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KyoAni Responds to Endless Eight Fiasco


Kyoto Animation has responded to Yamakan’s regrets about the direction Haruhi has taken with the “Endless Eight” arc in no uncertain terms:

“This person has absolutely nothing to do with our company.”

Kyoto Animation at one time trumpeted his involvement; possibly it had to get rid of him for being too sensible?

Via J-Cast.

In related news, the absence of “Disappearance” from the airing of the “new season” is all but confirmed, and the Endless Eight DVDs will retail as normal DVDs, meaning they will be $70 for two episodes…

Unwise fans thinking of actually watching Endless Eight can compare the five episodes and watch them in 20% of time it normally takes with the below comparison video (video may load punishingly slowly as a thousand people try to download it at once):

Player 1

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  • Kanachan0 says:

    I don’t get the anger XD Who makes you buy those expensive dvds after all?! it’s their loss, no need to make such a fuss… I actually find it funny how far they went with this… first everybody cries for second season and is deceived, and now they’re like: “you want second season? here, have this! mhahahahaa!!! still want it?”XD i wonder what they’ll come up with next… haruhi dissapearing forever?XDD

  • @ 4:30am i highly reccomend NOT watching that video while youre lying on your bed. I just dozed off for a minute and thought i had 50 people talking in my head. I was freaking out for a minute till i realized im watching 5 episodes at once.

    Although it is funny how little changes they made for the past 5 weeks. It is a complete mindfuck if u want to try to watch that video above with sound.

  • roguelioness says:

    im loveing it.. any why arnt people disscussing what kyon has to do to end it?! personly i think he has to tell haruhi that he never wants it to end so he can spend more time with her, her logic would kick in and therefor end the whole

  • I admit that KyoAni made a big mistake but I’m a bit annoyed at how Kyoto Animation is getting repeatedly bashed on being a horrible animation company. Frankly, Kadokawa Entertainment had some influence in this two.

    If you look at Kyoto Animation’s past record, they’ve put out some really good quality anime adapations. K-ON may have been a bit generic but they were working with a 4-koma gag comic.

    Kyoto Animation is frankly when they had enough money to sponsor themselves (Clannad After Story). However they sold out to “Kadokawa Entertainment”. And we all know Kadokawa US and Kadokawa Japan can be morons at time.

    They fucked up and are being cocksuckers simple as that. Like the rest of the Anime industry, they seem to have caught the syndrome self-suicide, like the eroge industry has, starting by shooting themselves in the foot with “Endless Eight”.

  • Endless eight is a shit,if they want to do endless eight 8 time why didn’t they focus on other event Haruhi did rather then passing the event with some still picture.Kyoani has been trolling with Haruhi since season 1 and I bet e.e trolling is the last we see of it,because kyoani knows no matter how people bitch or complain they are still gonna watch it.

  • Anonymous says:

    The real tragedy is that Haruhi Suzumia was an actually good anime in the sea of shit we’ve been drowning in as of late. If the new season tanks and we get no more, we’ve got nothing but horrible, obnoxious moe shit to look forward to until it finally crashes.

    And if it doesn’t, I’m afraid I’ll just have to all but give up the medium until it gets its act together.

  • Anonymous says:

    Eh, whatever. I think this Endless Eight business isn’t a big deal. It’s not like people don’t know when it will end. I’ve watched all five so far because I’ve dl the subs, and can’t stand letting them go to waste. They really are pretty different, but a waste of time nonetheless. I guess I’ve wasted my life to not waste bandwidth/hdd. Eh.

    By the way, KyoAni comment is total powermove. Hate to say it, but made-Yamakan-their-bitch win.

  • this ‘Endless Eight’ shit isn’t avant-garde or edgy, it’s just a scam! A bullshit tactic to reuse animation, reuse dialogue and produce filler to cover their own production failures. So what if there’s a different bikini, or someone sits in a different chair?

    Do you honestly believe those episodes took the same amount of labour, time and cost as making a whole episode from scratch? It’s cost-cutting with a thin veneer of sci-fi, pure and simple.

