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“No Dogs or Japanese” – 70% of Chinese Agree


A Chinese shop caused controversy by posting a “No Dogs or Japanese Allowed” sign, barring entry to unfortunate canines or Yamato, but far from being condemned its flagrant racism is widely supported: 70% of Chinese survey respondents supported the establishment.

The shop, located in China’s southern province of Yunnan, placed the sign by its door a year ago; although warned by police that the sign is “inappropriate”, the store owner refuses to take it down, citing the wickedness of Japan’s rampaging armies in the middle of the last century.

Whilst the media carefully introduced opinions condemning the discrimination as unwholesome, the results of their survey show 71.5% support the shop, whilst a scant 23.7% oppose it.

The xenophobia of many Chinese commenters approaches even that of 2ch: “Tell it to the Japs. Chinese everywhere must never welcome them. The Japanese are a filthy race.” “Don’t stop with the Japanese, tell it to the Koreans too!” “Don’t forget the Americans!”

Others opposed it: “The Japanese will probably just look down on something like this as incredibly crude and laugh.” “Use your head. This will just drive down business from tourists, Japanese included.”

Via Searchina.

2ch is naturally responds with even more amusing xenophobic utterances:

“Who cares if they write it, there aren’t any Japanese stupid enough to go there.”

“How incredibly crude. Hahahaha!

“If it was a real dog it would probably be welcomed (in a culinary sense).”

“This is China quality.”

“Even after the Japanese government apologised to them it’s still like this – Sino-Japanese friendship is impossible. They should break off relations.”

“Searchina put up an anti-Japanese article, how unusual.”

“Say something, Agnes.”

“Interesting that they ignore Tibet and the Uighur whilst complaining about Japan…”

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  • Anonymous says:

    Shameful these arrogant Chinese people. It’s difficult to make the majority understand Japan under gov censorship. Or else, agitating racism and nationalism comes handy when diverting domestic pressure.

  • Anonymous says:

    After reading this article, I can’t help but pity the people in china that can put the past behind them. Just look at the Philippines They were tortured by Japan in World War 2 and now we see so many Philippine-Japan friendship campaigns. I’m a Philippine citizen and my Martial Arts teacher is a well-respected japaneese.

  • Anonymous says:

    this passage must be invented。if a japanese person say hello to a normal Chinese,he will not get malicious response, in today`s China

  • Anonymous says:

    晕 现在哪有如此蛋疼的这么一说 说话要有根据 拿出照片为证先

    Faint!Nobody would say the words which is making me testicular pain so in China tody= =

    Words must have come up with photographic evidence under the first.

  • let’s be honest here.

    the Japanese brought it onto themselves with WW2 and their post-war behaviour.

    they should be actually happy that these are not arabs or middle easternes.

    as we know those groups take a rather more active stance with these kind of problems…

  • “Chinese commenters […] opposed it: “The Japanese will probably just look down on something like this as incredibly crude and laugh.”

    2ch is naturally responds:
    “How incredibly crude. Hahahaha!”

  • That is a typical Chinese xenophobia and revengeful attitudes toward foreigners, Japanese in particular. I have a feeling that Nanking 1937 or WW2 atrocities become really national vendetta rather than what in historical context.

    The Chinese want to get even.

    But, if I you ask a Chinese what the heck they are doing in Tibet and Urghur? An answer will be; “None of your business” or “It is our internal affair”.

    Pure racism.

  • The first thing that came to my mind was the sign in Bruce Lee’s ‘Fist of Fury’ with the sign “No dogs or Chinese allowed”. Supposedly, the Japanese actually put those signs up, during their occupation of Chinese territory no less. Regardless…

    70% of the Chinese race agrees with this? Somehow I doubt it. What was the sample size of the survey? What’s the demographic? Surveys like these tend to reek of bullshit. I’ve been to Shanghai, Hong Kong and even Nanjing fairly recently, and the anti-Japanese sentiment is hardly present among ordinary citizens. In fact, a lot of youths seem to embrace modern Japanese culture, similar to how people here in Canada tend to gravitate towards American culture.

    Also, those of you who are defnding Imperial Japan in any way, or even thinking of how great the Empire of the Rising Sun was, keep in mind that they slaughtered and raped Japanese civilians with equal indignation. I’m actually surprised that here, on a board primarily inhabbited by Japanese “enthusiasts”, people are so ignorant towards the country’s history. The fact is the Japanese government has tried to downplay these atrocities just as much as the Chinese government has been hiding theirs. To blindly accuse the latter while trying to justify the former is ignorance and discrimination at its finest.

    Japan still needs to owe up to the sins of its ancestors, and while it may not drastically affect the view taken on by foreign nations, at least they’ll be able to say that they tried. Despite how many of you think that the past should just be forgotten, doing so would only ensure that the same mistakes are repeated. Like someone already said, “The wise forgive but never forget.”

    …I await the response of an angry weaboo troll.

  • Anonymous says:

    Most of the Nanking “evidence” has been proven fake, and the kill count has steadily been rising since the end of WW2. From 100,000 after the war was over to 300,000 now. Where did those extra 200,000 victims come from? Counterfeit corpses perhaps?
    Also, the population of Nanking at the point of the Nanking massacre was 200,000. So how could 150% die? That makes little sense. In fact, the population of Nanking ROSE after Nanking fell to the Japanese with 50,000. Perhaps it was an anti-massacre?

    What also keeps getting forgotten is the presence of the KMT troops in Nanking at that point. They did a good job at killing their fellow Chinese.

    Go read up on history before you voice yourselves, people. That being said, the dead are dead and holding grudges won’t bring them back. Japan has apologized like 50 times. That won’t bring back the dead either. Nothing will. So move on you little cunts.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Japanese may able to deny Rape of Nanking’s existence, but they won’t be able to deny the other atrocities committed against its Asian neighbors; they are even worse than the former when combined.

