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Family Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~ “Fully Uncensored” Eroge


English language eroge publishers JAST have recently released the classic Kazoku Keikaku / Family Project, which is said to be fully uncensored as with all such international releases.

However, some doubts have been raised as to just how straightforward a claim this is…

A group involved with an earlier unauthorised translation project holds forth on the matter:

So JAST USA made the claim that the game is “fully uncensored [18+].” Wrong! While most of the game is indeed uncensored, they photoshopped several images of Matsuri, the youngest girl. The following pics have nudity. See the before and after right here!

1. Before and after!


2. Before and after!


3. Before and after!


(This one really doesn’t make sense. She’s wearing two bras! Also, you eventually do see her breasts here, so there’s no excuse for this one!)

It’s the principle that matters. We wouldn’t have complained if there was full disclosure, and we would have still plunked down $50 CAD for the game.

Now we simply feel burned and ripped off. JAST USA already announced that all girls were 18 or over. Why did they have to censor these images? Whatever the case, there is no evidence of anyone being informed of this, so what we have here is a flat-out lie.

Boo, JAST USA! Boo! Makes you wonder how they’ll handle the Nitro+ titles. Send them your complaints, and maybe they’ll include the uncensored images in their upcoming patch!

Just whether this is really “uncensored” or not is likely a niggling question of semantics – if no mosaics appear in the game, but scenes are “localised”, technically all scenes in the game would be uncensored even if this is not really what would be expected.

Since all JAST’s localisations sidestep any age related issues by insisting that all participants are over 18, a solution also used to good effect in the English language ero-anime, it is indeed curious they would feel the need to make these kinds of modifications.

Perhaps next we will see any character with less than a B-cup quietly dropped? There is after all typically no way of telling the age of fictional characters drawn in anime style accurately…

JAST CEO Peter Payne responded thus when we asked him to comment:

Yes, we did have to make some changes for the American market, which is something we always potentially do for every game.

In the Japanese original, there was some vagueness about the age of one of the characters during parts of the game, and since they contained nudity we made the necessary decision to make some small changes.

We hope that fans will take into consideration that these games are licensed for the Western markets which means a different set of potential problem areas for us, and as fans love to play eroge in English, we hope they’ll be understanding when we have to clarify parts of a certain game.

We didn’t mislead anyone and we strove to make we avoided referring to this game as “100% uncensored” since we knew some changes were going to be made.

The story is actually preserved this way, if you play the game, as it’s part of the game that the main character waits for Matsuri to be old enough for a relationship, which we didn’t want to derail by saying she was 18 from the start of the story.

The game is available for download now.

Via the forums.

Other observers have complained about the game being tainted by incongruous 4chan references, ruining the atmosphere and hardly seeming to be authentic translations:


Whatever the legal niceties of the eroge market might be, this sort of thing seems much less excusable… Peter Payne promises a patch, saying it was an unfortunate error:

The over 9000 was actually a joke that was supposed to be commented out and we missed it. We’re preparing a 1.1 version of the game and will release it, however we won’t be fixing any of the stuff we tweaked with cause.

An official response is visible here, and in the comments below.

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  • Anonymous says:

    You know what, fuck the ages bump to 18 crap, this is downright censorship on its own right, no excuses. I will never buy an eroge game that’s been translated by the translators where they feel the need to change the ages just so either no one gets arrested (which is bullshit own its own to be arrested about) and justify the ero-scenes in the game. Fuck that man, keep the ages as they are in the original and stop bumping their ages, oh and fuck you JAST for what you did, now I have to be extremely cautious because of you with other vendors that sell eroge. GOOD FUCKING JOB

  • LOL is this all that was ‘altcensored’?

    Hacko. 15 minutes (with Photoshoop/GIMP and .packagetype? file editor/s) can save you 15 months or more of waiting for a satisfactory patchfix.\

    CG editing…oh wait..

  • Simply had to agree that the censorship are definitely not needed , what for censor her breasts with the ‘ Ooh I need to get heatstroke in order to let the story progress so I have to wear 2 bras ‘ thing when you have a sex scene with her in the near future ? They might as well cut out the whole Matsuri ‘s sex scene . And please , if you really played the game , Matsuri ain’t anywhere near 18 during the sex scene [ at most 16 / 17 ] .

