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Equality Now: “Unprecedented” Criticism Over Eroge Ban


Pro-censorship feminist group Equality Now’s latest crusade against freedom of expression took the form of an attack on Japan’s eroge industry, causing the industry to censor itself in a futile effort to dissuade politicians from harassing it any further; however, the group itself admits to receiving “unprecedented” criticism for its meddling, which it characterises as “hate mail”.

It appears the reaction to the group’s campaign has been most unfavourable, so much so that it has desperately attempted to refute the criticism by its usual expedient of failing to present any statistics or factual evidence in support of its claims, save the specious propaganda other feminist groups frequently publish.

The group’s whimpering response can be read below:

Since launching Women’s Action 33.1 calling for the withdrawal of RapeLay, a rape simulator game produced and sold in Japan, and for the Japanese government to effectively address violence and discrimination against women, Equality Now has been inundated with responses.

Many have been positive and have come from women and men in Japan and around the world in support of the Action. Some have spoken about their own experiences and the negative impact they feel this form of hentai is having on women and girls, who have become increasingly targeted with sexual harassment.

Sadly, however, Equality Now has also received an unprecedented amount of hate mail, including death and bomb threats. Many of these messages have referred to statistics of rape in Japan that are reportedly far lower than in the U.S. for example [such as these].

Equality Now does not believe it serves any purpose to excuse crimes in one country by pointing out that there are more in another.

In addition, women’s rights activists in Japan inform us that the numbers of reported rapes are not likely to reflect the actual incidents of rape in Japan. It is also difficult for women in Japan to report rape because victims have little faith in the criminal justice system and are worried about the stigma attached to rape.

This was also reflected by the United Nations Committee that monitors implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

When examining the report of the Japanese government in 2003, the Committee expressed concern about “the prevalence of violence against women and girls and about women’s apparent reluctance to seek assistance from existing public institutions.” The Committee also noted that “the penalty for rape is relatively lenient.”

The fact that there are women-only carriages on Japanese commuter trains due to the high prevalence of groping and sexual harassment faced by women in Japan also highlights the need for the government to actively address violence against women.

Banning extreme computer simulator games that promote sexual violence and harassment such as RapeLay would be a step in this direction.

A large portion of the hate mail and threats we received not only underlines the profound misogyny that is prevalent among consumers of such games, many also conflated Equality Now’s campaign to the opposition to sex. Rape and sexual harassment are forms of violence against women and girls and can never be equated with consensual sex.

We ask that you continue to write to Illusion Software asking it to fully withdraw RapeLay [sic: RapeLay has already been withdrawn] and all other similar titles and to Amazon which also sells similar games promoting the rape, sexual assault, stalking and molestation of women and girls. Please also write to the Japanese government urging it to comply with its international obligations under CEDAW.

You may also find it useful to contact Equality Now directly about their continued attacks on freedom of speech in Japan and elsewhere.

You are of course invited to explore the scant validity of their specious claims in the comments below.

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  • “Unprecedented” my ass. They had to know what they were getting into. How could they NOT know? You try to censor anything, people are going to bite you in the rear for it. And rightfully so.

    I’m a woman. I could be considered a classic feminist, wanting equal, and only equal, rights. Both the good and the bad that come with it, spare nothing. I fuck up? Give me an equal jail sentence. I do something cool? Give me an equal reward. Nobody is superior to the other.

    Want to fight sexual violence against us girls? Then fight the actual IRL crime. I play eroge. Do I want to actually rape anyone for real? Not in the least. I play violent games. Do I want to murder anyone? Not at all. Give me facts, please, ladies, and stop making us sane females look bad.

    I can defend myself on my own just fine, thanks. Maybe you should learn how to as well and quit expecting others to hand everything to you on a silver platter.

  • Equality Now is a just like a rabid dog, needing to be put down before it infects others with its madness.

    If you want women to be protected from sexual predators, tell them to arm themselves. You can get a gun in America, and a Taser in Japan. If you get the proper license you can even carry them around with you hidden instead of in plain view! For a woman to know they can do this, yet not take ANY measures to protect herself, means she is ALLOWING it to happen! That’s not rape, that’s Exhibitionism!

  • In my opinion, I think it’s the ones that get ridiculed who turn to the eroge scene. I mean, how many rapists actually play these games? They probably think that they’re too ‘cool’ to play video games or masturbate to hentai.
    I would defend these games more, but they’ve done little to actually making me hard. As long as hentai images and what-not are still on the internet, I don’t care if they win or lose.

  • … my neighbor has a 3 year old daughter who screams a lot and throws tantrums for every little thing that she doesn’t get….including ice cream from th passing ice cream truck.

    they remind me of her… soo much,
    soo much

  • OpticBlast says:

    You’ll have to forgive me if this recommendation was posted already, 229 comments is too much for to read through one by one.


    Rather than focusing solely on the eroge and censorship front, wouldn’t it be more useful and productive overall to also discredit the overall mission of Equality Now as an organization?

    Rather than just bringing to attention their campaign against eroge, it might be useful to dig up their past campaigns against other things and their overall mission and shed light on how pointless and biased their objectives and opinions have been.

    I mean, preventing a ban on eroge is at most a small victory. Taking away Equality Now’s long term credibility and attacking their public relations overall would be a much heavier blow in the long run and would take away their clout.

    Worst comes to worst, if the eroge ban does not unfold in our favor, discrediting Equality Now takes away their political pressure and gives us a potentially more lethal hand to play.
    At the very worst, this gives us a potential plan B to fall back on.

    Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Super Kinma says:

    Japan: Rape simulator games and the normalization of sexual violence

    A schoolgirl around 12 years old travels on a commuter train. A man who has been following her gropes and sexually molests her. Eventually the train stops and she runs frightened into a public toilet, followed by her assailant who handcuffs and rapes her. The assailant takes her prisoner and repeatedly rapes her in various locations. Her mother and teenaged sister suffer the same fate. This family is targeted for rape as punishment because the older sister had previously reported to the police the attempted sexual assault of another woman by the rapist. This is the storyline of RapeLay, a rape simulator computer game produced by Illusion Software and sold in Japan. Prior to issuing this Action Equality Now brought RapeLay to the attention of Amazon Japan which also sold the game. Since then it has removed the game from sale, however it continues to sell similar titles based on stalking and sexually molesting women and girls.

    Extreme pornography in the form of cartoons known as hentai, in various media such as comic books, animation, computer games and online entertainment, is easily accessible in Japan and its use is widely accepted. Common themes of hentai include rape, gang rape, incest and the sexual abuse of schoolgirls. This latter form of hentai, known as Loli-Con, often portrays girls being sexually abused by adults in familiar positions of power such as teachers. A number of computer games involving rape, sexual harassment and stalking of women and girls has been produced in Japan. These go one step further than other forms of hentai by enabling the player to control what happens through manipulation, for example as in RapeLay, of an onscreen penis and hands to simulate rape and sexual assault. (Photo by Everjean Flickr)

    The aim of the RapeLay game is for the player to repeatedly rape the mother and her daughters until they begin to “enjoy” the experience. First, the player manipulates the onscreen hand to sexually assault each woman or girl on a train. This assault disturbingly mirrors the real-life situation in Tokyo where, in 2005, the local government was forced to introduce women-only carriages after a survey found that 64% of women in their 20s and 30s had been molested on public transport. Most respondents said they had been groped several times over the previous 12-month period. The sexual assault in RapeLay continues as the woman or girl becomes increasingly distressed and eventually runs away terrified to a secluded spot where the player can then simulate raping her. Both young girls are virgins and their first rapes are represented by the breaking of their hymen with blood on the penis.

