve been amazing to them and then they cheat on me and go out with someone who treats them like shit, ignores them or even literally has physically abused them. And then they expect you to be their friend. So by saying that you ignore a very large portion of girls who on some level, subconscious or not, like assholes.

        • This probably won’t make any sense since I’m not fully awake yet but… Not all women are like that. We live in a world where a majority of both genders monopolize the polar opposite, love is having a hard time co-existing with it as proven by the excerpt in the article… There is no absolute balance to “Cruel & Heartless” and “love”.

        • I find these articles about Japanese women interesting. Is there a large demand for Otaku (often not japanese) to marry a Japanese women?

          And while, yes Japanese women can be cruel and apparent gold diggers, where in the world are women as pure as snow, and with a heart of gold? im not saying there arent any right now but it is indeed difficult to find those and the same can be said about men as well.

          These articles tend to give the audience the assumption that Japanese women went from angels to demons in just 30 years but im sure, that there is a always a higher percentage of bitches to angels anywhere in the world.

          Not disputing the article itself as i have no problem with it but i would like to see what SC knows about the world’s other women and how they rate, though this is a proto subculture site so…(i could just go out the door and do my own research i suppose.)

          But then again, i am a hikkikomori.

        • As cruel as it is, even if it’s a minor subset, you can’t really say you’ll get the one that loves you for you and not your money. Just like all the articles around here you can find on women you find that women in japan want a rich husband and no pay for jack squat even if they make money. Hell they even want you to make more money than them so being average won’t cut it either. So I think 2ch has it right that 90% of japanese women are prostitutes because they put out only with lots of money.

        • jack s. smith says:

          female rights has a tendency to make SOME (not all) females think they can fuck with men since they are presumably weak and oppressed in society…

          human rights are forever abused by *ssholes.

  • Strawberry Suicide says:

    Yeah, and some guys leave their wives if they can’t get pregnant…
    Dunno why’s the topic a big deal…

    The problem is that since ages women were told : While a wife is to stay home care for household and children, the husband is to take care of financials…

    Didn’t you see I,Robot ? It was the same with Viki ( dunno how they write it )
    The rule strikes back at its creator…

    I should thank God that my family sucks so much that I find the idea of marrying gross and children annoying as hell…

  • Anonymous says:

    ZOMG!!! Women can manipulate men!! ZOMG!! Women can be cruel and heartless??!!!??!!?!? Jesus, the only reason that this is a headline is because some damn otaku came out from his room and discovered women.

  • Tex Arcana says:

    Be that as it may- the cruelty has never been one-sided.

    Everyone here does realize that a large chunk of the world still carves it’s female children’s vaginas like festive hams, right? Another portion sees raep by family members as a rite of passage. Before the 20th century, women across the world had to endure similar things. If Pat Benetar is right, and love is a battlefield, it’s only because it’s ceased to be massacre.

    I can’t apologize for these things, because I’m not guilty of them. But I hardly expect most women to use their empowerment any more honorably than the other half of humanity has.