  • So why don't we simply not preorder any of their future titles until we can confirm that they haven't been censored and have been given the assurance that they won't do anything like this again? There's the Downhill Night games coming up and is available for preorder right now–Why not cancel our preorders games and choose not to order them until they've been released and confirmed uncensored?

    It seems to me that the customers who are most likely to get screwed over from this are the ones that preorder these titles and receive them after they realize that it's been censored. So if we not preorder any games they make in the future, we can tell them that we don't trust them with regards to how they handle this sort of content.

  • Just for the principle this censoring is awfully pitiful. Stop paranoia with the youth, youth in fiction is good, fiction=fantasy, bordel de merde. Even if she wasn’t 18yo, the only ones who see difference with 15/16/17yo are just some hypocrites. Laughable.

  • …so they add bras and shit to the smaller bodied one even after claiming all characters are 18 in order to appease the American prudes because an anime chick with small boob may just look a bit young. Fuck them. I have an a-cup and I don’t appreciate the thought that just because they have small boobs then they must be underage.

  • Anonymous says:

    “…don’t try to call it something else to slip it by people.”

    You’re making it sound like it’s some big conspiracy to screw over the fans. Like Billy Club said, it’s too bad that they had to do it, but apparently they had a reason that they felt was justified. It’s their company so they can do what ever the hell they want. Yeah, they may offend some people, but losing the business of a small amount of people based on censoring one game vs. pleasing the vast majority who aren’t really bothered that much by it probably isn’t much of a concern in the grand scheme of the business.

    I’ve played several games from these guys and they have the occasional typos in the text, the one or two missed graphics that still have a mosaic, and I get a little disappointed but I accept that shit happens.

    On another note, that enemy power over 9000 thing was kinda dumb but, as they said, it was supposed to be an inside joke kind of thing and they just forgot to edit it out. No biggie.

  • Just wanted to point out, your statement, “Censorship is insidious and yes, it IS always wrong unless there’s a good reason for it.” is a contradiction. It is either always wrong or wrong unless there is a good reason.

    Who is to determine what a good reason is? Mr. Payne made the decision because of the somewhat unique circumstances of the storyline of this particular game. Either 4 graphics get edited with minor changes to the script, or the story line is edited which can result in more work and more editing.

    It’s Peter Payne’s company. He is doing what he feels is best for his company. It’s his call. If it comes down to making a tiny change to a game or risking potential backlash for what could be interpreted by the uninformed as a potential cartoon representation of child porn, he is going to do what is best for his company. I’ve been playing the game. The scenes are brief and relatively insignificant in the grand scheme of the game. As I said before, it is unfortunate that they had to do it, but unfortunate at most. If this article had never been posted or if you hadn’t played the original Japanese version, you never would have known anyway.

    The point I was making with the film editing reference was more that, in most cases, you have no idea how much editing goes on before the product is finished. Just look at the deleted scenes, alternate endings, etc. in movies. You don’t even know about them until they are included in a DVD or BluRay release.

    The harsh reality is that censorship occurs every day, everywhere. The waiter who takes a deep breath and says, “I’m sorry, sir. I’ll fix it right away.” to a customer who is complaining about an overcooked steak instead of “Tough shit! Eat it or starve!” is censoring themself. Censorship is a part of life. Censorship is a part of life. Without it, full disclosure applies to everything. Everyone knows everything about everyone and everything else. It’s unrealistic.

    For those who say that they will no longer buy/download any of the games, we will see how long that lasts. The next time they come out with a game you want, you will buy/download it anyway.

    Bottom line, It’s just a game. Some of the comments make it sound like some of you feel so strong that you think you should march on it and appeal it to the supreme court. Again, it’s just a game.

  • Anonymous says:

    This wouldn’t bother me at all if anyone had actually forced JAST’s hand; you do what you gotta do. But in this case they clearly CHOSE to censor their game (adding underwear is censorship, it’s not somehow magically distinct “editing”). As someone pointed out in response to Peter Payne’s comment, there are plenty of loli releases in the US, so the “but you guys, we HADTA!” excuse is bullshit. The Supreme Court of the United States has weighed in on this, why isn’t that good enough for JAST?