      I could only laugh out my guts if I only hear from the uyoku dantai, as well as the weeaboos here, that the Manila Massacre did not occur in the final stages of the Pacific War. At least 100,000 innocent civilians were indiscriminately killed by the outraged Japanese troops who were retreating the capital city. Even foreign diplomats, who were deemed either neutral or friendly to Japan, were also killed by the retreating soldiers. Another unfortunate incident took place in De La Salle University Manila where priests and nuns were not even spared from the killings. This only proves how barbaric the Japanese were. Serves them right when the US decided to nuke the hell out of Japan.

      Oh, I guess it’s probably a fabrication by the Flips. I guess Indonesians, Singaporeans and Malaysians can create their own set of lies about what happened during the war. -__-

      • Yeah serves them right….those innocent childerns killed by nukes deserved to die…because you know they were killers thos innocent people were the ones that make all those crimes!!
        And by you logic we should start killing innocent germans….
        You are fucking retard and ugly trash….trying to justifi killing of innocent people by another crimes….

        • Anonymous says:

          Well Guess what. I’m a Philippine citizen, I live in Manila, studied World War 2, My Grandparents were survivors of World War 2, and you can see roads in the Philippines built with the aid of Japan. And we are friendly towards Japan. Just put the past behind. 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      I lol’d. But still 100,000 is still a lot of people. Its like 60 Titanics.

      I’m Chinese, and honestly they are blowing this up. No one cares, the guy just looks like an idiot. I doubt he means it, he probably does it to get more business from other racists.
      Not the best message for the world, but works for him.

  • Metalbunny says:

    wahahahahhah..Even our race was murdered and humiliated by the japanese but that doesn’t mean that we’ll still blame them for the acts of their ancestors to this day though…
    >………….< so there's no worries…
    Imagine being bombed by a nuclear bomb? A rare moment to behold indeed..

  • do you guys argue and fuck up other nations (may it be china japan u.s. or whatever) just to make urselfs feel superior? after all said and done its just to make urselfs feel better isnt it? lmao

  • Anonymous says:

    i thought this is an ACG(H) site but most of the articles I see is about racist, crime, problems between and inside countries.
    And all these articles creates hatreds and arguments between people and race.
    And if some of these problems are of course interesting but are not gonna affect the world and its completely useless which only add more and more hatred between people.

    And people who enjoys reading these types of article shall also use their heads a little to think why is this happening. We shall look deeper to extend our knowledge about the world.

    Even with all that said… people will still disagree with me, but that you is your will and your freedom I have absolutely no control of your wish or actions.

    So anyways have fun surfing~

    • Anonymous says:

      Screw the Chinese for invading Spratlys Islands, screw them for presenting forged evidence that they are the legitimate owner and screw them for not wanting to hold multilateral talks among other claimants of the islands.

      In short, China is already intruding southeast Asia. <_<

      Some parts of the Spratlys belong to Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia, BUT NOT TO CHINA!!!!

      …and also, get the fuck out of Scarborough Shoal ya Chink bastards. Scarborough Shoal is Philippines territory!

    • Anonymous says:

      what do you mean by “in the past”? the past of both world wars or the past of before christ.
      if you are talking the past like the world wars then you are an extremely uneducated person[as I still respect you are(no sarcasm what so ever)]
      And if you talking about before christ, then the republic of China still haven’t exist and if that the people who are living in the area of China before did not invade and part of Asia there wouldn’t be any countries depending what would happen.Therefore China or Chinese simply don’t have any apology to give to any counties. Also if there is no Chinese’s old empire then there will have no Japan in the 1st place(you can agrue since I only know what I had read) Beside talk about invading you shall look at what England had archived.

  • Anonymous says:

    North East Asians do “come along” together eh ? Think about it , they’re also the 3 look-alike brothers (Japan , China , Korea) All chinky , pale , white , and thin and yet , they hate among each other… geesh~
    Guess i should be proud as a South East Asian where i don’t see any conflict nor hate among us~ =D … and yeah , we are also look-alike brothers , tan / brown , fair eyes , well-build and , definitely confusing to tell one another when compared lol >.>”

    • Anonymous says:

      well , who could ever forget americans anyway ? even the slightest of tiniest of dumbest in this world couldn’t forget americans~ *eerie whispering voice* “they’re everywhere~! muwahahaha~!” they’re next to Chuck Norris’ legacy~

  • JustPassingThru says:

    China never forgets. [-_-]

    I hope they’re stupid enough to carry it out over the next century too so that they would become even more of a laughing stock than they are now…

  • Anonymous says:

    “If it was a real dog it would probably be welcomed (in a culinary sense).”

    Being Chinese myself, I find this to be hilarious.

    “Say something, Agnes.”

    And this one takes the cake.

    “Agnes? Agnes? AGNESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!?”

  • Community Services says:

    Seriously, I’ve found this website intends to fuck up the international image of China. Guess what? Racism exists everywhere in the world, why only talk about China? Aren’t the racial conflict between Black folks and White boys HOT enough to be mentioned first?

    So let me tell you sth: this’s a game called “RUMOR CONTROL” that some mass media is playing.

    Well em, this website seems to use racism as an entertaining element, for it’s some kind of bigass sensitive topic, huge amount of replys guaranteed. And since most of the visitors here are not Chinese, lots of misleading and nagitive posts about China can be easily accepted(Some of them are even groundless). What’s more, after the “rumor” is “controlled”, they could make some routines such as “****, Chinese Style”, crab like that.

