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LDP Makes Election Attack Anime


Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party has made a short anime attack ad as part of its election campaign, caricaturing the profligate policies of the opposition Democratic Part of Japan as fiscally unsound, and distributed online.

You can view it below:

The man shown resembles a young Yukio Hatoyama, the leader of the DPJ, courting a young lady with the Diet building visible in the background.

He makes various promises relating to recent (and expensive) policy pledges by the DPJ, “With me you can have as much education and toll-free highway access as you want! It’ll be OK!” To which the lady wonders “Will the money be OK?”, and he responds “Think about the details after we’re married!”

While by any reasonable assessment both parties are utterly incompetent basket cases almost incapable of disobeying various special interest groups and the civil service, the latest policy ideas of the DPJ, such as abolishing tolls on the highways and introducing a 1,000 yen minimum hourly wage (substantially higher than the national average), have tended to invite criticism on financial grounds given that huge public debt and budget deficits the nation enjoys, along with an elderly population which threatens to strangle Japan’s economy…

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