    It also doesn’t help that I purchased a title from JAST that had the two youngest characters with mosaics intact (and this was well before the PROTECT Act, too). I emailed Peter Payne and basically got a response of “oh, that’s weird, all our games are uncensored”. Uh huh.

    Take note Mr. Payne: another potential customer who won’t be purchasing any unnecessarily censored titles from your company.

      • Anonymous says:

        JAST made sure they would be able to sell this game in the future if the pansies in Congress decided to do a “feel good” bill and ban all depictsion, 2D or 3D (they usually lump 2D in ith 3D, silly brainless legislators!), of any person or character depicting an underaged peron in any work, fiction or non-fiction. Remember, the US has had several such federal laws passed— they just got suspended immediately for their overly broad effects on NON-child porn.

        • Anonymous says:

          And they got shot down by the Supreme Court. Fear of legal risks isn’t any excuse to waste two years worth of work and money if they could have just chosen to avoid the title altogether for the content BEFORE they decided to license it. Hey, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

  • PunchMyballs says:

    sounds odd, i bought a game from them,at a con around 3 years ago, and i recall it been totally uncensored so i wonder why would they do a thing like this
    by the way it was a rather nice game, something about a nurse

  • So why do they need to censor a game that is made for adults?(i mean adding panties and bra)

    Aren’t adults allowed to see bewbs and cameltoes anymore?

    Or is this game allowed for people under the age of 18.

    I truly don’t understand these needless stupid censor needs.
    When it comes to adult you should give them stuff fully uncensored

  • Anonymous says:

    I could forgive being forced to censor by the evil bigots who hold so much sway over our police and criminal justice systems nowadays. Sometimes, you can’t just beat them all by yourself.

    What I cannot forgive is the false advertising. There is no excuse for then going on to describe the product as ‘uncensored’, instead of disclosing the nature of the edits so that customers can make an informed decision.

    One thing the internet allows me to do with respect to media is to support only reputable companies.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, you shouldn’t forgive them for censoring the scenes. The only ones that made the decision behind licensing the title, localizing it and censoring the CGs was JAST USA and JAST USA only. It was ultimately their choice to make it, and were never coerced by anyone.

      If you’ve bought it, I highly recommend you take advantage of the fact that refunds are being offered without question.

    • Simon Cowell of Eroge says:

      Well depends. There are ヤリゲー out there that are all about the sex and CG. If you take those away, there is nothing left of the game. On the other end you have games like 家族計画 which is story-driven. The plot and the cast really shines in those games that the CG are essentially added bonus.

    • NotAnonymous says:

      I play them for the story too. However, lying to customers TWICE is unacceptable, and saying it’s ‘okay’ to put small edits in KK can eventually lead to more edits. More images will start being edited; paths will start being altered; entire portions of games getting cut. Censorship is never okay.

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s not THAT much different, though. As far as I’ve heard there has yet to be an arrest over lolicon that didn’t also involve porn of actual children and/or defendants previously convicted of related crimes. And (again if I recall correctly) the Supreme Court made it pretty clear that loli is protected speech as long as no children were involved in its production.

          There’s a certain level of risk, yes, but folding to the (very likely illegal) demands of the moralists is risky in its own way. Why not simply leave the “first year student” line as it was in the japanese version, forget the censorship, and push the envelope just enough to keep eroge legal and your company in business?

        • Anonymous says:

          ^This. In the interest of full disclosure, Peter Payne’s J-List is a major sponsor of SanCom. I’m not sure why I’M the one pointing that out though…

          Not that I’m accusing you of anything, Artefact, but I can’t help but remark at the contrast between your rails against Japanese developers/publishers and your rather blase stance toward a US publisher when it comes to standing up to outside pressure to censor “objectionable” material.

        • Anonymous says:

          It must be a topic close to his heart.

          I believe he is encouraging the formation of a stable, accepted and self regulated eroge translation market. Which will have positive externalities in what is becoming a difficult time for otaku (what with UNICEF and all).

          I’d love for such a thing to happen but it honestly needs lots of effort from many people and lots of time.

          I think learning the language and getting stuff from Japan to be a more efficient, if somewhat selfish solution

  • “as fans love to play eroge in English”

    Somehow when translated into English the original feeling is lost so NO. “Fans” NEED it in English because they are too fucking lazy to learn Moonspeak. So much for being fans. Not HARDCORE enough.

