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“Weak Men & Strong Women Mean 25% Will Never Marry”


Weak, effete men and the improved social position of women in recent years are held to be amongst the reasons that a quarter of Japanese may soon pass their entire lives without ever marrying.

The latest trend amongst unmarried Japanese is “婚活 / konkatsu”, an abbreviation formed from the words “kekkon” and “katsudou”, meaning marriage and activity respectively.

Such activities, now well in vogue, try to create opportunities for meetings between the sexes for the ever increasing population of aging and poorly connected Japanese aspiring to matrimonial bliss, as it seems many feel an overwhelming social pressure to pursue marriage, and in yet in the normal course of their lives are never to able to court potential paramours.

A recent work by a sociologist and a journalist, “Age of ‘Konkatsu’”, attempts to analyse this trend, and presents findings which may disturb those Japanese keen to pursue married life.

Until now, the proportion of people in their fifties who remain unmarried their entire lives has stood at 16% for men, and 7% for women, however this is estimated to increase to 25% never marrying as the younger non-marrying generations age.

Factors cited in this trend are increasing numbers of passive men fearful of rejection, and increasing numbers of women with greater social stature, and less time to meet potential suitors. The work is presumably too circumspect to mention the economic expectations of women as a factor.

As a result, active attempts to find a spouse are said to be essential – it is the “Age of Konkatsu,” if this research is to be believed.

Via Sankei.

Other researchers have stated that now is Japan’s last hope before an irreversible demographic death spiral grips the nation, as the few children of mostly childless couples themselves proceed to have even fewer children, who in their turn may have even fewer children…

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  • everybody has a bad picture of what a true man is.A real man has to be strong in both aspects emotionally and physically.they need to be their woman’s support when she’s feeling down not some overworking asshole.he needs to know how to do everything in case of an emergency.thats what a real man is not a chauvinist prick that only acts high and mighty a lot of men try but they never develop those qualities and thats the problem here.also there is the social problem with expectations and all of that they live a hard life but thats no excuse i hope that they grow balls and be how a man is supposed to be and that goes to all countries right now im doing the same thing trying to improve myself so I dont make the same mistakes in the future nuff said.Ponky14, hentai,yuri, and anime lover logging out

    • The guy who wrote that shit lost his job for the disturbing craziness of his study’s and books.
      Odds are your a freak who will die alone I’m afraid to say and it’s only gonna be your fault if you rely on that “love shy” crap(unless this is a troll in which case 11/10)

  • Anonymous says:

    The Nipponese will masturbate themselves into extinction taking all of you autistic Weeabo faggots down with them in one big circle jerk of FAIL.

    Failed Limey tabloid writer Artefaggot and spoiled son of a millionaire Danny Choo (who will never reproduce either because he’s too busy masturbating himself to hell and back with his creepy doll-collection) will be the master(bators) of ceremonies.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Weak, effete men and the improved social position of women”

    Are you really this blind to your own bullshit? The men are ‘effete’, but the women are merely experiencing ‘improved social position’? This isn’t even a logical argument, your clauses are unbalanced. So one side’s abandoning masculinity and heading towards feminine behavior, and the other is….*not* becoming something resembling a man? Sorry, it doesn’t work that way, and you know it. Tell it like it is: men act like kowtowing pansies, and women are abandoning all traces of femininity and assuming – what they perceive to be – male tendencies.

    Men have been conditioned to believe that gender roles are something that abusive misogynists created, and women have been taught that motherhood is a waste of their time, that being supportive and nurturing is ‘weak’, and that being aggressive and deceptive is some sort of virtue; both by a media who banks on insecurity to sell people crap. Having a family and staying home and rearing your children? That’s total bullshit! Slaving away at some job working for a faceless company that doesn’t give a shit about you while your children grow to resent you? Yeah, that’s IMPROVED SOCIAL POSITION!!

