Shimapan Café


The latest desperate effort from Akihabara’s maid café industry is a shimapan themed café event…


Waitresses at the event appeared in only a T-shirt and striped pantsu (actually bikini bottoms, which for some inexplicable reason are “decent” where actual pantsu are not).


The café event was tied in with the release of a tawdry vibrating oshiri gimmick: “Shaking Hip” – patrons might be forgiven for taking more interest in the waitresses.

In case you are wondering, Japanese usage of the word “hip” tends to confusedly refer to both hips and posterior, which accounts for the often idiosyncratic usage.

You can see more at source AkibaBlog.

The maid café business might have a few otaku fetishes left to tap, but with the likes of “nopan shabu-shabu” (bars with mirrored floors and pantsu-less waitresses, the cause of political scandal some years ago) already legend, they might wish to take a closer look at what goes on in Shinjuku and Roppongi for further inspiration…

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