    So what happens here is: Some people in this website intentionally edit posts about China on nagitive issues, expanding individual examples into frequent occurrences, bringing rumors into facts. Then the image of China is completly fucked, but there’s no way they will feel sorry about it, they don’t give a shit.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think Southeast Asian countries don’t hold any grudges on each other with the exception of China, Korea and Japan which are still on a bitch fight.

      Love-Hate Triangle for the win.

        • AnonymousZ says:

          Ha, we don’t care, what’s done is done, if you come to our country as a friend you are welcome, if you come as an enemy be ready for a fight, where you come from or what your ancestor have done isn’t much important. Be warn this place isn’t hell but it’s not heaven either.
          China in another hand is more threatening than ever, well they are always like that, in past, present and future…stay close to such aggressive bigling make nobody feel comfortable right ???

  • The Enigmatic Moondoggiebuiscuit says:

    If that’s what they say then them chinese are smelly, drug-consuming, red radish, factory slaves that likes S&M alot. That’s the reason Grandpa left for the Philippines. At least he did himself well here….

  • Anonymous says:

    Funny how I was just at the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall last weekend. One would be amaze with the amount of kids that are present, seeing the amount of violence/gore/nudity they portrayed in the galleries.

  • Well i am a Chinese and I’ve got many Japanese friends.
    What I wanna say is, I am a kind people, my Japanese friends are kind people, and it’s all that matters to me. I understand that they are not involed in killing my grand grand father, and it is not their fault to hear what their government tells them.
    Sure I agree there are many crazy ppl doing wrong things and being cruel on others in China, but you know, both kind people and stupid people exist in every country right? Please try to understand that Chinese aren’t all bad…DO NOT mix us with those 5% whos being crazy.
    Live in peace yo~

  • Anonymous says:

    The survey was conducted by Chinese media?
    Hm…last time I checked, all TV stations, newspapers, and forms of public media in China were heavily under the control of the government…I wouldn’t take anything from the government propaganda too seriously.

    Remember kiddies, CCTV stands for China Central Television, the major national TV network, but it also stands for closed-circuit television..

  • Anonymous says:

    Please do not forget what Japanese did in Nanking during WWII.They killed my grandfather and grandmother.
    And the most thing what drepressed me is they has not acknowledged their crime,no,it’s a slaughter.

    • Anonymous says:

      Probably a harsh thing to say but, I think Nanking was more than avenged with the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the subsequent results of those activities upon the health of those who survived and still live in those areas.

      Heck, grow and learn from what occurred. Just as the Japs turned Hiroshima into a remembrance of the evils of using nuclear weapons, so the Chinese could turn Nanking into a city that deals with the evils of rape as a tool of war (I point to the conflicts in the former Jugoslavia, where a lot of that stuff occurred as well, as to the need for something like this). Or heck, even rape as a general criminal offense. (As opposed to only focusing on the Massacre alone, as they’re doing now.)

      Then they’d already be doing more good in the fight against that crime, than Equality Now could ever hope to achieve.

    • AnonymousZ says:

      War is cruel and savage, have you ever have mercy for one you consider at enemy ??? And do you really thing that show your hatred toward some one would change they attitude to you in the way you want them to be ??? And don’t you know that Japanese people also suffer greatly from WW2 ???

      • diskonline says:

        Why don’t you mention those ones who got killed in Pearl Harbor?

        You have the right to kill your enemy without reason, but pointing a gun or sword toward a unarmed citizen is not always a soldier’s duty!

        No one is deserve to die, especially die for no reason, it’s the same for Japanese, but these are two questions, not one.
        For those innocent people who get kill or hurt in the war, they deserve compassion and apology.
        For those ones who commite crimes(killed innocent), they can’t get away with it unless all victims were propitiated.

      • Anonymous says:

        I love it when people resort into ganging up with one of your own and then proceed into speaking their native tongue whilefilter and reject foreigner’s idea with the same old excuse.

        Sure, you might think it’s fair for the shop to take a cheap shot at Japanese for the past but if you agree to such act wouldn’t you then just steep down to their level?

        • diskonline says:

          you’re so right
          they have the best life quality and social welfare, what can makes them envy us?
          but the truth’s never hide, someone blame china for fun, not for justice or humanity, you know that.

          “may their soul rest in peace instead of leaving their bones around and make it visible to the public?”
          you’re so right, but how about the Yasukuni Shrine? or better yet you can call it Yasukuni Jinja.

          “How about take it to the next level and be a bigger man and read these stuff with a grain of salt?”
          yes i am reading these stuff with a grain of salt, cause nothing would change after i post the comment, but i’m so enjoying defeating those ones who still holding naive attitudes, what’s more, sometimes you can make friends during discussion.

          Artefact not only provides negative Chinese news as the readers’ request i think. if he is only a information provider, he can only analyze the case, but not post any personal sentiment in such reports.

          of course the article itself isn’t racism, for most of the time it’s only a news, and the content is base on real event. but people makes it racism, for only negitave chinese news can share the title like “XXX, china style”.

          talking about the sign, the original sign says “no dogs or chinese”, it’s placed in Shanghai, 1868. maybe the sign in this case is just a return, fair enough, i just wonder whether everyone knows it.

          and talking about chinese government or CCTV, shame on it. currently i can’t download anything from mediafire no matter what proxy i use, but you can try freegate, TOR or Hotspot_shield, maybe they can save your facebook, or you can arrange a VPN service if you facebook is worth the payment.

        • Anonymous says:

          This might be a surprise to you, but the quote “There is no point to reason with the foreigners, they are just jealous of China and nitpicking on us.” is so familiar to my ears that I can almost always finish their sentences whenever people mention it.

          Here’s a highlight to you, no one wins in a war. Really. And that’s a fact. Look at what happened to Hiroshima. Do you see Japanese being so bitter about it?

