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Hollywoods Grabs Gungrave


A Hollywood adaptation of stylish shooting things anime Gungrave has been announced, to be undertaken by Convergence Entertainment, also responsible for King of Fighters…

Yasuhiro Nightow’s epic gun series Gungrave, will start production next year, with a modest budget of some $30 to $35 million, financed through “strategic partners in Asia”. To help them with the adaptation, they have also hired Red Entertainment’s Yasuaki Nagoshi to produce the movie.

Gungrave is well known through the anime adaptation of the original PS2 shooting game; the title is known for combining a variety of themes, from gangster action to sci-fi shooting.

Via Variety and Screendaily.

Although Gungrave might seem promising Hollywood fare, this is the same company responsible for the upcoming quality King of Fighters film adaptation

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