    2 episodes.. fine. Even 3 might have been acceptable – 1 to show the problem, 2 to expose the deja vu, a third to resolve it. But SIX FUCKING EPISODES?! (or is it more still?) That’s bullshit and those pigfuckers deserve the wrath of the community and industry, because it’s EXACTLY this sort of slack ass attitude, and taking fans for granted that has dug the industry into its current economic hole.

  • =_= my head hurts…
    I never bothered to watch the endless arc, so I watched the comparison vid. Trying to listen to five vids at once in a foreign language all at different point in the dialogue is very taxing on the eyes. I’d rather watch all eight seperately than do that again.

  • The change from when he left Lucky Star wasn’t really there. I loved it all the way through.

    Kannagi was DECENT show. It just had pretty art and animation. Ep. 10 however, was the best episode of any anime of 2008. I will buy the series on DVD.

  • Anonymous says:

    Don’t you guys realize it till now , THIS IS HOW HARUHI WILL DISAPPEAR! KyoAni’s ripping it off for the fanboys to hate it ’til Haruhi becomes so sh*t leaving a very disappointing mark for the series making it eventually vanish into thin air.. as long as KyoAni ain’t hearing the phrase “Huh ? who’s Haruhi ?” from the media and fanboys , they won’t be going anywhere!

  • Anonymous says:

    They should just give the haruhi fans was they all truly want.

    Which is for haruhi to become a fully fledged hentai.

    Who doesn’t want to see that annoying bitch (haruhi) gangbanged? All I see on the net is haruhi related porno, doujins, games etc.

    Its time that aya hirano took a big fat cock in the mouth for our enteraintment value.

    Fuck haurhi (literally), just give us a porno version.

  • Yea the endless eight is repetitive, but you have to respect the bold decision to get the effect across to viewers. It’s not a shortcut either, every episode is entirely redone from the ground up, that’s dedication.

    Never the less I hope they end the loop soon so we can continue with the rest of the story. I hope they make it all the way through the books.

  • Anonymous says:

    I just take solace in the fact that even if they do fit in Disappearance somehow, and even if it is really good, people will always remember season two by this fucking awful Endless Eight arc.

    And if they don’t include it, or if it’s done poorly, they somehow will have accomplished making a huge cashcow like Haruhi into a joke. Impressive in its own right.

    • Forlourned says:

      You kidding?! The last great one they did was the ending music for ‘K-ON’. I haven’t seen a music video in decades and this one tops it all.

      Yes, the shit on ‘~Haruhi’ pales to Everything they Ever did.

  • “the absence of “Disappearance” from the airing of the “new season” is all but confirmed”

    Since the previous post on this subject, no further episodes have been aired, so the same basic mathematics holds true.

    14 – 7 = 7. Not difficult.

    And even if they’re doing the oft rumoured 8 episodes of this there’s still 5 left for Disappearance which, while definitely a waste of the best book in the series when put next to a tedious 8 episode adaptation of 30 page short story, is still sufficient to tell the damn story.

    Stop making up the news.

    Though you’re probably just doing it to troll. In which case you’ve succeeded with me. Bollocks.

    • Forlourned says:

      let us see here. ‘endless eight’ runs Eight episodes so, aside the first one. That will be Nine episodes with THREE episodes left to go.

      Standards for anime is 12, 22, 26, and till the kid get bored of it.

      ‘~Haruhi’ S1 did go for fourteen, but ‘K-ON’ went for thirteen. ‘~the Second Raid’ & ‘~Fumaffu’ went for twelve. The longest they ever did was ‘Luck Star’ and ‘Clannad’ at 24.

      Regardless, we still have only Three or Five episodes left. ‘endless eight’ was a Three episode(MAX)story that went way, way too far.

  • So he is the only one to blame.I kinda don’t believe that.There are probably more people to blame here,yet they all blamed him and got rid of him to protect themselfs.
    Fireing him is a stupid move anyway.