  • Reminds me a little of that one US released ero anime which is proudly stamped with “Uncensored And Uncut!!” on the DVD cover yet they removed the Loli-Shota scene..

    Well, I usually prefer Pantsu over pussies but this is just too senseless. It’s just sad that even 2D girls need to have age legality..

    • That was in response to many of Kitty’s outlets refusing to carry the title if it was left in. One of it’s larger retail partners is in a state (Iowa) that even the possession of even one drawing is a 1st Class Misdemeanor Offense.

  • Anonymous says:

    Misinformation and deceit. What’s this nonsense about 1% or 100% uncensored? Its sounds as bad as it smells. Like that shop who sold me an “original” game title that later turned out to be a demo. When I went back he said it was an “Original Demo”. Sure use obfuscation and equivocation but its still blatantly deceitful and your customers will remember.

    Glad I learnt Japanese so I won’t have to put up with these fools.

    I recommend fans do the same. It applies to more then mere eroge. That fansub/R1 release you watch or that localised PS3 title, they could be lying through their teeth and you’ll never know….

    • Even if you pirate the Japanese version, the games you are playing are still illegal “child pornography” in much of the world. No authorised translation is possible without these kinds of changes, so you are basically saying that no legal market for visual novels can exist outside Japan (which doesn’t want domestic versions exported anyway).

      • Anonymous says:

        Artefact, you’re missing the point(s) here.

        1) Adding underwear didn’t cross any legal line. JAST’s censoring was elective, and while it’s generally understandable for a business to err on the side of caution, porn isn’t exactly an industry where excessive caution is rewarded.

        In other words, the game could’ve been released in a true uncensored form that just didn’t specify the character’s numerical age, and it would’ve involved minimal risk.

        2) You yourself concede (rather ahead of anyone else’s comments, in fact…) that some of this censoring isn’t even logical; that’s more of a quality control issue than anything else. Is that not giving the customer a valid reason to choose another product?

  • Simon Cowell of Eroge says:

    On one hand I am very disappointed in their move to censor some scenes(then again, it’s not like they did it for the first time). But on the other hand I don’t think it’s really that big of deal. The selling point of 家族計画 lies within its cast and its story. No offense but I have played games with much better CG than this. It’s above average but far from superb. The censorship will just leave something for the imagination. As long as the translation is faithful to the original, this should be a great game. 家族計画 gets my seal of approval.

      • Simon Cowell of Eroge says:

        Don’t put words in my mouth. I never said it is right for them to censor games. I am just pointing out that 家族計画 is good because of its cast and story. If you get so worked up over this, maybe you should use your skill of persuasion to get JAST to uncensor the game instead? Some people just come too quickly to condemn…

  • I’d like to get the context of that Over 9000 reference. It’s really hard to execute the joke in this day and age, where even a Dragon Ball game has taken a shot at it, (like when Rick Astley himself got in on that particular meme), but maybe this game pulled it off with NIS America-level finesse? Not that it matters anymore, since it’s already been spoiled. High-five, Internet!

  • Conrad awesome says:

    This is just a legal move to protect themselves and my doing this they side step any negative problems that may smear the industry. Lets not be unreasonable here. Remember the guy who got twenty for ero comics with supposed underage minors? This is a direct consequence of the case.

    Lets not be unreasonable, if you hate it so much petition your congressman or else this will happen for any eroge where the girls don’t have huge breasts.

    • Anonymous says:

      >if you hate it so much petition your congressman

      Oh yeah, that’s gonna work great there……

      Mr/Ms Congressman, could you please disregard your loud, moralfag constituency and let JAST put naked pictures of 2D lolis in their games?

  • Anonymous says:

    I wasn’t going to play this game anyway but I hope that someone makes a patch for the people that did want to play it. It’s unfair to the fans when this shit happens and just asking the fans to understand why they had to do this doesn’t justify it. Pointless censorship takes away from the enjoyment of the game and I don’t see how they expected fans to still want to buy it.

  • JAST USA knows what uncensored is, it’s just that they are trying to keep the female’s private parts less exposed as much they as can. This is why I partly don’t like it when they do stuff like that. They’re trying to do things for us when we don’t want them to.

