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Furry Murder Plot: “He Wanted His Penis Bitten Off”


A furry has been charged with conspiring to murder his parents after he solicited a furry assassin by promising to let him bite off his penis.

24-year-old Christopher Monks, from Lancashire in the north of England, allegedly plotted the murder of his adoptive parents with 19-year-old Shaun Skarnes, of nearby Cheshire, after the pair met on a furry site.

Monks apparently fantasised earnestly about having his penis bitten off, and the bisexual couple hashed out a plan online after weeks of such interchanges.

The plan commenced with Skarnes paying a visit to Monks, who unsurprisingly lived with his parents. After playing computer games together, Skarnes pretended to get the train home, but in fact lurked for hours in a nearby park waiting for his signal.

Meanwhile, Monks watched a DVD with his parents and waited for them to go to bed. Once they were asleep, he summoned his furry assassin with a text message.

Monks’ father soon awoke in the early hours of the morning to discover the furry killer by his bedside, wielding a kitchen knife. He scuffled with Skarnes, and called for help. His wife, who had been sleeping elsewhere, summoned police and came to his aid; he explained what transpired:

“I thought he was trying to kill me. My wife tried to hit him with a stick but it broke. She then began to talk to him in a calming way. At that point, his manner changed completely.”

By this time a police officer had arrived, and Skarnes was promptly taken into custody. The father escaped with bruises, a cut palm, and, appropriately enough, bite marks.

Monks was apparently busily deleting the incriminating text messages while this occurred, and police initially thought of him as a witness rather than a suspect. However, soon they realised they were dealing with more than just the mania of a lone furry, and took him into custody as well.

The prosecution claims Monks was an avowed furry who fantasised constantly about having his penis bitten off, and offered this opportunity to Skarnes as payment for killing his parents:

“It may seem extreme that he wanted his penis bitten off, but there is ample evidence from websites he visited and conversations with Shaun Skarnes that this was a deeply held interest and one he found sexually stimulating.

It seems that Skarnes was to receive no money for killing Mr and Mrs Monks but the prospect of biting off Monks’ penis. This was the climactic act of the conspiracy.”

The Monks are disbelieving of the monstrous depravity of their demented son:

“We have no doubt that (Christopher) did not intend to go to this extreme. There is no-one in our closest circle of friends who is not shocked at what has happened.”

Supposedly, the Furaffinity account of the maniacs concerned are visible here and here…

Via Lep.

It seems the crazed fantasies of furries spill over into the real world with disturbing regularity

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