    So now we have desperate, confused and guilty men believing that they have some long history of being abusers and tyrants to women (aside from the historical evidence that can refute this, let’s take a quick poll: how many of you truly worship women, and know that you would never harm a hair on their head? I’m guessing most of you, because that is your natural male instinct), so the only recourse is to assume the feminine role in hopes of pleasing the opposite sex, which only infuriates the women – who genuinely just want to drop all of this anti-female bullshit and actually be *women* – further.

    In any case, listen to what you’re saying, and ask yourself 1) are you being fair or biased, and 2) what do you truly want in a woman yourself. Because frankly I’m curious as to if all of these self-styled male ‘feminists’ actually want something that dresses like them, acts like them, argues with them over invisible perceived ‘power’ and demands submission from them, and if maybe those very same men wouldn’t be better off with other men.

    • You may wish to learn about something called “paraphrasing”:

      Pope ‘distorting condom science’

      But the London-based Lancet said the Pope had “publicly distorted scientific evidence to promote Catholic doctrine on this issue”.

      Nowhere in the article does the phrase ‘distorting condom science’ occur. They paraphrased the quote so it could fit in the headline, and succinctly convey the kernel of the story.

    • It just means some of the women will have to suck it up and go for a less successful man or face being an old maid.
      For the men they could go for mail order brides or look for women from very poor familys for example were the family business has gone broke.

  • It’s fine, there will never be a population of zero, this is just the human version of natural selection.

    45 years from now the cowardly genes that make a lot of japs pussies will have died out, and the balls of the average japanese person will be larger.

  • Effete men and socially empowered women? Am I the only one who sees the solution here? With their improved social standing, women should start depending on themselves for finances, and start making moves towards the men, who will then fulfill the role of the sensitive homemaker. You can’t have it both ways.

  • I think people in Japan need to treat marriage differently.

    Weak men are great. And so are strong women.
    Now all that needs to be done is for those strong women to have a good job, ask out some men,

    But unfortunately, people still treat marriage as women staying at home raising kids and men working. There needs to be more married working women in Japan and more stay at home dads!

    And more people willing to allow for the full reversed gender roles. Richer women dating poorer men. More men staying at home and raising their wives children.

    Weak men and strong women means you’ve got a lot of work with, they just need to go through that home stretch and into true gender bliss. Obliviously these strong women are not quite strong enough and these passive men are not quite passive enough.
    A REAL strong women is not afraid to date a man poorer than her, is not afraid to ask a man out for a date or even pop the question.

    A REAL “weak” man, is strong enough to not be afraid to date a woman with much more wealth than him. Is not afraid of a romantically assertive woman. Unless she’s a stalker or something wrong. Is not afraid of being jobless or raising kids.

    Japan, I applaud you for your strong women and weak men. But you have much further to go if you are in order to fix this problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think one of the issue preventing women from working after marriage is the lack of support. You pretty much have to take a long break or resign from your work. Most companies frown on maternity leave, let alone being understanding about leaving early or for emergencies. Childcare is also scarce and expensive. So people might get married but having kids is another hurdle to cross (and therefore most don’t get married because you don’t have to get married to stay together. And if you get married, you are expected to have kids soon, so people only do when they can and are ready).

      But yeah, it isn’t just one problem, Japan has many problems that needs to be overcome for many, many reasons.

      • SilverTide says:

        One problem is biology. Women are biologically hypergamous, which means that they are sexually attracted to men of higher status than themselves. If a woman is already at the top of her field her pool of attractive males is quite small. I don’t often see women in high positions going after the starving male artist.

  • abort-retry-fail says:

    Since their pension plan will be weakened in the coming years, I think Japan will be forced to reverse their draconian stance on immigration. This in light of another article indicating they have a 15-20 million person deficit and population contraction…

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course it does, that is why all develop nations face this problem (but they are more open to emigration). You have to work so you can afford your iPod, branded goods, widescreen TVs, etc…

  • Anonymous says:

    I would gladly apply the Mitsumasa Kido strategy in Japan.