    After on-screen raping of the mother and her two daughters, the player has more control over rape scenarios and must “rape-train” the woman and girls by subjecting them to multiple and varied sexual assaults, including gang rapes, until they succumb to each assault and even beg their rapist to indulge them. As the rapes continue the chances of the woman and girls becoming pregnant increases. The player must, however, force the woman and girls to get abortions otherwise one of the girls will stab him to death, again in a manner that sexualizes violence. Illusion Software has also issued a free download that includes depiction of the woman and girls in a cell being subjected to sexual torture, as well as a scene of a particularly brutal rape of the elder daughter with the mother and younger daughter being forcibly restrained and made to watch.

    The Anti Pornography and Prostitution Research Group, an organization based in Japan which has been working to stop the objectification of women, says it has difficulty in trying to educate a government that even allows real gang rape videos to be sold in the open market. It was not until 1999 that Japan outlawed child pornography. However, pornographic computer games remain unregulated as they fall outside the legal definition of child pornography in the Law for Punishing Acts Related to Child Prostitution and Child Pornography of 1999.

    Japan ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in 1985 and was last examined on its report in 2003 by the CEDAW Committee, which reviews government compliance with CEDAW. While in its report the Japanese government recognized that “violence from husbands or partners, sexual crimes, prostitution, sexual harassment and stalking behaviour are grave violations of women’s human rights” the CEDAW Committee expressed concern that Japanese law characterized stalking as “acts to ‘satisfy love or other favourable feelings towards the person,’ or to ‘work off grudges resulting from the failure to satisfy these feelings.’” Such characterizations are rampant in hentai, which include a successful Japanese comic book series called Rape Man, portraying a male teacher who transforms into “superhero” Rape Man by night, raping women in order to settle grudges or “teach them a lesson” for jilting their lovers.

    In its general recommendation No. 19 on “violence against women”, the CEDAW Committee confirmed that “[g]ender-based violence is a form of discrimination that seriously inhibits women’s ability to enjoy rights and freedoms on a basis of equality with men.” Specifically, it commented that “traditional attitudes by which women are regarded as subordinate to men or as having stereotyped roles perpetuate widespread practices involving violence or coercion…Such prejudices and practice may justify gender-based violence as a form of protection or control of women…These attitudes also contribute to the propagation of pornography and the depiction and other commercial exploitation of women as sexual objects, rather than as individuals. This in turn contributes to gender-based violence.”

    When reporting to the CEDAW Committee, the Japanese government admitted that “the image of women in the media, who were often portrayed as objects either of sex or violence, had a great impact” on gender stereotypes. The CEDAW Committee expressed concern about such stereotypes of women, “the prevalence of violence against women and girls and about women’s apparent reluctance to seek assistance from existing public institutions.” It also noted that “the penalty for rape is relatively lenient.” To prove rape in a court of law in Japan, judges often look at the level of violence perpetrated and/or the degree of resistance put up by the victim rather than whether the woman actually consented to intercourse.

    Japan has an obligation under Article 5(a) of CEDAW “to modify the social and cultural patterns of conduct of men and women, with a view to achieving the elimination of prejudices and customary and all other practices which are based on the idea of the inferiority or the superiority of either of the sexes or on stereotyped roles for men and women.” In addition, Article 14 of the Japanese Constitution guarantees equality under the law and states that there shall be no “discrimination in political, economic or social relations because of race, creed, sex, social status or family origin.” Computer games such as RapeLay condone gender-based discriminatory attitudes and stereotypes, which perpetuate violence against women. Rather than allowing them to flourish, the Japanese government should be taking effective measures to overcome these attitudes and practices, which hinder women’s equality.

    Recommended Actions

    Please write to Illusion Software asking it to withdraw immediately from sale, whether online or any other outlets, all games, including RapeLay, which involve rape, stalking or other forms of sexual violence or which otherwise denigrate women. Suggest that corporations have a responsibility to consider, as good business practice, any negative impact their activities may have on society and the public interest. Please write a similar letter to Amazon Japan asking it to remove all games that simulate sexual and other forms of violence against women and girls. Write also to the Japanese government officials below, calling on them to comply with Japan’s obligations under CEDAW and the Japanese Constitution to eliminate discrimination against women and particularly to ban the sale of computer games such as RapeLay, which normalize and promote sexual violence against women and girls.

  • Anonymous says:

    So according to the Equality now, censoring and ignoring freedom of speech is promoting equality and better opinion towards member of the said group. Ugh uh, are they retarded or am I missing something?

  • Anonymous says:

    Equality Now does not believe it serves any purpose to excuse crimes in one country by pointing out that there are more in another.

    This is so hypocritical. Am I right? This is exactly what the feminist are doing right they are ignoring crimes in their country and focusing on the crimes of another.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is the letter I sent:
    I would like to start this off by saying, I am a woman. I want that act to be VERY clear to you. I have mammary glands, I bleed every 28 and a fourth days, I’m definitely female.

    I also like hentai.
    I even like rape eroge.

    You see, there’s this type of person called a ‘masochist’, who gets off on pain and being dominated, and who will even act out rape fantasies with his or her partner. They do this willingly, because they like it. I’m not saying all women do, I’m just saying some do. Like me.
    I like to imagine myself as the girl in the game, or manga, or anime.

    Now, your claim: “Extreme pornography in the form of cartoons known as hentai, produced in various media such as comic books, animation, computer games and online entertainment, is easily accessible in Japan and its use is widely accepted. Common themes of hentai include rape, gang rape, incest and the sexual abuse of schoolgirls. This latter form of hentai, known as Loli-Con [you spelled it wrong, by the way, there’s no hyphen, it’s just lolicon.], often portrays girls being sexually abused by adults in familiar positions of power such as teachers. A number of computer games involving rape, sexual harassment and stalking of women and girls are produced in Japan. ”

    Leaves out a HUGE other section of the porn industry, which consists of suck shocking things like girls consenting to sex with their boyfriends, and even women raping men.
    (Personally, I think that last one is as equal as you can get.)

    Did you even know that women are capable of rape themselves? Because they do it quite a bit more than I’m sure you would care to admit.

    I’m also a bit concerned with this statement: “What kind of training is being provided to Japanese law enforcement including judges and the police to dispel institutionalised misconceptions about rape, including the myth that a woman has to put up resistance to prove she did not consent to sex? ”

    See, personally, if I was getting raped, I would resist. Saying that a woman doesn’t have to resist rape but it still be rape is one of the most mysoginistic things I’ve ever heard.

    Now, if I’m not mistaken, there was also a push to ban fetishes, because, of course, all women are harmed by any fetish to ever exist, ever! (That there was sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell.)

    See…I have fetishes. And, as I have already stated, I am a woman, so I really don’t think that they are particularly harmful to me.

    One of the fetishes you wanted banned where pregnancy. Pregnant women have sex all the time. To quote the march of dimes website:

    “Unless your health care provider advises you otherwise, sex during pregnancy is safe for you and your baby.
    As for the baby, he or she has no idea what Mom and Dad are doing. The baby is well protected by a cushion of fluid in the womb and by the mom’s abdomen.”


    “Many women find that pregnancy makes them want sex more than they did before they became pregnant. This sex drive is caused by hormonal changes. For some women, newfound voluptuousness can play a role in making them feel sexier than ever. ”

    Here’s the link:

    So why the hell should pregnancy be banned in eroge? I find the ban EXTREMELY misogynistic, in fact.

    Also, themes of women becoming impregnated are banned…but what if the woman wanted to have a baby? This is another misogynistic act.

    What about the ban on ‘non-human heroines’? A girl with cat ears, or a robot or alien or elf cannot have sex in a cartoon now, because that’s OBVIOUSLY so harmful to women (Hey, look, more sarcasm!).
    I find that incredibly racist.

    Again, I stress that your actions to ban eroge are unnecessary, insulting, misogynistic, and completely moronic.