  • Anonymous says:

    just as groups release translations of titles that arent’t licensed they could aswell release uncensor patches, but i guess no one has the time or the will to actually modify the CG

    anyway i have long given up bothering with censorship cuz i can’t do shit about it and no1 else here can, even if a politician would stand up for this, they’d get pwnd anyway because mass media controls people, the herd mentality is in full effect too, so bleeh.

    i wouldnt have played this anyway, but for the people who actually do/did/ or will, im sorry that you got disappointed, if not than enjoy

    • In a capitalist society, you vote with your money.

      You don’t like how eroge localizer x censored some game? Don’t buy it then. Do buy the ones that aren’t censored.

      Consumer opinion is one of the greatest pressures for change when it comes to a company’s practices.

      • Anonymous says:

        In capitalist society, company manipulates you with advertising. Its a huge resource loss and takes power away from the consumer and into the hands of the company. That’s marketing and its a massive industry/discipline.

        Other methods exist like monopolies, currently these fools are the only people doing these translations.

        In short, in capitalist society

        C.O.M.P.A.N.Y >>>>>> YOU

        • Anonymous says:

          There are other companies that do english translations of eroge. But people usually bitch and whine about the “changes” they make to localize it, and pirate rather then buy the games. Then they go out of business. Sometimes, Peter buys them up and then adds them to his english eroge collection. Sometimes they just vanish, never to be heard of again.

          Right now, there’s 3 with products, and 2 more promisin products. We will see who stays in business, and who joins Peter’s growing empire. He stays in business because he doesn’t just do eroge— he also does import/export of japanese goods, and that carries the day when the eroge falls short, so when the eroge goes bust, he’s still making money.

  • I wish I could register. but on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, none of them load this link.


    It’s pretty obvious why they covered up the youngest character. Cause it’s the US and like, we have to be careful I guess. And someone mentioned cartoons don’t have age?

    if you had drawings in your notebook of what seemed to be little girls being molested in school, if you had only written “these girls are 18 on it” chances are you won’t get arrested.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, that line makes sense when you read it. Our character is under drugs when he brings forth those words. He is sort of raving and is having delusions.
      There are a few moments of shoddy translation work but that scene was handed pretty well.

  • Anonymous says:

    Unneeded censorship and the use of overused, unfunny memes is going to lose customers. I’ll wait for a fan-patch that re-edits the pics and re-translate the lines that use memes.

    • ManaYagami says:

      Damned lack of edit option.

      If he even makes excuses like that, he must be forgotten of The Sagara Family, where a character constantly warns the protagonist that he will be a criminal if he/she end up saying her real age and it became a joke on that eroge. She even looked more childish than that Family Project character.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s easy for the hard-core fans to claim, “You [J-List, eroge makers, etc.] have no balls! Publish uncensored!”

    These companies are walking a line between giving the hard-core fans what they want, and getting their offices raided and their businesses shut down, their distribution outlets dropping their product, lawsuits from various do-gooder groups, etc.

    That said, J-List and others need to make more clear what the buyers are and are not getting, so the buyers won’t feel (justifiedly) ripped-off.

    • Anonymous says:

      How about, if you can’t release a product, you don’t? You don’t release a substandard clone that falls short and leave the distribution rights on the table so that a company that isn’t afraid of a legal battle can sweep it up.

      When they tiptoe around the issue, they keep a real fighting chance for judicial review of the draconian thought-crime laws on the books. When individuals get sued, no honest person could ever afford to fight back… not that any lawyer would anyway ever defend someone who’s already plastered all over the newspaper as a pedophile. You can’t smear a company or put it on the sex offender list.

      If the business loses the case, eh, business goes under, default on them business loans. Who cares? Hundreds of thousands of Americans are just walking away from their mortgages. If the business wins the case, not only do fans get what they deserve but the company can make a mint doing so by exposing the other companies as a bunch of fucking cowards.

      • This. Seriously, people need to recover their fighting spirit.


        Or at least pick only those titles that aren’t “problematic” to begin with.

        • Anonymous says:

          Artefact, you’re missing the point(s) here.

          1) Adding underwear didn’t cross any legal line. JAST’s censoring was elective, and while it’s generally understandable for a business to err on the side of caution, porn isn’t exactly an industry where excessive caution is rewarded.