    If only japanese men got influenced by the classics instead of just wanting to go back to high school and do a breastless tsundere…

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, and depends on your job, meeting people could be really difficult, let alone people you want to date. It’s not like buying a CD whereas any would do but to find someone you are attracted to enough to want to marry? Hard.

      • working as a nurse i meet many people,but they are not my friends,shurely it’s nice to have such a job with so much people.
        Well my problem is that i just don’t trust people,many bad life expiriences in my childhood,i say i only started feeking good after i was 19 years old.Becouse all the problems stopped there.

    • tell me about it,i have my friends,people at home yet having to work here at a city where everyone speaks differently,lots of serbian and bosnian people,i mean they are in our country why don’t they speak the countrys mother language?
      Just becouse most of people can understand them they won’t understand every word,i certainly have problems undestanding them sometimes.And i rather speak my countrys mother language,then my region language,becouse in this city they don’t understand our ways of speaking,not even our country people undestand it in that city and it’s not even much different from my country mother language.
      Meh it just pisses me off how many times they spelled my surname wrong.
      And what was up with my buddy girl?
      We undestood eachother so well were together a few times talking and joking around,going out around,but after new year she only called me 1 more time to send her the new year pictures and now she doesn’t even call me back or answer the phone anymore?
      By now all the real friends i had are still true friends by now.How could she just cut off contact with me like that.It’s not like i ever did something bad.
      Maybe her boyfriend got jealous becouse i have the looks and we undestood eachother pretty well and he told her to stop having contact with her.
      Meh it annoys me,wanna go back home.

      And i agree with your statement there

  • Anonymous says:

    a combination of long demanding work hours, high living cost, limited living space, high parental expectation, conservative social expectation and overtly demanding women. OK, who really didn’t see this one coming?

  • it’s not like they need to marry to have a family and children,that is just a religion thing to have control over the situation.
    The times have changed so it’s actualy getting normal to not be married and have a family.

    On a side note japan work hours are simply too much and if they both have a job then i wonder how they even meet if they don’t work at the same place

      • So, wanting to be a father, gay?
        When, the last time I checked, homosecks doesn’t produce children.

        Hmmmmmm….something amiss here. Mister gender role enforcing male. Why don’t you GET BACK TO THE KITCHEN and raise some woman’s babies?

        • Anonymous says:

          Like it or not, words mean something, and all are attributed socially through time past. The refusal to acknowledge certain aspect of it just because it is too politically correct and “gay” doesn’t cut it. If you are being inappropriate and possibly hurting someone’s feelings, then you probably shouldn’t say it. Unlike it is your plan to be insensitive and sarcastic.

        • nigger < neger < negro < black
          it basically just means a person of black (i.e. african) ethnology. despite all efforts of being overly politically correct, calling someone "black" if they really are is hardly an insult…

          as he said. meanings of words change over time.

        • Anonymous says:

          Keep using niggers and chinks then… maybe you can change their meanings and turn it into something acceptable…

          Duh, that was a bad example. Regardless of what you say and believe, currently those are not universal meanings attached to those words, except to a small bunch of people who are less socially sensitive. To use those words to portray something with negative connotations even though you might be offensive is bad taste. But if your aim is to look like a lowlife act tough, go right ahead.

        • Anonymous says:

          What is even more lame and moronic is the fact that people refuses to use lame and moronic when they mean so and chooses to use terms that could be insensitive to others. Stop talking like some retards who didn’t finish high school.

  • Anonymous says:

    The prime and foremost reason are the crazy work hours expected by companies from their employees. Most workers are expected to put in overtime other than the normal work hours. People simply have no time to meet prospective partners. If you can’t hook up with someone from work, there are little chances that you can find time to get to know someone outside work, let alone date. Lots of people spend 10 hours or more at work and are too tired to go anywhere other than straight home (remember to factor in travelling time).