  • Anonymous says:

    Call me a 1/2 nerd for the following. I remember taking a course about personality and it touched upon the issue of how games/media affect peoples actions. the test was something along the lines that a bunch of person were 1st invited into a room full of guns and war related images, and then play wolfenstein. Those who had a personality trait that are rather aggressive(there’s a proper test for this but this is the general concept) are reported to have much more aggressive behaviour.

    My point is, that games could affect us, but not really take action unless the person is actually aggressive enough.

    Since we know that trying to identify individuals like these are extremely difficult, most people would believe that banning all violent material is the quick affective way.

    BUT(a big one) in reality, we know banning one form of media only results in more of the same things coming from a different source.
    Basically, it is unrealistic to hope that banning one game, or even all of the rape/violent eroge will help the situation any better. It will just come in some other form.

    The best way, which had been repeated a million times, is to openly acknowledge sexual behaviour and all related to prevent people from having over extreme fantasies in the 1st place.

    Equality now should definitely then put their efforts in sexual education in schools and all media, rather than a strict banned.

    We know that a “no” from Mom without a good reason always results in the kid to do exactly what he was told not to. why? just in hopes he/she gets a proper answer.

  • Well I don`t like rape games at the very least but if someone else likes it then let that guy/girl fucking play it!
    Who the fuck are you guys saying that it should be banned?!I agree with you that those games are not very healthy for society but only if it falls in the hands of mentally unstable people…If you are trying to ban it its just like saying that everyone is a mentally fucked up girl/guy that starts fucking everything that moves or not on sight!
    Me feels much better now! \/ ^_^

  • Anonymous says:

    This article is an outright lie – that response on their part was posted BEFORE THE DAMN RAPEGAME BAN WAS EVEN PASSED. They’re not “still” trying to persecute your shitty cock. You just didn’t bother reading their website for the past three months.

  • Anonymous says:

    here’s the letter I send EN

    First, I’d like to comment on Equality Now’s response to the criticism it’s received on Action 33.1. I find it ironic how your organization labels any dissenting opinions as “hate mail”. I think an organization that’s supposed to promote ‘equality’ should also recognize that humans have different ideas and opinions. Granted, I can imagine there have been some very vehement responses to your organization’s crusade against freedom of expression, but this is understandable. Members of the Anime and Hentai fan community see Action 33.1 as an attempt to censor the material they enjoy, even if they have never played games like RapeLay, your organization is barging in trying to say what we can and can’t enjoy.

    Imagine if a Muslim religious organization from a foreign country demanded that the U.S. censor or ban all movies or television shows featuring women in revealing clothing, not only the exported material, but in OUR OWN country as well. How do you think Americans would respond to that? I think they’d be VERY upset. Well what your organization is doing with Action 33.1 is FUNDEMENTALLY no different than that scenario.

    Now before you label me as a misogynist pig, let me say that I have visited your website and support many of your other causes, because they involve ACTUAL women in very serious plight. However, I see 33.1 as a baseless cause created as a petty attempt to gain media attention for your organization. Let me clarify further: Japan is a CIVILIZED country, with a very clean Human Rights record. You may find Hentai and rape simulators to be disgusting and weird, but they are works of FICTION. There is no genuine link between these materials and the actual abuse of women. Your ‘statistics’ are biased, and are based on speculation only. For example, I if your organization did further research, they’d find that for every rape simulator, there are probably an equal number of pornographic materials that feature women in a dominating position over men. In Japan this type of material is just as popular as the ones your organization is trying to ban.

    My final word is, put your organization’s efforts into saving REAL women in REAL distress, like those in places like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and China. However, I imagine that these countries are more resistant to the meddling of a foreign organization. I only wish Japan had the same amount of Backbone.

    Have a nice day.

  • Somehow i can’t keep this in my mind:
    Euqality now are screaming HELP US we are being attacked discriminated by nothing,will someone please save us from this nonexistant thing(im reffering to hentai)

    • Anonymous says:

      This is serious. We should come in contact with 2ch and unite against this. This shouldn’t be Japan vs Rest of the world, like they are trying to present it, but freedom of speech against censorship. Both Agnes and EN must be stopped before it’s too late.
      They are taking advantage that their main targets are social recluses and the objects in question are haunted by social taboos to actually use logic over sentiments.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Rape and sexual harassment are forms of violence against women and girls”

    I know that Equality Now is a feminist group but I hate how they always make it sound as though rape and sexual harassment can only be when a man does it to a woman. Men can be rape victims as well and women can be raped by other women.

    • MusicalNote says:

      Yeah… They don’t care about men. In fact, to them, if a man has sex with a woman, it’s automatically rape. And, if a guy kisses a girl, then breaks up a few years later it’s rape by proxy.
      Hurray for Bigotry Now!

  • Anonymous says:

    They dont really say why there needs to be a ban. Apart from it being somewhat immoral, it doesn’t really harm anybody. Its better if people gratify themselves to something in their fantasies, and not real people.

    They mention statistics, and somehow it comes down to the games needing to be banned, without any link between them. There is NO proof that these games will encourage anything, (apart from excessive usage of tissues).

    This case sounds so similar to the Australian censorship crap thats hapenning over there, using a disconnected and irrelevant excuse, that only scares people in order to limit freedom.

    On a lighter note, dont these feminists realise that with so much material around that guys are actually idolising their gender?

    Although this may seem rather unethical, I’d believe that we’re beginning to see an overcompensation here, where some unscrupulous females use the excuse that they’re on lower ground physically, and try to pass bills using this excuse, and the natural sympathy just to come out on top.

    I really doubt that this feminist movement would include any shota/yaoi bans.

    • All they’d do is go back to it promoting rape somehow, even though it really doesn’t.

      Feminists are fucking stupid. They don’t know how to do anything but bitch like children until they get their way.

  • Anonymous says:

    The thing is, they’re not fighting for the rights of women. Like here in the Philippines, those who claim to fight for the rights of women (and I wholeheartedly support equality in all things between the sexes and genders) actually fight for their own political agendas. Once a group has started to crow about their struggles in the political arena, or have carried these out in a manner most public and attention grabbing serve only themselves. There’s no cause too controversial, no target is innocent, and their fight is always the good fight. Gotta love politics.

    I applaud the ones who carry out the real struggle. They make the world a better place for everyone. EVERYONE.

  • Such an ignorant group.

    How come they are so one sided in all this,they only follow their beliefs,they don’t care to research it more at all or are totaly blind.

    I mean when a guy says hello in japan to a girl and he gets chased,accused like he did something horrible.
    And ignoring the report about women false acussions on trains(read the article),even ignoring accidents and making them into crime and destroying a males life.
    How can a male by such a group not be hatted if they are viewed totaly wrong with bad laws for males which only increase the power hate of such groups.
    They think all men are soo bad,but the problem is in the law how the men can be played with destroyed.

    And also there is still this whole world problem.Where women can just say they were raped,there will be no evidence and a man can be accused for it.
    What we need is proof that this happened,we don’t need wrong accusing.
    Also probably the whole court and justice will believe women since it’s mostly made by men who protect women in all possible ways,women are also one of the most biggest liars of the world,so i can’t believe how a court believes every women soo much.

    Of course not all women are liars.But most of them are.

      • True,also don’t forget about adam and eve.

        And even a teacher told me a women can simply say that you raped her and you will get in trouble and prison for it without proof.
        So lying and getting you to prison is pretty bad enough without checking for any evidence.
        There needs to be proof of such things.

        • Anonymous says:

          if someone is accused of rape it can ruin them regardless of whether the claim was true or not, people would still be cautious around the person because there would always be that what if factor now

        • MusicalNote says:

          My point was that women don’t absolutely lie more than men. I’ve known men that lie enough to make my other female friends (one of them being a habitual liar, by the way) look like the most honest folk you’ll ever meet.