          In other words, the game could’ve been released in a true uncensored form that just didn’t specify the character’s numerical age, and it would’ve involved minimal risk.

          2) You yourself concede (rather ahead of anyone else’s comments, in fact…) that some of this censoring isn’t even logical; that’s more of a quality control issue than anything else. Is that not giving the customer a valid reason to choose another product?

          3) I’ve only seen a couple people doing the “Yo ho ho, a pirate’s life for me!” thing in these comments. Most of the piracy-related comments are to the effect of “I won’t buy a censored version, especially since I can just download it for free.” It might not be the ideal “vote with your wallet” scenario, but piracy’s a given in publishing games, and pleasing the (potential) customer is the best way to sell legit copies.

          4) Most of all, people obviously have a problem with the intellectual and commercial dishonesty here. Censorship is censorship; if JAST feels it’s a smart business move to censor a game unnecessarily, fine, that’s their decision to make. But to censor it “differently” and try to pass the game off uncensored has obviously, and justifiably, ruffled feathers.

          Still, it seems to me that voluntarily watering down content is an obvious bad move for publishers. Customers want the full monty and giving in to moralist pressure only encourages the moralists to push harder. You yourself have said many times of Japanese developers that they should stand up to the proposed thought policing. I wholeheartedly agree.

        • I don’t know him; rather, I am keen to promote legal markets for such products which ensure creators are compensated, which is the sole reason these artforms have developed so favourably in Japan.

          A legal market with censorship is better than no market, and thus no product. You can always attack censorship from a position of strength in such a market. You can’t when you are dealing with a fringe group of pirates whose objective is creating “lulz” on seedy BBSes and rationalising their own unwillingness to buy anything.

          I should also point out that this excessive “if it can’t be done uncensored, don’t do it all” attitude is something never seen in Japan itself – creators have an awareness that they are working within legal and commercial constraints which need to be considered. It is this attitude, and not one of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face in the face of practical considerations, which has led to the growth of the visual culture market.

          Your lack of pragmatism is all very well when you just badger people in the comments, but is not something you could long hold in practice. Even the content you see here is, believe it or not, censored to a degree to ensure the site and its users can clear certain legal hurdles. What good is having a site no one can safely view or publish?

        • ^
          Extradited? Over drawings? You really think we’re that far down the abyss already? (For the record: I am aware that US law does not discriminate between real and drawn when it comes to obscenity)

          I just can’t bring myself to believe that succumbing to some obscure obscenity regulation would help building the market in countries where the only potential buyers are the ones that would bitch the most about any attempts at censorship. Censorship (of ideas no less, as opposed to mere pixelation of genitals) isn’t exactly the best selling point when competing with free downloads.
          Also, one has to wonder if there will ever be something like a developed market for eroge outside Japan. The industry isn’t even big enough to defend itself against legal threats within it’s own country of origin.

          I for one will never buy something that has been altered from it’s original form for localization (other than the language of course). Luckily, I don’t have to consider legal issues when importing Japanese games.

          On another note: do you actually know him personally? The thought isn’t too far-fetched and you seem unusually worked up over this. Just wondering.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well actually, if a possibility of a storm in the US was that bad, he could avoid it altogether if he actually looked through the content and verified that he could release it safely BEFORE getting the license.

          But no, of course. That makes too much sense.

        • Anonymous says:

          >This whole storm is pathetic.

          Artefact, you /do/ realise that you are the person who started the storm in the first place by stirring the pot. Don’t start something and then complain when people react EXACTLY LIKE YOU EXPECT THEM TO.

          Besides that, you do have quite a few valid points…

        • This whole storm is pathetic. Peter could easily lose his company (which trades in the USA) and be extradited or bankrupted through such actions. Prosecutors go after directors very readily in obscenity cases, I am disappointed in your ignorance of the law in this regard.

          Would you take such a risk? Talk is cheap, especially for a bunch of frothing anons gleefully suggesting other people ruin themselves for the sake of their outrage about laws they don’t even bother doing anything about.

          Practically all eroge titles are going to be problematic – certainly any with a high school involved.

          It is far better to have a functional market for English language eroge than it is to encourage people to pirate them, which is the implicit alternative here, in the deluded belief that this is somehow more “authentic.” Only with a developed market will anyone have a chance of defending themselves against legal attack.