          I almost laughed when I saw the amount of effort being put to portray how Japanese were the bad guys in the massacre memorial hall in Nanjing. Did I mention how many parents brought their 5 year old kids there?

          Here’s a suggestion, how about putting some of that effort or money and give those poor victims an actual burial ceremony and may their soul rest in peace instead of leaving their bones around and make it visible to the public?

          On the other hand, your actions make me ponder. You seem to notice that there’s a lot of foreign articles that find faults in regards of anything about China and then attempts to slander the country with one sided facts or only parts the actual story. How about take it to the next level and be a bigger man and read these stuff with a grain of salt?

          Artefact has mentioned before everything he posts here is base on the popularity of the content among users that browse this site. If people wants to see China failing, he will post it.

          And please, don’t use the word racism so loosely. You seem to be venting not just about this article and also about various other “China quality” articles that’s been posted here. You know what? The article itself isn’t racism, as I don’t think Artefact were referring to Chinese as chinks or anything to that extend but merely taking a jab at the Chinese people with the links to another articles.

          What’s racism is when these 13 year old weeaboos around that seems to think it’s cool to generalize people with several negative traits.

          In regards to the signs, I highly doubt the reason for Japanese putting a “no gaijin” sign at their shop is because of past grudges. Though I haven’t been there myself personally, think language barrier.

          It’s the internet, take everything with a grain of salt. The Chinese government recently banned my precious Facebook due to the whole incident in Xinjiang but it didn’t make it up here.

        • diskonline says:

          the ‘excuse’ is not excuse, cause the ‘idea’ is not idea, it’s racism, especially those topic with a title like “xxx, china style”, in my opinion, those authors know nothing about real China, they wrote the report base on his mind.

          Such signs are not so common in China, compare to those in Japan. we can easily take off one sign, then we are clean, but they can’t.

  • TheTrueGOD says:

    You can NEVER trust a Chinese, plus, they stink! and are gross, specially to the Chinese women. Whenever you go to a China restaurant, keep in mind isn’t CHICKEN you’re eating, in reality is a RAT (no kidding!).

    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently, Flips are on the same level as the Chinese when it comes to insolence as a result of pride, although the former is only good at babbling and often comes out empty-handed.

        • Anonymous says:

          I disagree i’m a Filipino , and if we’re that as pride as the Chinese then , we wouldn’t be doing and respecting our OFWs working as maids and drivers just to earn something to make a living for their family. We might be prideful but not as insolent as you think , we might bluff in terms of it but that’s only because we really don’t have that much to show to the world , so a little of something worth showing with a pride is like a great joy to us and being proud to what and who we are.

    • probably the largest market in the world, as well as the largest potential for gain, as well as the largest potential labor force, as well as probably the longest asian history that almost all asians are proud of, as well as hundreds upon hundreds years of being the Asian Sun, as Japan and Korea and etc. revolved around it.

      Japan (and Korea) do want some of those above mentioned things.

      • Anonymous says:

        the problem is , what is China right now that other Asians would rather want to at this point ? Let’s be honest here , none in fact~ why ? we can just simply see how Japan and Korea progress in their own little ways , and they are indeed a pioneer at this level. We all know how Japan is being recognize as one of the elites in technology , let alone Korea for its successful independent development alone. I’m not into anyone here , and i don’t want to be bias , what i’m just saying is that other Asian nations might indeed have an interest from other countries but that’s just it. These interest are rather positive for it turns one nation to challenge themselves making it like more of an inspiration.

  • China could probably get away with it if only they didn’t plagiarize off everyone else, make shitty copies of other manufacturers’ cars and toys that’ll give you cancer because of the excessive lead paint content in 5 years.

  • So why does China still have their panties in a twist about Japan after almost half a bloody century after WWII?

    You don’t see people here banning Germans or calling them nazi cockgobblers. Infact most of the German people I’ve met are quite nice and polite compared to Brits who have this air of snobbish arrogance about them and look at you as if you’re carrying the frickin plague.

  • weaponofmd says:

    That list of apologies mean nothing, maybe you don’t get it, China wants apology written on paper, just like what Japan wrote to Korea. Japan wrote apology to Korea, but refused to do it for China, this is the point.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah and we all know how Korea and Japan are like best of buddies now right?

      Face it, Asian people will always hate each other. Even if the whole WWII shit didn’t happen they’d still find some other reason to be pissed at each other.

        • Im from South East Asia too. We have no sort of relations problem around here, seriously. If u living on the other side of the world, dont comment when u dont know what happen.

          Btw Malaysia is the most non-racist country in the world. We got multi-race, multi-color, multi-language, multi religion and whatever multi u can thinks off, we still live peacefully. Im proud to have Indians and Chinese as my close frens.

          For u guys posting negative comment about other country just admit it, u guys are much more a racist bcoz u cant accept the bad or goodness of other country. The proof is here all the time, no need to be hypocrit. Look at the mirror and u see a racist in disguise.

          -I approve hentai from Japan- (non racist comment)

          -Agnes can go to hell- (non racist comment)

        • Anonymous says:


          You sir , totally fail for a fact.

          SOUTH East Asians are best buddies in terms of relationships! Do some homework sheesh! Only those in Northern Asia are having their bitch-slapping issue to one another , those white Asians – white , thin , pale Asians to be exact! So don’t belong us tan ones w/ them , cuz we’re good down south! xD hohoho!

          Now that’s Fixed!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hail the USA. The country that started tons of wars after WW2.

      The country that attacks and occupy free states on false accusations because they want the oil there.

      The country that eliminates democratic but anti-US gouvernments and then installs pro-US dictators.

      The country that gave Israel and Pakistan nuclear weapons.

      The country that gave Saddam Hussein weapons of mass destruction.