          As for rape, you usually need proof to convict. If a woman lied about a rape there are tests that will prove she’s a liar, even if there was consenting sex that was later painted to be rape. At least, that’s how I understand it.
          Jail, it’s totally possible, but not permanent if rape can’t be proven. I may be incorrect about this, but a woman accused of raping a man is also placed in jail if there’s evidence.
          I think it’s the same idea as taking a suspected murderer into custody.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m definitely writing them. (I’m a woman, by the way, and I like eroge.)

    I was also all for boycotting their sponsors, but…then I found out the Joss Whedon is one, and I don’t think I can give up my Buffy addiction. ><
    I can and will boycott the rest, though.

  • “The fact that there are women-only carriages on Japanese commuter trains due to the high prevalence of groping and sexual harassment faced by women in Japan also highlights the need for the government to actively address violence against women.”

    So does this mean that the same also applies for the Recycling Center of Southeast Asia? Last time I checked, rapists were heavily penalized in this practicality-deprived part of the world

  • I’m wondering about something..:

    What if Illusion were to make a male version of Rapelay?

    Apart from the fact that Rapelay itself is banned, if they were to publish it under another name and with slightly changed controls, I’m sure they could pull it off.

    If Illusion made a game where you, as a female protagonist, were to have to rape men the same way as you were to in Rapelay, then send it out into the world, and say to EQ: Hey EQ, Fuck you! You want equality, here you have equality.. I hope you choke on it.

  • Anonymous says:

    The only way to stop Equality Now dead on their track is to find out who their sponsors or where they are getting their funding from and send them mail as well. That way without any funding, their so called organization will wither and fall apart.

  • Klibbnisse says:

    Why don’t the makers of RapeLay do a version where girls rape guys? I’d love to see what Equality Now would say about that!

    “Now everyone rapes everyone! We’re all a happy family” <.<

  • Anonymous says:

    I wish reactions like this would be the same for the hentai ban in the philippines. Our politicians are just feeding off among the ignorant of the Philippine community just before election year.

  • Just a few words of wisdom to you who may have responded to them at their contact with misogyny, you’re making the situation worse.

    If you think responding to a feminist organization with hate mail such as “get back in the kitchen” and things often said at this current forum, you’re just adding fuel to the fire.

    I hate to break it to you, but the typical feminist when given sexist hate mail on the internet, is not going to break down, and cry, and give up feminism.

    They’re more likely to feel indignant and less likely to change their views on such positions.

  • Anonymous says:

    You can’t achieve anything by talking to people like this. Like all bigots, they’ve convinced themselves that their target group, (people with unusual sexual fantasies in this case) aren’t really human. So they’re always going to think getting rid of ‘sub-humans’ will make society better, no matter what the evidence. This is hatred, pure and simple. And hatred just isn’t rational.

  • Anonymous says:

    When will they learn. Real rape is DIMINISHED by using rape sims, because their want lessens.
    I was never agaist banning rapelay. The breast-effects were shit. But they took it too far and tried to kill everything else. THat we can all hate them for.

    • Anonymous says:

      No. Rape sims have nothing to do with real rape. Are you suggesting that rapist play this games so they won’t rape real women?Are you calling people who play games like this rapist?
      This argument you make actually helps those feminist.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, once an act is coupled with a pleasure it can be used as a substitute. Example, if i give different similar tasting drinks with alcohol to a person, they will usually drink more of the original type, though note this is not a blanket example as there are a few irregulars.

        It sounds very weird and sad, but its just something people have to accept. Its equivalent to some druggies who have to take substitute drugs to keep their shreds of remaining sanity, instead of spiraling down. But oddly enough people seem to not see this connection.

  • Anonymous says:

    While I’m not on EN’s side, they do raise a valid point in the fact that rape statistics in japan are likely inaccurate thanks to underreporting and high stigma for the victims.

    Even so, the proportion of underreporting, as far as I know, is anyone’s guess, thereby making any claims that relate high eroge consumption and actual sexual assault spurious at the very least. If you can’t relate one fact to the other because of lack of statistics, for example, then you’re just assuming stuff. That’s what EN did, and that is why it is wrong.

    Violence in video games is found acceptable just about anywhere; that’s the kind of stuff we have ratings for. I don’t see why the same standard can’t be used for eroge.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, but rape also goes under reported in the West as well. And still the Japanese numbers are lower than the Western ones.

      The sheer factor needed to make the Japanese numbers bigger than the Western ones borders on the ludicrous.

      Thus further strengthening your point about them assuming. And well, you probably know the saying associated to the verb: assume.


  • “Equality Now does not believe it serves any purpose to excuse crimes in one country by pointing out that there are more in another.”

    Except, you know… evidence that eroge isn’t the problem?

    Ignorant fools.

  • A little analogy:
    I hate gangsters and drug lords who rape, pillage, and steal.
    Rap is associated with “gangsters”, depicts “gangsters”, and applauds them- and I don’t like it.
    Let’s ban rap.

    Is the problem solved? no. Helped in the slightest? no. You may make the vague argument that rap may entice young people to get involved in rape, pillaging, and theft, whilst ignoring non-gangster oriented rap, and stereotyping the listener, but no you can’t fool anyone – nothing is solved, or helped, just aggravated.

    Equality Now hates rapists – who doesn’t?
    Rape Play Eroge is associated with rape, depicts rape, and “applauds” it- and they don’t like it.
    Let’s ban eroge.

    Is the problem solved? no. Helped in the slightest? no. You may make the vague argument that eroge may entice men to get involved in rape, whilst probably ignoring the female market to it and stereotyping all the users to base inhuman animals, but you can’t fool anyone – nothing is solved, or helped, just aggravated.

    All you’re going to do is annoy people and bring them down upon you.

  • Anonymous125 says:

    They want to ban this games because they see it as a form of violence against women….fuck that

    So they prefer to let the men do the real thing so this damned feminazis can persecute them, what they don’t know is this games are just games. Rather than ban-hammering eroge games, why not try to stop the real-thing?

  • Anonymous says:

    You have to hit them where it really hurts, and I mean thier purses.

    You need to email thier sponsers and tell them you will never buy thier products. This will make a far greater impact. Boycotts are much more effective then spam mail.

    They are promoting fund raiser.

    Why not tell that company as long as they are connected with Equality Now, they will never get your business?

    • Anonymous says:

      This Anon said something smart here. Instead of sending them letters that they probably ignore if they don’t like them, we should aim were it hurts.
      Let’s bring the war to there side and try to close them down in the same way they try to close eroge industry.
      Send letters to there sponsors and object about there connection with such an organization like “Equality now”.
      Let’s hurt them people.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is what I sent:

    Dear Equality Now,

    As a Libertarian I believe you can live and judge others and be governed by one tenet, “You can live however you want to, so long as you don’t initiate force or fraud against others or their property”.

    I don’t believe that someone engaging in a virtual game or simulator, whether it be a first person shooter like Doom, military combat game like Medal of Honor, organized crime role playing title like Grand Theft Auto or even a rape simulator like Rapelay, somehow breaks that principle. No force or fraud has been initiated against anybody by simply playing a virtual game.

    The sad truth is that violence against people, whether it be against women, children or men, was not invented by the internet or media.

    It’s has always been there. In fact, statistically speaking before the internet and digital media became main stream, crime was much higher.

    Is it possible that persons who go on to commit acts of violence against people might also be playing games that depict violence? Yes, of course. However, most people who view media or games with violent depictions do not commit violent crimes. In America, it is the norm that adults regularly watch “action” movies or play “action” games that have an enormous amounts of violence at all levels. Such a lifestyle is the rule and not the exception. Once again, most of these people never commit violent crimes from simply having watched violent titles or having played violent games.

    I’m sorry, but efforts to suppress freedom of artistic expression and innocuous entertainment in Japan is misguided (however well intentioned). Your efforts would be better spent helping to educate people on the importance of mutual respect and equality among the genders than banning simple games.

    These games are mostly played by socially awkward men who rarely go out of their house much less approach a person (man or women) with the intention of harm.