  • Anonymous says:

    fucking and I even did look forward to Haruhi S2.
    I was even prepared to bear with the troll studio, for a while… but after wasting time after time like this is a different matter…

  • “In related news, the absence of “Disappearance” from the airing of the “new season” is all but confirmed, and the Endless Eight DVDs will retail as normal DVDs, meaning they will be $70 for two episodes…”
    Their stock market shares will surely take a hit from this…
    I’m also expecting similar results to what Gainax faced after the last 2 episodes of NGE were aired.

  • Anonymous says:

    People are actually watching S2? I saw the art for the first episode and decided to skip it. Also lol at the $70. They skimp on the artwork and animation and still charge exorbitant fees for their shitty anime? lulz

    • Anonymous says:

      DVDs will sell good as there are enough people retarded enough to like Endless Eight.
      Just look at all the pathetic excuses for a human being claiming Endless Eight is so awesome and artistic and KyoAni is so ballsy for doing this.

      I bet they’ll buy the DVDs to “compare all the subtle differences” or some shit.

      Talk about stupidity of the masses, they’ll eat up all the shit KyoAni churns out.

      • Anonymous says:


        That argument can be made for anything. “Look at those idiots eating McDonald’s, I guess they like greasy foods” “OMG they like soccer! Don’t they realize soccer is BORING?”

        Thanks Captain Obvious! Of Course they are gonna buy it to compare! Heaven forbid someone like or buy something for a reason.

  • Lazydabear says:

    I myself never really was into Haruhi, but I guess KyoAni reaction to Yutaka Yamamoto a little overboard to the fans who enjoy there Animation but I guess you can’t sell crap without a little drama for the media to pick up on it would sell.

    • Anonymous says:

      Everbody noticed it… we all noticed that each episodes Nagato is increasingly look bored… we noticed that the de-javu feeling is increasingly more prominent… we noticed that they have different outfit on each episodes… we noticed that Nagato buys different mask everytime… we noticed that the bgm is different everytime.

      that doesn’t mean it needed this much episodes just to show that… 3 times should be the maximum.. 4 if they want to push it.

      I think when they repeat the first time it’s cute… the second time I kinda huh?!?… the third time… … … I just want them to finish this damn arc so we can move on to a better arc.

  • Anonymous says:

    Still… This was really uncalled for. It’s like giving the same damn joke over and over until your totally pissed or totally pissed to the point that your senses get numbed.

    to tell you the truth… Endless Eight 2nd repitition was great. It’s just that they extended this damn arc too much.

    Seeing that there are too many extra eps on endless eight…. They can’t let that just go to waste. Which means they MIGHT include them.. still… that’s a lot a wasted budget. Do they have infinite moneyz or what?

    One thing that’s wrong is that you shouldn’t tick off ur fans. The more you piss them off the harder they are to please. Only one more step for Kyoani to thin the herd(fanbase) is to give a mediocre ending.

    So good luck kyyoani… goood luck…….

    • Anonymous says:

      I was watching this video of a flame melting ice to watch make a spoon flip over in one of my classes. It was approximately ten minutes long and gave me a good cross section of a generational attention span. What I learned is older people tend to have longer attention spans than younger people. I wonder if Endless Eight also shows this phenomenon? I find myself looking forward to the next episode yet I have a friend who wants it to stop. He is a bit younger than me. If you’re not afraid give your approx age and relative attention span.

      over 30 : pretty patient

      • relentlessflame says:

        You could be on to something. A lot of the anger about this has to do with the whole “I’ve been waiting three whole years, and this is what I get?!” factor. To someone in their teens, three years seems like an eternity. As you get older, it’s more like “oh, has it been three years already?” That probably also reflects in the controversy that resulted as well, at least to the extent that some people with more patience are able to take a step back and consider the hows and whys of the situation without totally freaking out.

        Late-20s: More patient than most, apparently…

  • Anonymous says:

    I look at it two ways.

    Endless Eight is avant garde artistry which could only be born in the unique state of Japan. We learn patience and attention to detail and recognize the power of God Haruhi as she affects our real lives, forcing us to relive days like Nagato and giving us a sliver of the Abject boredom this 2D character must be going through. A sort of homage to the first season’s odd airing schedule that could have been reflective of Kyon’s sense of normalcy being shattered.