      The country that gave Bin Laden all the knowledge about wars he now needs.

      Hail the USA.

  • Why is this news when 20% to 30% or more japanese stores do not accept foreigners (外人-Gaijin) and obviously their is no article for every single one of those stores represented on this site, the store in japan with their proud no “gaijin” sign are toward all races and any other in walks of life that are not japanese where is the real crime here? Say what you say of this comment I am Japanese.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sounds pretty typical of humanity to me.

    Who really cares, there’s plenty of Chinese and Taiwanese weeaboos (yes, I’m absolutely convinced Asian weeaboos exist) in America to more than compensate for one shop in China.

  • There have been so many wars throughout European history that every country has some problem with another. Not the individuals per se, but as nations.

    The English hate the French, the French sneer at the English and we are both irked at the Germans, who bloody well lost!

    The thing is though, it’s all bubbling under at a low level and takes a back seat to business, only really showing up in satirical comedy shows and right wing newspapers.

    China though had thousands of years of culural exchange, a very long and bloody war and then a generation of madness, isolation and self harm. They haven’t had the same cushion of prosperity, trade and TV, that we have had, to insulate them from Manchuria and Nanking.

    They also look after their old soldiers well and they all remember and keep the hate fresh. To answer an anon, the husband of the Grandma who was raped would remember and if he’s an influential ex General he carries some weight.

    They’re more open now though and money talks, even to communists. In 20 years it will be the same lovely bubbling vitriol all counrties share with their neighbours across the water. Everyone will still think it, but won’t let it affect business.

    Although of course the anons will still spread the hate

  • Anonymous says:

    Very stupid indeed.. for something happened in the middle previous century.. we ‘re in 2009!! Just go forward! for the next generation there is no need for xenophobia…and i write that for asian and non asian. Peace!

  • Why people do this type of thing? Pakistan (or was it India?) a cafe banned Christians and some dude died because he couldn’t read the sign, and he wasn’t Christian I think just had a cross necklace. Japan has also forbid foreigners into certain shops or even internet cafes/pachinko parlours. Some parts of Russia bans black people or anyone not white from pubs…or was that the Poles? I can’t remember was it France, Spain or Italy but it also had a shop rejecting black people from entering. Seriously this just isn’t good image for international business at all they’d just lose out more.

    This does remind me though of that time during the Olympics where some Europeans graffitied on a ‘No Dogs Allowed’ sign to say ‘and no Chinese’ in a park.

    It’ll be a long time that any of the Asian nations will ever hold a truce. Japan still deny war crimes and just brushes it aside and always had a elitist mentality against other Asians and the odd gaijins. China and Korea still holds a grudge against Japan for war crimes while hating each other and both breed hatred towards each other. All three should just stop trying to save face, but that’s asking alot for Asian communities lol. Something I’ve noticed among most Asians…too much pride in their image of who’s right :S

  • Anonymous says:

    The main problem with chinese is that they hold grudges. So the older generation teaches the younger generation to hold grudges and passes on their hatred of japanese. And this cycle goes on and on. It’s pretty simpleminded if you ask me.

    Before any chinese flame me. I’m chinese myself and my parents actually told me to hate japanese because of WWII. I honestly am not that stupid to hold grudges from generations past that has little to do with me. This generation of japanese shouldn’t bare the responsibility of the past world war, not shall I hold pointless grudges from it.

    • AnonymousZ says:

      Oh come on, pigs can be better pets than dogs but most people still eating them without complain, just because you think they are furry and lovely so they are not edible, don’t be silly, you should try em somehow.
      About me, I eat any kind of meat but human and those in the brick of extinct.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think genocide was ever a part of either Korea’s agenda, but the Communist half’s despotism and racial superiority propaganda is very Nazi-esque, indeed. Dogs are still occasionally served in the rural backwaters of Korea, though, so maybe the Chinese can share the title bestowed upon them.

  • Schrodinger says:

    “If it was a real dog it would probably be welcomed (in a culinary sense).” I should feel bad for thinking a similar thing…

    When I saw the Head line, I immediately thought “No Dogs? but what will they eat?”…

    I am a bad man.

    • Ignorant much?

      1957. Prime Minister Kishi Nobusuke. “We view with deep regret the vexation we caused to the people of Burma in the war just passed. In a desire to atone, if only partially, for the pain suffered, Japan is prepared to meet fully and with goodwill its obligations for war reparations. The Japan of today is not the Japan of the past, but, as its Constitution indicates, is a peace-loving nation.”

      22 June 1965. Minister of Foreign Affairs Shiina Etsusaburo. “In our two countries’ long history there have been unfortunate times, it is truly regrettable and we are deeply remorseful” (Signing of the Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea).

      * 29 September 1972. Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka. “The Japanese side is keenly conscious of the responsibility for the serious damage that Japan caused in the past to the Chinese people through war, and deeply reproaches itself. Further, the Japanese side reaffirms its position that it intends to realize the normalization of relations between the two countries from the stand of fully understanding ‘the three principles for the restoration of relations’ put forward by the Government of the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese side expresses its welcome for this” (Joint Communique of the Government of Japan and the Government of the People’s Republic of China).[2]

      See 44 more apology statements here:

      • Visceroid says:

        saying “we regret it” does not count as a serious apology. The Japanese are trying to force a false image that the brutality they have done during the WWII was an inevitable result of the war itself in that war distorts humanity, instead of the rampant racism that they have so far refused to admit. Remember that they were not forced to invade China. Racism & imperialism never truly died in Japan. The fact that Japanese Prime Ministers keep visiting the Yasukuni Shrine to worship the tablets of top war criminals of WWII is evident enough that they eat their own words and are hypocritic. Imagine German Chancellors visiting statue of Adolf Hitler while making apology to the Jews. Outright provocation. The situation of whitewashing war crimes & promoting racism in Japan is ten times worse than that of Germany(Neo-Nazis and such).