    Games and simulators do not initiate force or fraud. A Government that tries to impose lifestyles or moral codes, does. On the opposite spectrum, one only needs to look at countries like Saudi Arabia to see the effects of a government with the power to dictate behavior and the consequence it has had towards the quality of life of the people who live there. And in this case, that in particular of women.

    Thank you for your time.


    • Excellent point, one of the things that surprises me is that few remember the case of the child who stabbed his mother after watching “Scream”. The title went on to make 3 more movies. I think it would be best to consider the number of people who see this material and do nothing. It would seem that those violent acts are born from pre-existing psychological problems.

    • So far “Equality Now” isn’t changing their tune. I’m interested in “Equality Now” responses of the letters you guys sent. Anyone mind posting a response they got back from the organization?

  • ah the power of stupidity… true that women are sexually victimized and that they generally are not as respected as men around the world, but to act like the victimization is one way is retarded, there are plenty of men that are forced to do things they would rather not do, sexually that is, by women. and yet they tout themselves as the great crusaders of justice… oh man what a laughing stock… its just like how every religion has people that think they are the true champions of justice and that humanity should conform to just their narrow minded ways. the only world they will be happy with is a world where men are slaves, they only see less then half of the picture, they sure as hell know that theres more to it, but they refuse to see all of the picture….

    its unfortunate that the vast majority of people on this earth are quite stupid… theres a reason why 100 is the “average” IQ (anything 85-115 is normal)… i thought i was either average or pretty stupid… but i scored over 120 every time i took a IQ test, and thats without me even paying full attention… that says something… -__-

    • Anonymous says:

      IQ doesn’t necessarily equate to intelligence. It only tests a limited area of brain development. Though from experience, the majority is probably hopeless. I’m still waiting for them to prove me wrong though.

  • WiseRooster says:

    Ay-Ay-Ay -_- does that group ever throw in the bloody freakin towel mean c’mon equality now is getting into a shitstorm of their design!

    But I digress,

    also kudos to atma and the other well-minded inteligent folk

  • hahahaha bomb/death threats? The otaku can be very scawy!

    Oh and hasn’t japan got a better got a better history in Women’s Rights than the U.S. does? I really can’t see much basis on their argument.

  • XFallingHail says:

    They don’t seem to realise that women-only carriages ARE one of the ways the govt actively addresses the problem, and we get rape statistics from the UN and their info is from female activist groups whos info is probably inflated? What a joke.
    And pointing back at their own country isnt an excuse, it’s a call to WAKE UP and solve their own problems first.

    Matthew 7:4-5 “How dare you say to your brother, Let me take the splinter out of your eye, when all the time there is a plank in your own? Hypocrite! Take the plank out of your own eye first, then you will see clearly enough to take the splinter out of your brother’s eye.”

  • Anonymous says:

    Real rape is brutal, painful and full of blood.

    But Rapelay is nothing like that. Rapelay is another genre of porn where someone is “raped” until they become a nyphomaniac. It’s a fetish that is not so uncommon in porn.

    In fact there’s a real world for it.

    It’s called Rape Play. GASP… a worldplay on a real life fetish?

  • They commit an unforgivable crime like destroying freedom of speech, get death threats, and then act like it’s unexpected and that the death threats prove misogyny or whatever their cause for being fascists is? Any reasonable person would want to assassinate them, or at least threaten to.

  • If these women are so adamant about “equality” then why are they fighting for women to have to apply for the Draft?

    Are they really serious? I mean, fighting for “equality” is one thing but all these stupid women are doing is going after a bee’s nest with a broomstick.

    How could they POSSIBLY even call something like this “Unprecedented”? There should have been at least one intelligent person that spoke up and said “You guys are gonna create a shitstorm, just FYI”. ffs

  • At least they don’t care about FPS games, because of groups like in-Equality Now, that always wanna fuck with peoples freedom of expression, I always get an extra kick when I female characters up in games…. Equality Now, what a load of shit, they want rights equal to a man but you treat them like you would another man and they go ape shit, that’s not equality you bra burning fucktards.

  • Anonymous says:

    I just sent this to them, we’ll see if they reply:

    To my friends at Equality Now:

    As a woman, I appreciate your efforts to protect us and push for equal rights world wide. But also as a woman, I must say I am very, very disappointed in your aggressive attacks on japanese “eroge” games. Porn isn’t just for men after all, and I for one was looking forward to playing RapeLay. In the end, this push to censor these game developers has infringed on my womanly good times. You’re hurting the very thing you’ve sought to protect.

    Keep on fighting the good fight, but please go back to pushing for things that matter. I’d like to get paid as much as my male colleagues here in the US, or I’d like female genital mutilation to stop in the Middle East. I think that’s a lot more important than stopping normal people like myself from jerking it to anime pictures.


    • Anonymous says:

      Just a fyi, I suspect you’re talking about female circumcision, when you say genital mutilation, but that’s more of an East-African thing, rather than the Middle East, when it does occur in the Middle East, it tends to be due to East African immigrants.

      Not always granted, but it’s more of a cultural practice than a religious one.

      It dates back to prior the creation of either Christianity or Islam. And the Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa of Egypt, has denounced it as un-Islamic (and he’s a fairly high mucketymuck in his faith).

  • however i would really like how they pointed out the women only carriages in the trains seriously where in the world is there none as such <_< and india and africa i accept as an exemption TELL ME @_@

  • Anonymous says:

    Not only this group of radical feminists are a bunch of liars without a shred of evidence behind their claims, they’re also a group of racists and sexist pigs.

    The reason for the claims is due to these facts:
    Equality Now! is always targeting countries outside USA, when USA produce equally offensive or even more heinous materials. They never tried to complain about games like Grand Theft Auto, where you can kill hookers just for the fun of it. Shows like Family Guy constantly pokes fun of spousal abuse, rape, child pornography, etc. Many more forms of American media violates the materials they’re constantly complaining about. Instead they target Japanese games like Rapelay, and even Fatal Frame because you’re harming polygonal ghosts.

    To be a radical feminist like Equality Now! members they have to be sexist, since they’re pushing all the faults of society on men, even though not every member of the male gender have done anything wrong to them. In other words, Equality Now! members are no different from the men they’re complaining about, in fact they may be worse.

    If this sick group thinks they will gain any sympathy from me, they’re mistaken because people like them are the reasons why the world is so disgusting. They push their own agendas on others, and violating everyone’s “Human Rights” to get everything to go their way.


    i smell something fishy here. if they really care of women and something like that, shouldnt they strife to ban porn movies first instead of eroge that clearly not all ppl enjoyed? real porn movies sometimes can have hardcore content too. its not just eroge, right?

    this is conspiracy to bring down japan by destroying one of their finest appeal to one of their major income: otaku tourism/goodies import

  • you think if I ask for some statistical support for their arguments again that I’ll receive it this time?

    I’d like to see those statistics from that woman’s advocacy group in Japan? Maye even the name of their organization?

    These people are above rational approach to serious issues. Censorship will never lower the rate of these crimes, never be cost effective in prosecuting, and never be helpful to an overworked, under-payed police force. Instead they will jail people for being outside the social norm.

    These arguments are all about controlling thought and creativity for the mere fact that they deem it obscene.

  • Chronomaster says:

    It’s been, what, three weeks since this fiasco started? We’ve pointed out a glaring flaw in their approach, they’ve sourced us, and yet they still don’t mention an opposition to male/shota rape scenario games/ero?

    More like Inequality Now. Even if there aren’t any pieces on the subject ([url=]which[/url] [url=]there[/url] [url=]are[/url] [url=]cases[/url]) to not cover the possibility is questionable. The fact that they’d miss this is a pretty short sighted action, which given the fact that they’re a group about equal rights so I surmise from their name, is inexcusable and can only be sexist action.

    Also, someone find a shota rape game. I tried but I’m not as diligent.