    • Anonymous says:

      We need a coding system.

      PPa == Pussy covered with Pantsu
      PPi == Pussy covered with Pixelation
      PB == Pussy covered with Bar

      BC == Breasts covered with Clothing
      BP == Breasts covered with Pixelation

      ENNSC == Erect Nipples Not Showing through Clothing
      NC == Nipples obscured by Clothing
      NP == Nipples obscured by Pixelation
      NM == Nipples Missing

      DP == Dick covered with Pixelation
      DB == Dick covered with Bar

      Any others?

  • Anonymous says:

    Nothing new for old pain-in-the-ass Peter Payne. They also censored the “uncensored” X-Change 3 and it wouldn’t surprise me if more commenters will have a laundry list of titles altered because he is such a pussy.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you actually read the statments made by Jast, you will see that the uncensored claim was not included on any of the other sites other than Peach Princess. It was included on Peach Princess because, if you look closely, the games are all posted with the same template. 100% uncensored, full japanese voice, etc.

    Their mistake was that they didn’t catch it everywhere. The underwear thing may not have been really necessary but just the risk of someone making the wrong assumption based on the fact that she is clearly mentioned in the storyline several times as being underage, they felt the need to cover their asses. So they neglected to tell everyone…nobody’s perfect. I supposed you have never fucked up before?

    If you spill gasoline on yourself, do you light up a cigarette and hope nothing goes wrong or take the safe route and wash/change first? JAST just took the safe route.

  • For christ’s sake. They made one change to a single character. So it slightly changes 3 or 4 images in the CG collection. So what? There are more than enough characters left to get your rocks off to.

    Artefact is right in saying that they need to be careful when it comes to these kind of scenarios because if you are spending all your time and money on hiring lawyers and dealing with FBI raids or constant harassment, you can’t exactly go on with business as usual.

    Yes, they made a change to the game that slightly alters the original. It is unfortunate, at most. It’s not the end of world that half of you seem to be making it out to be. It says uncensored, not unedited. And if you are one of those who are saying, “Editing is just another form of censorship and censorship is always wrong!”, then you must be one of those people who likes to watch the average 80-140 hours or more of raw footage that is filmed to make a single 1 1/2 hour movie. Try being a film editor some time.

    My point is, it is a minor change that makes up all of 10% of the entire game, tops. Enjoy the other 90% of the game and get over the rest. Just because a cartoon character is wearing underwear does not mean the world is coming to an end. I, for one, enjoy the story of a game, go figure. If you really want to see it so bad, download the picture and alter it yourself, or, god forbid, you could download one of the other hundred billion similar pictures out there.

    • Anonymous says:

      Editing film footage =/= censoring graphics, but nice try. The point is that adding underwear is no less censorship than adding a mosaic, and claiming that it’s “uncensored” and has just been “edited” is dishonest; if you must censor, don’t try to call it something else to slip it by people.

      And the problem is that if you accept a few altered CGs, next it will be characters that are of “questionable” age, then it’ll be characters getting dropped altogether. Censorship is insidious and yes, it IS always wrong unless there’s a good reason for it. You are aware it was considered important enough to be the 1st item in the Bill of Rights?

    • Anonymous says:

      Enjoy your future games when they get screwed around with. Congratulations for giving them the impression that they can do this sort of shit provided they can convince anyone that it’s “not big”, dumbass.

  • I guess I’m the only one who play eroge for it scene and I don’t blame them for playing safe, my disappointment lies in their choice of game that they release .There are better games out there,but than again there is Japan publisher .

  • Anonymous says:

    Am I the only one that sees this as more of an editing thing so they will be allowed to sell it, then censorship?

    I personaly dont care that the game is censored. Sure I dont like it, but Id rather be able to play the game, then not be able to. I dont speak or write japanese. Its really no big deal to me. Not like its hard to find the original 3 images. Also, just because they had to edit this to preserve the story, doesnt mean they will edit every following game. Jast is provideing a prouct that few other places are, so you take what you get. And since when was false advertiseing a new thing?

    Also, I prefer panties to that stupid pixelation thing. The original japanese game was censored too.