        • +1, to many commenters here about Japan’s wishy washy apologizes to countries theyve wronged.

          Somewhere i read that yes, the most hard core hatred is between the older generations and that the younger people in Korea,Japan, China etc. all seem to get along fine and i can attest to this. But, there seems to be a growing population that becomes bittered after learning more fully of the historic past and the also the new attitude (atleast on the internet by 2channers) by the Japanese which is somewhat spreading or spread already. The attitude that it was all just whatever and that the Japanese did something sorta bad but not really and that we somehow deserved it. That is fueling newday hatred against the Japanese, whether or not it is the majority or minority.

          Though my friend came back from Korea just a year ago and said there were a lot of Japanese people and that relations seem to be very positive.

        • Anonymous says:


          “Give me a break, people that lived and died for what they believe in are all respectable”

          What they believed in, in this case, is the superiority of their race over “lesser races” and that they had the right to kill these “lesser races” and claim their land as their own. Still think thats respectable? Jus because they gave their lives to what they believe in doesnt automatically make them honorable.

          They may consider those generals as heroes back in Japan jus as u mentioned. But as Visceroid mentioned, it is highly hypocritical of them to “apologize” and yet still pay respects to the ones that executed the deeds that needed apologizing for in the first place.

          U either feel bad about wat u did, or DONT feel bad about wat u did, dont sit on the fence. Such contradicting actions will only come off as hypocritical and patronizing, which is worst than not apologizing.

        • AnonymousZ says:

          Give me a break, people that lived and died for what they believe in are all respectable no master how bad ass you see they are. In the victims point of view they maybe hated invader, but to their people they maybe heroes who lived and died for the good of country.
          Anyway, most people just love to pick side that their feel most suitable for them and don’t give shit about the other didn’t they ???

        • Very true. In addition, the Showa Emperor never abdicate to take responsibility for the war. Despite depictions of the Emperor as a puppet to the IJA, at the very least, he was happy to go along with escalation of the China Incident as long as there were victories. He was an accomplice but never took any moral responsibility for it.

          Another point. Right-wing black vans are not outlawed in Japan. It’s like allowing a bunch of Holocaust deniers to broadcast their propaganda out on the streets of Berlin right now and not get thrown into prison.

  • Anonymous says:

    To be fair,most chinese are not really THAT educated,and since education always plays up nationalism(at least in Asia),hate is a good tool to distract people from the REAL issues facing the country.Its the same political card played over and over by many governments.

    The sad thing is that most of the idiots buy into this.Most of the people responsible for world war 2 are dead, who gives a damn that they raped your grandma.She’s probably dead too.

    • MelancholyMomo says:

      I am guessing you are some middle class idiot.. who’s only trouble in life is to clean your room occasionally, and complain about what is on the dinner menu even though your mothers busy.. ~_~..

      I agree with your first point, but your second paragraph is full of worthlessness..

      Since most of China is still poor, and currently still rural.. they likely live in a close knit community.. It isn’t so simple for them to forget about things that happened to someone they are acquainted with in the past -_-.

      ‘who gives a damn that they raped your grandma’ – Just because your family is messed up, and you have had literally no contact with your grandma doesn’t mean everyone else has..

      ‘The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.’

      • Anonymous says:

        been to china before? I don’t see the china that you described that often.

        The hate seems to only come from the older, less educated generation whilst the more recent generations of people aren’t as racist, from what I can see.

        Example; relatives, cousins, etc, most of them in some way liked something from japan, example their music, etc.

        But it seems like as if there is more hate in china than japan. Yes there is. But only because china’s population is so many times larger than Japan’s and thus you have the same proportion of the older generation people, multiplied.

        Nowhere in the chinese cirriculum from observing my cousins, and their friend’s cirriculum is there any specific hate. But there are ommissions.

        Yes the Tian An men massacre. That was a HUGE mistake by the chinese government. But you guys are absolute morons if you think its appropriate to suddenly spill the beans to such a massive population.

        Instead of a small riot you get a big riot because of the population being athousandfold more than the rest of the nations in the world.

        That certainly isnt nice, and its a nice ticket to Anarchy.

        And note this xenophobia seems prominent in both Japan and China only because its the retards who bitch and rant mindlessly.

        WWII, both the Japanese and Chinese are wrong in this case. The Japanese should reconcile anyway, for their atrocities, like every other participant in the war has. Even if its a delayed reconciliation, its still one and it wont dent their image; it would actually improve it. If past efforts fail, then TRY AGAIN. There is no use going “we’ve already” conciled when china doesnt think its enough, and during crappy times where most of the population did no have much access to the media unlike today!

        The chinese on the other hand should stop slamming the “new japan”, because the old systems and ways are mostly dead. Except that arrogant pride.

        Acutally when i think about it, both nations are pretty much even in terms of their atrocities. Japan has its high unreported rapes, and oddballs as well as 2channers, and the chinese hzve something like that, but with a media which is basically pumping out this crap just to make money (controversey = money, yes they’re capitalist now…)

        I reckon the censorship is far more productive than foreign media systems in places like the US where there is a kind of defacto censorship by the media who just wants to cover everythng that will roll in the big bucks, and not to mention the racial bias and xenophobia that exists there.