  • This is a mail I plan to send! What do you think?


    I am writing this to inform you of that Women’s Action 33.1 – a calling for the withdrawal of RapeLay, a rape simulator game produced and sold in Japan is a violation of freedom of speech. This is not something I have casually come up with or anything I happily applaud. Even though fictional rape and abuse against women is a moral taboo, trying to outlaw or ban such s thing is not the sustainable way of dealing with the real life situation. To outlaw artistic freedom however despicable or morally wrong it might be will not be tolerated by any democratic government who follows Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. If we try to ban artistic and fictional freedom we might just as well ban books, movies and other fictional elements that touch this subject.

    Your organization often quote the United Nations Committee that monitors implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). But you have to understand that the CEDAW is dealing with this problem on a real life basis and not something that is conjured up in the human mind and depicted in fictional work. As long as nobody in real life is hurt, fiction will stay fiction something that isn’t real. And to try and restrict something that is fantasy will only make real life events that much more tragic.

    Rape and abuse against men, women and children is tragically a real life problem and should also be dealt with a real life perspective. There are no scientific or empirical evidence or studies that show that fictional abuse or rape against individuals in books, games or television have a real life impact on humans. There are no connections of any kind that games that depict sexual violence also makes real life humans into rapists, pedophiles or murderers. To try and change culture based on morals and ethics of individuals is not the way of dealing with the real problem. I hope that in the future you will address the real life problem more and not attack freedom of fictional expression.

    Thanks for your patience.

  • Equality Now is just playing the victim act: “Oh, we did the right thing and now the evils of the World are against our good deeds. Those devils!”.

    It is easy to force your ideas and ignore who is against them, then go and say it was “unprecedented” or “unexpected”.

    What is surprising is how Equality Now got so high and no one did anything to shut then up earlier.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sent moments ago:

    You may call this hate mail if you wish, but labeling it as such is deeply insulting, discriminatory, and highly judgmental on your parts.
    I have a simple question. Please provide peer-reviewed scientific evidence that an educated person over 18 exposed to adult and/or violent video games is susceptible to criminal behavior. Also, please show me the person abused when such games are played. True, some idiots will always attempt to emulate the things they see in movies or video games, but it has to be said that they are the minority by far. I don’t think you can show me any concrete evidence that has a scientific consensus, but I am willing to keep an open mind here.
    Personally, I place the censorship of video games into the same moral crusade category as the so-called war on drugs, prosecuting someone for owning “obscene” comic books, and so fourth. This isn’t to make the world better for rational, logical, reasonable people; it’s to make the world the way you want it regardless of what others think. Your power-grab is no different from all the uneducated idiots that try to get proper science out of schools because it conflicts with their bronze-age myths. I hope you realize the fallacy of your actions, but that may be asking too much.
    In closing I will say this: If I wish to play an adult Japanese video game or read an adult comic in the privacy of my own home without hurting a single hair on another person’s body, I will; It is my right to do so.

  • Anonymous says:

    “It is also difficult for women in Japan to report rape because victims have little faith in the criminal justice system…”

    Oh sure…Japan is such a 4th world country.The judge is probably a rapist too.I’d like to hear from the guy who got arrested for taking his daughter out to McDonalds.I’m sure the law enforcement isn’t in such a sorry state is the judicial system.

  • I think a name change is in order. How about instead of “Equality Now” you name yourself “Piss On Men Rights Now”.

    In the meantime I’ll be joining the “National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood”. Hopefully my “NO MA’AM” shirt will be done soon, courtesy of Al Bundy.

  • Marine-RX179 says:

    “The fact that there are women-only carriages on Japanese commuter trains due to the high prevalence of groping and sexual harassment faced by women in Japan also highlights the need for the government to actively address violence against women.”

    Funny how they fail to mention that men are the BIGGER victims in the result of the wrongfully accused.

    How many women that got grope actually result in permenent ‘injury’? Where men on the other hand if accused (in which they got no way of defending- as point out in another article) could end up with their lives being destroyed- being fired from their job, divorced by their wife, look down upon by society and their own kids…

    Quite frankly I don’t even know the point of using “Equality Now” as their organisation’s name. There’s nothing ‘equal’ about being one-sided…they should have just called themselves “Screw Equality-Power to the women NOW”…

    • Anonymous says:

      Is there proof that men are the greater victims in terms of Chikan?

      Mind, I am /all for/ letting rape eroge through. It’s fake, what the hell do I care? Rape roleplay is perfectly legal, and perfectly fun.

      But even in the US, it’s really, really hard to get rape convictions when brute force isn’t used, precisely because the laws are written to protect potentially innocent people from false claims of rape. I don’t know how I feel about that specifically..

      But why should I believe it’s insanely easy to bust a Chikan? Given that it’s Japan (And the female rights activists are probably correct that most women do not report rape; Unreported rape is the majority even in the US, after all), I’m inclined to believe a false accusation isn’t particularly useful. It seems like you basically need to expose them in the act.

      • Well, (fortunately? Unfortunately?) you’re wrong. The Japanese judicial system sports a conviction rate of ~99%. Once you’re getting charged, you’re practically done for. All it takes in Japan to get a man convicted is really just a woman’s testimony. That is the whole problem with these groups. They have absolutely no idea what the situation really is like; instead they go with the same old mantra that Japan is a misogynistic patriarchy radical feminists already used way back in the 80s.

        I keep referring people to this movie. It’s a real story and quite exemplary of just how fucked up the Japanese criminal justice system really is.
        This whole issue is not exclusive to sex-related crimes either. When you’re in Japan, you better go out of your way to evade any sort of trouble, no matter if it involves women or not.

        However, I too think that there are still more female victims of groping than falsely accused chikan.

    • Anonymous says:

      “How many women that got grope actually result in permenent ‘injury’?”

      You’ve got to be kidding. I know you were trying to make a point. But this comment is very ignorant. How does groping not cause permanent, psychological trauma to the victim?

        • Marine-RX179 says:

          I totally agree with the point that you two are saying women shouldn’t have to suffer, but at the same time I also think they should also take some initiative in protecting themselves (i.e. take the women only carriages) than just to demand the public or the environment not to cause them harm.

          Men should have the right not to suffer those horrible experience of being wrongfully accused.

          “Anyway his point was how many women suffered compared to the MEN being indicted”.
          The point is it does happen quite often, and when a man is accused, he would have nothing as evidence that could prove his innocence (and if another guy say the man is innocence, he would most likely be accused of being an accomplice as well- which is why people don’t involve themselves when these things happen).

        • Marine-RX179 says:

          ok, I admit I might have not had chosen the most appropriate wording for highlighting my point, but I just wanted to say that when these things happen, it is usually the men be at disadvantage when accused.

          I’ve seen a video of a guy got accused of groping by woman on a train (of which he did not commit), and the woman was blowing up on the guy keep yelling and verbally abusing him in front of everyone in the train. The guy tried reasoning with her the woman could not be reasoned with in her berserk state. Eventually he couldn’t take it anymore and he apologised in hope that she would leave him alone. BAD MOVE! He gave her an inch and she took it a mile. She started to pushing him and pulling his shirt by the chest area and the verbal abuse escalated. The man could do nothing except standing helplessly there being “mentally raped” by that woman.

          He couldn’t reason with her.
          He couldn’t beat her up (since it would be guilty of assault)
          He couldn’t run way (because she grapped him by his shirt, and if he push her to make her let go, he could be gulity of groping/assault for real).

          In Japan, if a woman doesn’t want to risk getting groped, they can ALWAYS using the women only carriages! That’s the simpliest solution to the problem yet they don’t take it.

          Men ain’t so lucky as they DON’T have “men only carriage” to escape from these ticking time-bombs waiting to blow. Seriously, do men have to go to the extreme of having to tide their own hands to the poles with a rope once entering a train so that they can prove their innocences?