        • Rincewind:
          It is stupid, but for entirely different reasons. Mosaic censoring is meta by nature, so saying it’s illogical plot-wise makes no sense. The mosaic is not really there (as in “visible for the characters in the game”). It just prevents you, the player, from seeing the evil obscenity more clearly. The idiocy here is that there’s no reason to hide the obscenity in the first place.

          You actually have to ask that? “Your Honor, the mosaic is obscuring the schoolgirl’s genitals. You can’t possibly consider this child pornography, right?”
          Have fun in jail.

        • Rincewind says:

          But you cant deny that the mosaics are pretty stupid. I mean… put mosaics in a game where the girls are raped in every hole possible by tentacles… yup, mosaics, totally logic…

    • Simon Cowell of Eroge says:

      Hi , Peter. Clearly there are fans out there who are upset with the changes. Is it too late right now or could you take a poll on what majority of the fans would prefer(change story vs. censor nudity)? I understand that you have the legal liability there. But if you want people to buy your products, maybe you should listen to what they have to say?

    • Anonymous says:

      “We’re still irked by the shitty translations, but damn if this doesn’t make MangaGamer look like the lesser of two evils.” -Anon from /jp/

      Despite the fact that 4chan isn’t the best place to get any advice, I do highly recommend you take a note of the above quote.

    • NotAnonymous says:

      Many anime and manga that have been licensed contain underage nudity. (sometimes even in a sexual nature) Can you say the girls in Mahoromatic are over 18? No. I have never seen the licensors of Mahoromatic being attacked for releasing it in the USA.
      Many of the other games you have released have contained underage nudity and even sex. Aya (Yume Miru Kusuri), Kozue (Snow Sakura), characters in Crescendo (not every character is a senior), Mayu (Little My Maid), Reiko (Critical Point), etc. The list goes on and on. While the characters in these games are clearly underage, you still have released them without being persecuted for publishing ‘child pornography’. I see no reason why the images of Matsuri were censored when countless eroge, manga, and anime clearly have underage sexual content and nudity. (not to mention there is nothing sexual about the edited scenes with Matsuri in the first place)
      I actually plan on pirating Family Project. Like X-Change 3, I refuse to purchase anything that is censored. And I even used to trust in JAST so much… I used to tell everyone how amazing you were and that they should buy your products instead of just pirating them. That has changed. I don’t care if you lose money over Family Project.

      Do not censor your Nitro+ titles. You and all of your current fanbase will leave you. (that is, unless you decide to find a new audience with ‘all-ages’ games.)

      • Simon Cowell of Eroge says:

        Have you read the link from above? They got away with nudity in previous releases because of the statement that “All characters are 18+”. But the situation is a little different in this one. Matsuri being underage is a plot device in the story. So basically there are two options: 1. keep the nudity, but change the story so that Matsuri is not underage to begin with. 2. censor some of the nudity, but keep the story intact. Regretfully they just chose the 2nd options without consulting with the fans.

        • NotAnonymous says:

          Yes, I read the post. (and honestly, if I had to choose one, I would pick censoring the text. At least that is easier to look past.)

          They have stated on their website that Matsuri (and all of the other characters) were eighteen or above. It never even say in the JP version of the game whether or not she is underage, just that she is ‘a first year’. JAST translates this as her being a first year in high school. What if she was really a first year in elementary school (as odd as that would be; but hey it’s an eroge) or middle school? She could still be considered underage in the scene when you finally have sex with her.

          Second, as I will state again, many manga are released in America that have nudity or sexual situations with characters that are explicitly stated to be underage. Ai Yori Aoshi had all of the Chika nudity retained even though it is says she isn’t 18. There is no reason for JAST to suddenly start censoring their games. Manga and anime are much more popular in the USA and no one is attacking them.

          Third, J-List sold Casual Romance Club. While they list all of the characters as being over 18, that is obviously not true. Almost all of the characters in that game are still in highschool, and one character is even said to be in middle school. I think her name was Amanda; she was clearly underage both visually and through the text. Amanda’s (just like Matsuri) path has a plot completely centered around her being underage. Amanda is much more of a loli than Matsuri, yet still remained uncensored.

          The bottom line is that JAST lied to us. (for the second time) Even if I didn’t care that KK was censored they are still lying abut their products.

          I just canceled my order for Family Project. I’m glad it was never in-stock.