  • Really, my grand parents and parents were alive during that time and were living in China. They always feared they would be bombed at some point and it is really hard to erase that years of constant paranoia

    • AnonymousZ says:

      Yeah, if you read history you will know that Chinese was and now fuck up it neighbor countries even more but they never mention it in their history books didn’t they ???
      Have you ever thing of the Nanjing incident was a big lie that the Chinese government made up for they advantage, if it’s true that those people are rape and massacre, are you sure that’s all the Japanese’s doing ???
      Those freak Chinese may go as far as killing their own people, just look what they did in Culture Revolution, you like most Chinese people just blindly believe in what other let you see and listen, please learn to doubt and thing by your self somehow.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lol are u even listening to urself? Do u have any idea how stupid that sounds? And u said China screwed their neighbors? How? Examples please… And I seriously doubt what u can come up with is even remotely comparable to that of a full blown invasion that involved the massacre of millions.

        And are u seriously suggesting that the Chinese killed the ppl in Nanking in some big conspiracy to fram the Japanese? How, some wild imagination u have there, next u’ll u telling us all how aliens are being kept alive in Area 51.

      • diskonline says:

        Read history, yeah, and then you can also know that ancient Chinese emissary have traveled to as far as Africa, and they didn’t establish a colony like someone else, instead, they brought tons of present.

        The war is so natural in ancient time, people get killed without reason and atonement, but, what about the Nanjing issue, you know when it happened!

        • Anonymous says:

          WHAT? Just because there was only one war along the way doesn’t mean it was just a friendly visit. The chinese came with a huge fleet of huge battle ships never before and not for some hundred years after seen on the planet. Getting tributes was common.

    • Anonymous says:

      although one should question which “version” of the history they are reading. I can’t believe that they can or will face the subject objectify. It’s not like they acknowledge there own wrong doings for instance.

  • Anonymous says:

    China’s education makes almost everyone hate japs.Hate can’t be eliminated in short time,just like England and France.We just need time to forget each other’s crime.BTW I don’t reject any friendly japanese,nor a japanese loli.

  • Anonymous says:

    At least 2ch seems to acknowledge their xenophobia, I was going to rage if they were going to act indignant over signs restricting another race or nationality from entering their buildings.

        • diskonline says:

          “Hence why the Chinese government went as far as to arrest a 6 year old boy, because he’d been id’d as the Panchen Lama, and if it’s just protective custody, than what’s wrong with allowing a third party to visit him and his family to verify that they’re indeed in sound health? Course, when asked that question, no answer is given.”

          I can only say one word: complicated. but it’s realted to Dalai Lama and the relationship between tibet and mainland.

        • Anonymous says:

          The problem is, you think that China is a monoculture, it’s not.

          Even when only takes the word of the Chinese government for it, there are at least 55 different ethnic minorities in China, next to the Han Majority, and said majority is only because of assimilation of various regional ethnicities and tribes within China over the centuries.

          Making them more akin to the concept of “The American”, as said concept envisions an inhabitant of the United States who can trace his background to varying different nations, but whose alliance lies with the country in which he was born.

          Having said that, the nr. 1 complaint from a number of the minorities is that of discrimination by the Han majority. How they muscle in on business, and how the locals get buried with red tape in order to be allowed to do the same thing as the newcomer Han(s).

          How the latter get cash bonuses to relocate to the areas to which said ethnic minorities are native etc etc etc.

          Then take into account how the Chinese State tends to respond to protests and criticism, and things are by now means as cozy as you seem to think.

          Oh, I’m very sure that everything is harmonious and splendid in the Zhonghua minzu.

          Hence why the Chinese government went as far as to arrest a 6 year old boy, because he’d been id’d as the Panchen Lama, and if it’s just protective custody, than what’s wrong with allowing a third party to visit him and his family to verify that they’re indeed in sound health? Course, when asked that question, no answer is given.

          Then there was the Karmapa whom they kept a captive in the very monastery dedicated to his position, until he managed to escape.

          Then there’s the issue of the Party trying to appoint Bishops, Archbishops and so forth for the Roman Catholic Church, irrespective of the fact that only the Pope has the authorization to determine which position a preacher has in the RC Church hierarchy. (And I don’t particularly like the RC hierarchy either, but I’ll give them credit when it’s due).

          So yeah, everything is just hunkydory behind the Great Wall.

        • diskonline says:

          “You haven’t been following the news, have you?”

          I can only say, you’ve followed the wrong news, so wrong! you can’t afford to pay a visit to those places and check it by your eyes, can you?

        • Most Asian countries i believe are still heavily mono cultured. Korea, for one i know is heavily, well you guessed it, korean. Japan, from what i know, hear and its similarity to Korea is much the same.

          I agree that race riots are negatives of multicultures in one place but i also see the loss of positives like the melting pot of the US. Its such a mix of so many cultures, that is indeed in many ways, far superior to single culture societies.

        • Anonymous says:

          Tibet in fact backs up the point I was making which is that when you have a country comprised of people of the same race and culture you generally have much fewer problems then countries comprised of multiple cultures. Tibet has problems because it has people of both Chinese and Tibetan culture working against each other while France has problems because it’s comprised of Westerners and North African Muslims who don’t get along.

          Like Taiwan/Chinese Taipei whether Tibet is considered part of China depends on who you ask. I was making my comment considering it to be a separate country and thus the issues do not apply.

          Japan is perhaps a better example of how a mono=culture works better than countries with multiple cultures. Certainly I’ve never heard of any issues of race riots or racial tensions there since most of the population is Japanese.

        • Anonymous says:

          “You don’t get these sorts of race riots in China since everyone is Chinese.

          You haven’t been following the news, have you?

          Four words for you, so you can google them.

          Tibet and the Uyghur

        • Anonymous says:

          Racism seems to work better than multiculturalism. Just look at what’s happening in the multicultural paradise is of Paris with Muslims burning over 500 cars a night for two nights. You don’t get these sorts of race riots in China since everyone is Chinese.

          Personally I applaud the Chinese for their attitude and wish I lived in a country where I was free to make such comments. Sadly putting up a sign like that here would land me seven years in prison. So much for the west being free.