        • Anonymous says:

          There’s a perfect word in English to describe what you’re doing: exaggeration.
          The question is: how much is enough?

          No woman should go through such bad experiences, but throwing a blanket statement that they would all suffer from permanent psychological trauma? Anyway his point was how many women suffered compared to the MEN being indicted. Way to cherry pick and miss the whole point.

        • Anonymous says:

          So when is it OK to have someone touch you in places that you don’t want strangers to touch? It’s not as bad as rape. But when you are out in the public, you expect people to respect your personal space. Once this trust is violated, you just feel vulnerable. This time you got groped, next time it could escalate into something else. You feel that you can’t trust strangers anymore, and everyone out there is trying to “get you”. How is that not permanent damage?(I’m speaking of this from experience.)

      • Marine-RX179 says:

        You gotta remember, they have the choice of female only carriages- which they don’t use, instead they go on the normal carriages, so they got no one else to blame but themselves for getting groped for not walking a few more steps to the women only carriages.

        Many men are afraid of taking public transports (particularly trains) because all these stupid wrongful accusations happening all the time, and their request for “men only carriages” to the train/tram company get instantly rejected simply because the company don’t want to spend money.

        Men don’t have a choice on the carriage they take, but women do. If women go on a normal carriage full of men when they had the choice of going on women only carriage but didn’t, they might just as well be holding a sigh saying “I want to be groped”.

        • The world is pretty much biased isn’t it? if you see a woman with her cleavages screaming at you and you look at it. You’ll be coined as a pervert. If a man wears something that exposes his masculinity in the public he’ll be persecuted by others as well. If a woman calls you a pervert even though you’re innocent you’ll still be arrested and even if she’s the one who is at fault the man is still the one to be blamed.


        • Anonymous says:

          As a male, you can also get dicks rubbed against your back when you commute.

          Lots of creepy gays where I live, creepy in that they don’t give a shit anymore about respecting others.

        • Marine-RX179 says:

          Because they are a walking time-bomb that could blow on innocent men any minute? It’s like there’s a bicycle lane provided for cyclists to use, but they just refused to use it and use the main road instead and cause danger for the car drivers.

          True that you can use the good old argument of “women that get groped could result in fear on taking public transport”, but men are already one step ahead- they are ALREADY in fear of using public transport.

        • Anonymous says:

          Huh? I find your logic very twisted. How is it the women’s fault for being groped by men in a public carriage? It’s like saying don’t show people your wallet so they won’t steal it and end up in jail. In fact, it is rather tragic that they had to specifically make a women only carriage because of the gropers. The women are not at fault. The men who grope women are.

        • Yep, Equality now is nevertheless an organization filled with women who only want power. If they want equality then why won’t they write letters to the pentagon about being frontline soldiers at war?

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah, it’s funny how they’re not writing letters to the Pentagon about how unfair it is that women aren’t allowed to be assigned to front-line combat duty in the US Armed Forces, isn’t it?

        • Then I suggest when next time there is a war we send ONLY WOMEN to do the fighting while we enjoy beer xD And I don’t mean all women I mean only teh fucking Equality Now and all the other screwed up organizations like it xD That way they’ll earn all teh respect they want xD The question is will there be enough people to do it cuz I don’t think so xD

        • They don’t want respect, they want complete power and domination over people because they are sad, disillusioned daddy-girls who think the world is unfair ’cause “no one does what I want BAAAWWW”.

  • I find it funny that the people crying about all this are women in the US. If they stop pretend, fantasy rape on a computer in japan then that will result in sex crimes vanishing in the US! It’s simply a domino effect! Retards. Instead of whinging about what mabye .5% of the population in japan does how about you go help some starving kids or something that really DO need help

    • Anonymous says:

      Equality Now is an international organization, and they do, hypothetically, ‘work’ against real abuses against women around the globe. It is the case that they also find time to be colossal idiots as well.

      What would be interesting (to me at least) is for someone to dig up how Equality Now started on this particular path, because it’s significantly dumber than their other projects.

      • It’s fairly simple. Some idiot tried selling Rapelay on the uk Amazon (which is in fact illegal. I’m pretty sure there’s a disclaimer on illusions games saying “Only sold to Japanese citizens” or something to that effect). Anyway, long story short, someone found it, reported it, and it ended up in the newspapers in the UK.

        That publicity gave a heads up to Equality Now, who obviously knowing very little about what they were doing, decided to letter-bomb Illusion into taking it off shelves. Which they did (the idiots).

  • Anonymous says:

    While I don’t particularly LIKE eroge, these ladies need to calm the hell down. “BAWWWW PEOPLE DON’T AGREE WITH US THEY’RE SO MEAN!” Women like this make the rest of us look bad!

    I’m surprised they’re not going after American porn companies, citing their products as “Instructional Female Degradation Videos” or whatever.

    My God, this is some Jack Thompson level shit here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course they don’t go after the american companies; they’d lost miserably. It’s easier to trow rocks to a chihuahua dog from the top of a windows then do it face to face with a, let’s say, bulldog.

  • “Unprecedented” my ass. They had to know what they were getting into. How could they NOT know? You try to censor anything, people are going to bite you in the rear for it. And rightfully so.

    I’m a woman. I could be considered a classic feminist, wanting equal, and only equal, rights. Both the good and the bad that come with it, spare nothing. I fuck up? Give me an equal jail sentence. I do something cool? Give me an equal reward. Nobody is superior to the other.

    Want to fight sexual violence against us girls? Then fight the actual IRL crime. I play eroge. Do I want to actually rape anyone for real? Not in the least. I play violent games. Do I want to murder anyone? Not at all. Give me facts, please, ladies, and stop making us sane females look bad.

    I can defend myself on my own just fine, thanks. Maybe you should learn how to as well and quit expecting others to hand everything to you on a silver platter.

    • YukitoOnline: My friend they are just racists that talks about equality they don’t care about the post you did…Try making a video to make sure that they know you’re a woman..I will surely know that they’ll listen to you more of you send em a video about what you have to say..Oh and make sure that you’re not the only woman who does it

    • Anonymous says:

      Girl here too.

      I’m so agree with you Atma, i feel the same, i just hate very much that this lame bitches are doing shit to the freedom of speech for the oposite sex because they actually can’t do nothing but whinning (i mean equalitynow) and yes, i agree with you too about equal laws and equal care, they should focuss in actual case of rapes of girls and boys, because it’s well know that most targests of underage sex are boys, poor things. :\

      How they want to have “equality” if they just whinny about man.

    • You’re completely right! I’m a girl too…and i want equal right too..but what these women are doing is completely stupid =.= They should fight the reality and not try to fight the virtual..

    • Way to go, Atma! except for combo chains, i am thinking this is the longest string of comments made from one single user so far on this site.

      and Kudos to your verbosity and ideals too!

    • Ultimate Lurker says:

      I have earned my utmost respect. Nothing like words from a fellow woman to correct community of woman who thinks they are so righteous about protecting their own “race” and have to resort to turn their aiming board at the world of the 2D. And people were always saying about how screwed up people are who mix reality and fantasy together. I suppose this is referring to them.

      • MusicalNote says:

        No, you don’t. They don’t listen to reason and will try to call SanCom a “site which encourages rape, hate crimes, and the molestation of children.”
        Insert shit storm here.

    • jinhong91 says:

      I really wish more women would say things like that.
      You cant really call it “Equality” if women gets the same privileges as any other men and still get less punishment should they be guilty.

    • can the strive for gender equality really be called feminism? i consider it a natural thing – more so with every year that passes. at the same time, i consider feminism more and more negative. while (some) people work hard to abolish discrimination, others try to reverse the balance, which is as bad as before.

      seriously, they call themselves “Equility Now”? what a joke!

      i’d love to see the day when feminist, equality and anti-discrimination organisations have outlived their purpose. but i doubt it’s gonna happen in the next few decades. people still tend to keep their minds closed in fear of change.