    KyoAni are a bunch of [expletive deleted] who were looking to exploit a popular franchise with the least amount of work, effectively screwing over everyone who doesn’t make a six figure salary.

    I’m at war with my inner idealist.

    • It amuses me to consider that many fans who complain about these Endless Eight episodes would also be Naruto fans. How many of them complain if that studio uses eight episodes to show a battle?

      One of the great things about Japanese animation, I believe, is that its artists do sometimes show the confidence to buck the market. Otaku often demonstrate entitlement, that the artists should serve their expectations, without also demonstrating compassion for the commercial constraints their obsession places on their favorite artists. Certainly the KyoAni artists chose their occupation because they enjoy it, just as certainly that their art depends on their commerce, but to live that compromise isn’t easy. The anime industry today certainly wouldn’t feel their life is an “endless summer”, do they? And yet, in 2009 they are making this kind of season of Haruhi Suzumiya.

      I suggested before that the studio was adopting the role of Haruhi to otaku as SOS-Dan, but today another parallel feels unavoidable.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can understand that the effect that KyoANi seems to be wanting is to project the feeling of boredom that the characters have onto the audience. I also think that KyoAni isn’t being as lazy as people say as they are bothering to go through and tediously animate what is essentially the same episode from possibly 8 different angles. However, this “new season” is basically a train-wrecked groundhog day. KyoAni should have never have pulled this shit, and it looks like they are going to be learning the hard way from the apparently large amount of fan backlash. I chalk this one up to a bad idea that somehow made it through to production.

    • relentlessflame says:

      Well, of course, it’s some of both which is why it’s caused so much drama. If they had simply re-aired the episodes identically, then it’d just be lazy. The fact that they’re actually re-animating each one means that there’s more to it than simply taking the “easy way out”. At the same time, this is clearly a way to stretch out the episode count and make the Haruhi anime last longer overall, which could be seen as exploitative.

      In the end, I suppose people could simply treat this as filler or re-cap episodes so long as the show resumes along its predicted course at some point. I mean, in the end, assuming most here weren’t planning to buy the DVDs anyway (or won’t as a result of this), it’s simply a delay of what’s to come. But, you know, people will still rage anyway.

  • Anonymous says:

    if bandai gets (if the still want it) season 2, they better be rewarded by like getting haruhi-chan for free so they can stick like 13 episodes for each release they have to do for E8. because i can see nobody in north america buying this arc otherwise

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok not having seen anything on this show before can someone explain what’s wrong with endless 8 that it’s so bad?

    In truth i couldn’t watch the comparison cause it was scrambling my brain…. XP

    • Anonymous says:

      If you have seen Higurashi, the premise is similar. Only where Higurashi succeeds in giving you new information and perspective each repeat, Haruhi does not even try. Out of the six or so episodes, the script stays almost exactly the same. You are given a 25 minute episode, with about 5 minutes of new content if you are lucky. The other 20 minutes are the same lines, the same settings, and the same character interactions.

      It’s a trainwreck, is basically what I am saying.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just the fact that the same shit happened 5 times in a row, and there’s no character development, no plot development, no development whatsoever going on. It’s just the group being shown in a group of compilation videos showing them doing the same things with slight variations.

  • naga_jahat says:

    f*ck endless eight arc
    f*ck kyon looking so lame
    f*ck Haruhi for making these loop
    f*ck SOS-dan that seems nothing great to do
    f*ck kyo-ani for letting these happen
    finally i’ll f*ck myself for watching these sh*t!

  • Anonymous says:

    Best way to get endless eight arc, first and last episode only, that way you will only need to buy two DVDs or BD. Unless Kyoani add something extra within those EE arc DVDs, otherwise I don’t see them selling very well. Though the tough part is what extra is going to be add to make them sell. Can’t be fan-service, they gave that for the continuous 5 episode of bikinis. Think THINK!!

  • relentlessflame says:

    “and the Endless Eight DVDs will retail as normal DVDs, meaning they will be $70 for two episodes…”

    Do we have a real source for this yet? So far, all I’ve seen is re-postings of the same speculation from 2ch. Not that I necessarily doubt that this is what they’ll end up doing, but I’d like to see the official solicitiations.