    • MelancholyMomo says:

      Well.. the shop owner probably got a massive increase in customers.. and was able to get publicity whether good or bad.

      Apart from that ~_~.. we found out that some parts of China still haven’t forgiven Japan for the horrific crimes they committed in the past.

      and that people are racist.. especially on the internet..


      • +1 but many parts of Asia still detest Japan for its sins.

        Parts of Korea, Philipines, Indonesia, Indochina, China and even parts of Japan itself, Okinawa etc. etc.

        If Japan would do a more honorable apology for its wrongs like Germany did to the Jews, then im sure tensions would significantly ease off.

        • Anonymous says:

          Nazism is far less popular in Germany than it is in the US and other western european nations. In fact, displays of Nazi icons and materials and other shows of support for Nazism are banned by law and come with pretty stiff punishments. The German people don’t mind the restriction on freedom of speech this represents because neonazis are so widely detested.

          Germans don’t generally like to talk about WWII, but they don’t hide the truth from their children, nor do they deny the past if it comes up. It’s an approach which has worked very well for them, so I can’t help but agree with other posters that it’s at least worth a try for the Japanese.

        • lol @ you.

          If some punks and small groups of terrorists back in the 90s signify the rise of nazism, then sure you’re right.

          Nazism appeals to very few and to very few intellectual Germans as well.

      • Anonymous says:

        That mass is called China. By country they do have the largest concentration of humans: 1,338,612,968 ranked #1 in the world, July 2009 estimate.

        In China, 1,000:1 spammers, 7:1 racist, 3:1 idiot, and 1:1 pirates.

        • just letting u no but even if the japs had owned up nothin would have changed , we have the same problem in the usa , seriously , in the north white or black it realy dosent matter but in the south we still have problems, every 1 has it , so this is my advise for all people that have a problem with some one else for no reason and act upon it


          i hate ppl 2 but i dont physicly do the stuff i think about

        • Anonymous says:

          The reason some of the disdain still exists, and is honestly still justified, is just how unwilling the Japanese government is to take responsibility for the shit it did, the things it ordered, and the general disinterest in owning up to that portion of their history by the general Japanese populace (Or at least perception of, as evidenced by actions taken when officials speak unkindly about Japan’s past). Not that China doesn’t cover up its own atrocities, but this isn’t the kind of problem that can be begun to solve with both sides being bull headed.

          If Japan really wants to be justifiably indignant, then first they should outlaw their own segregated locations (Certain hotels come to mind) and own up to what they did.

          Christ, the Germans have more or less owned up to Nazism. They’ve left the concentration camps open to the public as grim reminders. I hate to diminish what the Japanese did (Slave labor, Nanking, the fun little Units, so on and so on), but it’s comparatively nothing to what so many other countries have owned up to.

        • Chinese shouldn’t blame the current generation of Japanese for something that their parents/grandparents did. Its correct that they do need to apologies for the actions of their forefathers(by all mean, they haven’t done too much). Because I went overseas when I was young, I know about events from both perspectives. Yea the Chinese did some fucked up thing including the Tiananmen Square, but in the end I’m still Chinese, and will always be Chinese.
          By the way, a really good friend of mine is Japanese.

        • take in mind, that Japan isn’t the only one to hide historical facts from its people… the chinese have been doing it forever, thus the blockage of internet sites youtube + many others, blackouting tv programs when they hit sensitive political zones…

          the younger generation japanese may not have been tought about their war history properly or correctly, but the chinese are still kept in the dark

          example would be the tiananmen square event, while China claims that there were 241deaths and 7000 injured, redcross had 2500deaths and 7000-10000 injured. all news and information about the tiananmen event was also banned in china, even the chinese wiki site talking about the event wasn’t written by the chinese and i doubt you can connect onto it through china, (it was written in traditional chinese = taiwan/hongkong, if it was written by the chinese it would have been in simplified chinese)

        • Narcissist says:

          Time to repeat good old Nanking, but in Beijing this time. Damn yellowskins accounts to nothing more then building railroads for the civilized world.

          The most funny thing about this is probably that the chinese do not realize how the rest of the world looks down on them like we would look down on a rat in a sewer.

        • It is clearly understandable as i do believe that the shop is in a rural city zone of China. Urban dwellers are often the more liberal and understanding ones as does correlate in Korean/Japanese, Chinese/Korean, Japanese/relations. There are still people who can literally remember the “work” of the imperial japanese army. I dont hate the Japanese today because it is not this generation’s fault but i do keep in mind what their parents and grandparents did to my parents and grandparents.

          The general opinion for many in regards to anti japanese sentiment or long held pure hatred is : While we may forgive, we can never forget.

          ** it also doesnt help that Japan either ignores parts or all of what it did but also shrugs it off like it wasnt a big deal. Or, to mention the “attitude” of 2channers today although they have no such right.

        • Anonymous says:

          The fact is many Japanese refuse to accept that it even happens. Many textbooks have been edited to hide the truth of what happened in War World II. Perhaps everything would be okay if they apologized. However, at one point, I believe the Communist rejected reparations. This move may have signified that anything the Japanese did would not have made up for the millions of lives lost. Even as one of the offending parties (I am Chinese), I believe they are both wrong, because such hatred can degenerate, like in the case of the Irish and English.

          On another note, maybe a Japanese martial artist will go to the shop and kick the sign in half. Just like Bruce Lee did to the sign that said “No dogs or Chinese allowed”, in Fists of Fury.

        • Storm Wing says:

          I agree to Anon. Young Japanese nowadays are NOT involved with the Nanking tragedy, so why being racist to them?? Japanese invade Indonesia around 1940’s, but i’m not being a racist to Japanese today.

        • King of Hentai Gods says: