Bloody Katana Standoff as Man Chains Slave Girl in Box


Police rescuing a girl who had been kidnapped, badly beaten and chained in a box were opposed by the man apparently responsible, who drew a katana on the officers and slashed one in the leg before being overpowered.


Police responded to reports of a woman’s screams at an Osaka apartment only to be barred entry by the occupant, a 28-year-old unemployed man who insisted the noise was merely his TV.

The officer persisted, and managed to persuade him to let him take a look around; he soon noticed the lid to an under floor stowage box (example below) was not closed fully, and on closer inspection he discovered a 19-year-old girl clad only in her underwear crammed into the tiny space, only 60cm square and 45cm deep.


She was shackled and badly beaten, with severe injuries including a fractured eye socket. She was extremely weak and could not respond to her rescuers, and was quickly conveyed to hospital.

Police were naturally highly suspicious and questioned the suspect about this, at which point he suddenly produced a 65cm long sword, and began menacing the officers in attendance, 8 in all. They drew their pistols.

A 30-minute standoff ensued, with officers trying to persuade him to throw down his weapon. Police saw an opening, and overpowered him, but suffered a casualty as a result, with one officer suffering a severe leg wound.

Taken into custody, the man claimed he had met the girl on a dating site, but lamely denied kidnapping her, saying “I wasn’t confining her myself.”

He has been initially charged with unlawful imprisonment and illegally possessing a sword.

Via Yomiuri.

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