    …and of course Yamakan was trolling. He made his comments as part of his continued efforts to get back at Kyoto Animation (as he did during Kannagi with his pointed “Thanks to Nagi, I’m now fit to be a director” comment). It’s like a celebrity divorce or something, and the otaku community is lapping it up. ^^;

    • Forlourned says:

      Dude, I was in Japan for almost four years. 5,800 ~ 7,800 yen is the usual going cost for any DVD sold there. The former is usually connected to foreign (American) shows and movies with the latter going to anime.

      And again, that’s 7,800 yen for TWO episodes. bandai was nice to them otakus and sold the Gundam shows for 6,800(!) yen with.. wait for it…

      THREE episodes a DVD!

      ..Remember, we’re not in the early ’90s anymore so taxes also have to be included on those buys. So about 8,000+ yen for purchase now.

      • relentlessflame says:

        Yes, I know that… I purchase Japanese anime DVDs all the time, including the first Haruhi season which was at the proposed pricing scheme. I wasn’t doubting the solicitation because the prices seemed unreasonable/high/whatever, but simply because I don’t think the solicitations have been officially released yet (so far, I think it’s just 2ch speculation). That’s why I was asking if there was a source, and not doubting that it might be real.

  • He’s actually Haruhi’s ex-series production director. Meaning he oversaw general production and did not maintain a directorial role, though he did intermittently serve as episode director and storyboarder.

    Lucky Star was his series directorial debut and we all know what happened there.

      • No one knows ‘exactly’ what happened. There were certainly subcutaneous events, none of which have come to any great light. Although he wasn’t “booted” out; he chose to leave of his own volition. Of course, some speculate this was a matter of conserving face. KyoAni could have presented him an ultimatum: either fire him (which would have sent even larger waves through the industry) or give him the chance to silently step down as he did.

        Comparing the first four episodes of Lucky Star to the rest of the series, in my opinion, gives some incite into the fiasco. Yamamoto’s directorial philosophy is firstly strict adherence to the source material with minor deviation where appropriate. The first four episodes of Lucky Star exemplify this without fail. However, animating a 4koma as is, with nothing but the structure of traditional Japanese comedy doesn’t make for anything terribly exciting. This could have been the general reception of the public or the opinion of higher ups at KyoAni, but the addition of more “bang and zoom” elements as well as an increased number of allusions (see Haruhi commercial, cosplay, etc) provided a stark contrast from Yamamoto’s vision of a perfect translation from 4koma to anime. Whether which is better is entirely subjective and impossible to firmly settle on.

        • Anonymous says:

          someone is actually making proper sense here. At least FSF is analyzing the matter of Lucky Star in some objective serious manner.
          Most of what i’ve read here is pure bashing of the Haruhi series under the reason that the series is not what the audience is expecting.
          Not to say that what’s unexpected is better, but the anime adaptation SHOULD do sth to deviate itself from the original to show some significance, while not sliding off from the original plot.(unlike Hollywood Live action adaptations that are doing too much of that)

          But then again, being cheated with 5eps of the same plot with variations feels rather annoying, especially when it could get the point across probably with 2 or max 3eps.

          afterall, gd idea, bad execution i’d say.

      • Anonymous says:

        apparently episodes 1-4, which were directed by Yamakan, sucked.

        that’s what some folks say, others say Yamakan got the boot since he’s a dick to work with.

        people seem to forget he’s responsible for Kannagi.

        • Kannagi was very good, I thought. Put it in KyoAni’s hands and it would have been turned into something horrible, generic and ugly.

          And people who say stuff like “The first four episodes of Lucky Star sucked” seem to imply that somehow any other episodes were better, which is plain wrong – the entire series was horrible, overrated and just sickeningly pathetic.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well duh…he left.Such obviousness is obvious.
    He just basically said, “I knew these assholes were gonna pull off something like this”.Lame response Kyoani.

    On the other hand,I’d LOVE to see the sales figures for these DVDs soon.

  • I think KyoAni is right for stepping out and responding to what, quite honestly, was an underhanded move from Yamakan. Besides touting his intimate knowledge of the inner workings of KyoAni by mentioning the Endless 8 structure had been on the back burner since before his leave, his entire involvement in acting like a viable source on the subject is entirely misleading. It only befriends logic to assume that a company would speak out when a former employee bashes its image.

    I don’t think Yamakan should have even answered the question, or at least in such an apologetic tone. Now if Ishihara or someone who had or has internal dealings with the Haruhi renewal and the choice to present Endless Eight in such a way were at Otacon, I feel we’d have more valuable information than a former KyoAni employee circle jerking a room full questionable people in a unorganized atmosphere. Which is the only thing we really got.

    • I agree, it feels like opportunism to step into a fandom dispute to “apologize”. He undermines the studio’s credibility to add to his own celebrity. The fulminating otaku feel vindicated, while he has added no information we couldn’t have inferred. Did he suppose that actions he took outside Japan would carry no weight back home?

    • mewofforcena says:

      There was nothing unwise about that. Since he isn’t any more with the company, he has reason to hide anything for them as well, and is thus entitled with the right to tell what happened to whoever asks him about the matter.

      Now, if someone with the company WAS there, that person’s words wouldn’t have been as trustworthy as we’d like, since the answer would be coming from someone the company has a hold on. And honestly, from the answer they gave about Yamakan’s statements, that just about proves the point.

    • >It only befriends logic to assume
      >that a company would speak out when
      > a former employee bashes its image.

      But they’re bashing themselves since haruhi 2 was NOT announced. It’s not that he was bashing them, he made fun of them. (Obviously what they deserve for being trolls)

      And what image could be ruined? That of horrible trolls? Bastards? Retards? Because that’s how the mayority of normal people and a fair deal of former haruhists view them by now.

      • >they’re bashing themselves since haruhi 2 was NOT announced.

        The series’ annunciation is a completely moot point. It has absolutely nothing to do with the current state of affairs regarding Endless 8 and Yamakan’s comments. KyoAni is only doing what any company would. And there’s little difference between “making fun of” and “bashing” in this politically correct, “professional” world we live in.

        Every time some sadly informed idiot calls KyoAni “trolls” I have to laugh inside. From day one, from the very inception of the Haruhi anime franchise, KyoAni has been using similar tactics to garner viewership. Why was no one spewing shit over the air order of season 1 as adamantly as they are now? Why was no one unintelligibly throwing around the term “troll” in reference to KyoAni back in 2006? Is it because you’re all just products of your miserably subjective experience, moving with the herd to avoid any real opinion you might have?

        • Forlourned says:

          So you love this Son Hee Jun character because he(?) likes wacking off beloved people in his story? Consistently? So why should anyone give a shit or care about any of the characters because they’ll be dead sooner or later? I just saw a review about a comic book series called ‘the Final Count Down’ from DC that wasn’t what it boasted about. And the fans of DC revolted against it with sells (already suffering) plummeting for it.

          I enjoyed how kyu-tard did the first season of ‘~Haruhi’ by airing it all out of order. Very imaginative, but this bullshit ‘endless eight’ is a travesty that sucks up episodes that could’ve been done of other great stories in the novellas. Do you really think that the the majority of Otakus will flock to another season of this shit if it was ever to be announced?

          If the writer ever gets out of his funk and makes another novella, that will sadly be the only big Otaku draw out in this series sad history from now on.

        • Anonymous says:

          Lol personally I am a Haruhi fanboy (more so with lucky star though) but I’m loving endless eight. honestly I try to figure out how it will end with the little hints they keep giving us, while being entertained by the ex-haruhi fans.

          I’m happy that KyoAni has the guts to pull this type of thing. It’s what I always loved about Haruhi. They can give a story we don’t expect and that is awesome. I love Son Hee Jun the Manwha artist because he kills off a lot of his most beloved main characters with ease (upsetting fans) in Phd phantasy degree lol, and I never know what would happen next.

          With this if say I was watching the ending to the second season of Zero no Tsukaima and it was made by the same people who did Haruhi, I might actually believe :spoiler look away lol: that Saito died where as I knew he wasn’t cause I knew they didn’t have the guts.

          KyoAni has some serious guts and this will give me a better anime viewing experience for future episodes cause I wont be sure what to expect. ^_^

        • In my defence, back in the days I didn’t know about KyouAni or tactics, I simply watched anime and enjoyed them, but I never understood any of haruhis popularity nor did/do I understands what’s arousing about ponytails, but thats not the point. The point is, that KyoAni fucked up big time, simply by the fact, that the mayority of people don’t like what they are currently doing.

          Personally I think what they do is great, since I haet haruhi’s fanatic fans, so watching them getting fucked is kinda amusing. Some retreat from being fans, and some die defending haruhi.

          On a side note, KyoAni trolled the fans since the beginnging, yes, and it worked. Now it doesn’t work anymore, ask an haruhist why that ist.

    • Anonymous says:

      all points acceptable, except… what happened pretty much speaks for itself.

      KyoAni fucked up, and Yamakan gets to laugh his ass off at them because a)when he was there, Haruhi was popular, and b)now he’s not there, and they pulled this shit. seriously, take everything with a grain of salt.

      also, lol @ Ishihara’s presence giving more information. undoubtedly he’d be restricted from being frank about it, which means we’d get a probable bullshit answer.

      • My point in mentioning Ishihara’s (or anyone who actually has a stake in KyoAni) hypothetical appearance was that we probably would have gotten more information than we did, assuming the best of all possible outcomes, regardless of how much KyoAni censored him.

        • Forlourned says:

          …yeah. So how are you doing with getting the COMPLETE story with ALL of the SPOILERS out of Bungie from the writers now?

          Let me be blunt; asking a company person about why a company is doing (in much of the worlds eyes) this or that that is insane will give you a “form letter” response.

          Asking a game company what amazing things they’re doing now on a project coming out in Eleven months is going to give you the “canned response about nothing” that you can only guess upon.

          The man was asked a question that he can answer because.. let me write this again.

          HE WAS THERE WHEN IT STARTED. He may of not been there when it was produced and drawn and released, but He Was There at the BEGINNING when the idiotic idea was made. Buddy, that’s good enough regardless if he’s not in the company now.

        • Your stretching the limit of just what can be ascertained by the few seconds Yamamoto spent actually answering the question. By your logic, the veteran janitor of KyoAni could have taken the question with a full repertoire of knowledge if only he had heard the idea in passing. We know the “idea” of reanimating the same episode was thrown around while he was at KyoAni, more than 2 years ago. We DO NOT know, however, whether that idea was mutually exclusively to the Endless 8 chapter or even new episodes of Haruhi, as you assume. There’s simply to large of a gap between Yamamato and KyoAni to take anything he says as somehow ‘valuable’.

        • Forlourned says:

          Well then, let me respond to your original posting then.

          He worked for kyu-tard -and possible others- and has the experience of this job field to make those remarks. If he said he was there when they all where discussing this arc, why wouldn’t he be able to talk about it? Why wouldn’t he comment (as he said he did then) about this idea of stretching a short story over many -Many- episodes was unwise.

          This question made at this convention would’ve been unsound if the man had NO involvement with the beginnings of this idea. But like he said. He was THERE when they all where talking about it and told the original moron that this idea was.. unwise. I’d personally would of said the idiot was a nut and blast him as a fool, but that’s just me.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s only when you see all of the Endless Eight episodes together that you appreciate how different they really are. The video will look even better when Endless Eight part 6 is added.

  • Axy_Nekoi says:

    I don’t understad you, pseudo-haruhitards…

    First, you make a rage ’cause Haruhi doesn’t come to you, and now that Haruhi is here, you guys, make a raaaaaage ’cause don’t like to you the way that Kyoani make the things…

    Seriously, guys, i don’t understand…

    (Btw, i like the Endless Eight)

  • Anonymous says:

    Actually, Artefact made a mistake in his post; yamakan left kyoto ani on his own.

    There has been no good anime from kyoto ani since the original haruhi, including k-on!

    Yes, i realize this could possibly start a flame war.