      • MusicalNote says:

        Feminists aren’t SUPPOSED to be “Female superiority” groups. They started out as the people that fought for our right to vote and for our right to work outside of the home and a few select vocations. Now, they’re supposed to be fighting for equal pay for equal work and (in my opinion) equal punishment for equal crimes. Instead, the term ‘Feminist’ has mutated to mean these female supremacist groups that think anything longer than it is wide is the work of man, and thus, evil. There’s still plenty of TRUE feminists, but they are afraid to mention it to anyone most of the time because of all the bat-shit-insane-penis-hating-biddies that dare call themselves by the same term. There’s a new (in comparison to ‘feminists’ at least) term that’s been adopted for those who strive for equality, but I can’t remember what it is.

      • Otakus love a strong, HONORABLE character regardless of gender. Hence why Saber is so popular, a breath of fresh air among submissive eroge stereotypes.

        What people despise are manipulative bitches — once again of either gender. It just so happens that Equality now has tons of manipulative female bitches.

    • B. Katarn says:

      Eh, +0.5 instead. You can’t exactly say “Nobody is superior to the other.”

      Someone will always have more strength, more intelligence, more resourcefulness, more luck (and so on) than someone else. Though the sum of the parts of each person might be close on average, there will also always be someone at the top and one at the bottom of the spectrum. The mentally retarded and the truly withdrawn, be they vegetable or mentally scarred, can never rise above the top, those who dedicate themselves to understanding in all ways and those who seek ways to overcome what blocks us today.

      That’s how it is.

    • In life I consider myself quite fortunate, but that fortune does not carry over to my dealings with women. Most of the women I meet will openly mock me for using reason, saying that it doesn’t apply to real life to use sources or demand a point is relevant for it to affect my decisions.

      I am happy to say my hope and expectations of women have just improved.

    • MusicalNote says:

      I salute you, Atma. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Equality Now and other organizations of its ilk annoy me because they’ve stopped crusading for equality and have gone on the rampage for superiority and are sending mixed messages.

      Normally, it’s those who think in the past that treat women like delicate, fragile teacups that if you so much as breathe in their direction they’ll shatter. Now, it’s the so-called feminists who are claiming that as women, we need to be treated like gentle creatures (while being treated like powerful deities)and handed everything we desire without having to earn it. They won’t fight for a woman that wants to pay for the date, but they’ll act as though it’s a holy war in order to protect us from the ‘evils of fiction!’

      On the subject of equal punishment, the article about the woman who stabbed her masturbating boyfriend and didn’t even get charged with Assault With a Deadly Weapon really cheesed me off. If the man had hit her back, people would be more or less rioting for him to be jailed. No one is going to fight for an equal punishment to be placed on her as would be placed on a man who did the same thing. It disgusts me.

    • Tex Arcana says:

      Atma, you’re a credit to your gender. Moreover, you’re a slap in the face to everyone insisting that women have to be coddled and sheltered.

      Credit where it’s due, that’s all.

    • I sent them this. I don’t claim to be well-written but it was, at least, true to how I felt.

      As a woman, I am deeply offended by Equality Now’s stance. You seem to believe that fantasy means reality, and that there exists some kind of thin line between them. That is not true. Books and movies covering sometimes offensive content doesn’t mean that they should not exist. If that was true, then someone or reading watching a book about a movie with a murder in it would make them a murderer.

      I’ve always believed in equality for the sexes, and I see more and more racism aimed at males lately from so-called openminded women and I think it’s disgusting. I’ve had no problem reading books, playing games, or watching movies of an adult nature because I can appreciate that it’s not real. In many cases, it actually reduces violent or sexual crimes because it gives a catharsis of feeling. Equality Now seems to think a simple simulation will send the entire population into porn-addicted decline, and that simply isn’t true. It’s just that interactive videogames are the latest target of the media watchdogs.

      Oddly enough, it’s nothing new. Groups like yourself have been crying and wailing that everything from novels (the protests of the closeminded, nearly 100 years ago), to movies, to radio would “pollute the minds of the youth.” I have to tell you that you’re all hypocrites and you should stick actually trying to acheive REAL equality, not censor and protect non-existant women. Or can you not understand that a drawing or a 3d computer graphic isn’t real? Instead of trying to suppress that, why don’t you encourage harsher punishment for the REAL rapists? You even said: When examining the report of the Japanese government in 2003, the Committee expressed concern about “the prevalence of violence against women and girls and about women’s apparent reluctance to seek assistance from existing public institutions.” The Committee also noted that “the penalty for rape is relatively lenient.”

      Why don’t you work on that instead of just whining and pressuring an industry that offers an alternative to the true cruel crimes of perverted men and women?

      A female representing the drive for real equality

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s called sexism, not racism. Racism is against race, sexism is against a sex, no matter whether female or male.
        That said, I applaud you. I too am a female who could be called feminist, where feminism is defined as making females EQUAL to males, which obviously also includes giving men social rights that previously were considered women’s social rights. Like male parents who actually care a lot about their kids getting respect rather than ridicule or belittlement, and so on.

        While I do think that yes, what you consume mentally does effect you, but not in the “what you eat is what you are” kind of way which “inEquality Now” seems to think, and am strongly against censorships. The only people who are going to play rape game after rape game and then go rape people are the same as the kids who play nothing but western guro games and then go and kill IRL: Already fucked up for completely different reasons and need help, not censorship. A well adjusted individual who plays a violent game or rape game isn’t going to go out and do the same, it only happens when they’re already fucked up and buy/download games they can use as point of reference.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Why don’t you work on that instead of just whining and pressuring an industry that offers an alternative to the true cruel crimes of perverted men and women?”

        Thank you! I was just about to write a letter asking that exact same question.

        • Anonymous says:

          ^ QFT

          Think like lawyers people. This is really important to our survival and our fight against radical extremist groups like Equality Now that try to operate within the legal framework. A legal framework that should have been created to protect everyone’s civil liberties, not imprison them in some neo-Victorian conservatist delusion.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually this is a very bad defense because you are basically saying that “We are rapist and if it wasn’t for the game we would rape real women”
          So they can say that they were right for saying that the people who play such games are rapist,pervert,sex addicted dangerous people.
          No AM NOT gone a rape no matter if i played games like that or not. That, is the right defense.
          Don’t give them excuses to step on. Think like lawyers people.

      • I surely agree with you in that, I consider these games as dreamscapes that prevent more people from committing crimes. People that have rape fantasies have another alternative, eroge instead of real rape.

        It’s really gratifying to hear several women are against Equality Now’s view.

        • Anonymous says:

          You do realize that you don’t have to bring up your gender (or that you could lie about it), right?
          Anyways, I doubt that they’ll listen to you either way if you are expressing criticism.

        • sadly, the only opinions that will affect them are other womans s opinions, since any mail from any male will be qualified by them as “mail from a sex addicted/rapist/pervert/u-get-the-point” unless its to support them, what doesnt happens anyway. More girls like SCB or Atma should send them their opinions, cus if they have any actual intentions of actually thinking in helping womans, only mails from actually thinking womans will make them recapacitate about what they are doing wrong (im sure i made a typo there, but idc, im sleepy)

    • Atma, if you truly do have the passion reflected in your loquacious postings, why not help us channel it into decent, properly sourced, letter format? You might be surprised just how many of us do nothing but complain impotently about these matters when the opposition are well-known letter-writing zealots who will never stop applying pressure and getting heard by the movers and shakers in Japan.

      Visit #yestofreedom @ and someone will always be there to help you write and data mine if you are finally willing to aid the cause. I’d sent you several PM’s via your rpgamer account weeks ago that we were understaffed in the Eroge banning department…

  • Idiots dont even realize that the woman only parts of the train protect men too. Because if it happens, any girl can say a man groped him and no matter if he is innocent or not he would get arrested.