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s not just men afraid of telling their feelings.

    It’s also how Japanese wives are told around the globe to be money-stealing bitches, too. People won’t doubt something like that and will just live a single life, where they actually use their money as they will, and not have it used by a woman.

        • The generalization goes both ways. We can’t really assume that women like good or bad but from my experience it is a random mix.

          Anyway, the article itself does say that passive men are a factor. Though you could say that it is because women aren’t attracted to them it’s probably as they said, they won’t approach women. I think the thing that should be asked is why aren’t the women approaching nice guys who are to timid to treat them badly, supposedly? I think that the expectation of an “aggressive” attitude in men is the problem, whether it is approaching women or being a “bad boy”.

        • MelancholyMomo says:

          Which is why I said..

          ‘Any confident, smart and beautiful woman would prefer a healthy and rewarding relationship.. instead of a ‘foolish’ one..’

          and also why I kept on stating ‘most’, ‘some’..

          and.. as my friend once said..

          ‘If you don’t like what is on the outside, it is very unlikely you will bother looking in the inside..’

          I never once truly generalized women, as I have enough common sense to know that not all women are the same ~

        • First off, I think that it’s not as bad as people say it is in regard to Chinese and Japanese women money-grabbing. I can’t speak for Japan, but I lived for a short period of time in China with some girls, and they were mostly very sweet and kind. They weren’t at all what I would call “money grabbing”.

          In regard to the other stuff, I have to say, being a woman myself, that women in general do not go for the ‘bad type’. There is a certain type of girl that is attracted to that type, that is true. But those girls you can usually spot right away, they’re the obnoxious, loud, superficial type. Chances are, if they’re attention seekers, they’re probably into the ‘bad boy’.

          All the girls I hang out with tend to like nice guys. And sure, I’m not going to deny that girls like good looking guys. But what I’ve found is that if you can impress a girl with your personality (especially if you’re funny), you start to look better and better. I once started out not finding this one guy attractive at all, but the more he talked to me, the more physically attractive he became. I ended up falling head over heels for him. I can’t explain why it happens, but it just does. And my friend, she’s really pretty and she’s one of the kindest people I know, and she only likes nerdy, sweet guys.

          Don’t generalize the way girls act. There are different types of girls, like there are different types of guys, and we don’t all like the same types.

        • MelancholyMomo says:

          ‘Most’ women are attracted to bad guys.. you cannot deny it, whether you like it or not ~

          Some due to their low self-esteem, some due to their low capacity for intimacy, or some just because their personal characteristics i.e. maternal, care giver etc..

          but.. that doesn’t mean that their attraction will always lead them to ‘go after’ the bad boys, although when they are young ~_~.. Any confident, smart and beautiful woman would prefer a healthy and rewarding relationship.. instead of a ‘foolish’ one..

          If you guys knew women who go for ‘bad guys’ its better just to stay away ~ they are drama queens ~_~.. ~ but that doesn’t mean all women are like that ~

          p.s. You could also say ~ Women are mildly masochistic by nature ~ but that might start a debate.

        • Anonymous says:

          Seriously, there are all kinds of people in both Japan and China, anyone claiming differently is obviously foolish. Personally I have nothing but good experiences with either country.

          Fonzer and Chris; You need to stop being a paranoid idiots. Do either of you even know any women?

          Also, I agree that this is mainly related to overlong work hours, lack of kindergartens (in a country where marriage = kids) and a lack of arrangements for maternety leave.

        • As an addition to Fonzer’s post, this is because women don’t like nice guys. They go after the criminals, the wife beaters, the players.
          Of course they’ll say they want the “kind, sensitive, caring, romantic” type. All the women’s rags say the same, but it’s complete bullshit.
          This is why I’ll never marry; I don’t really feel like being “that guy”. The only other alternative is being an emotional hand towel, which is just as shitty.

          Better to work at a fairly low stress job all my life, and live for myself. It’s not like I can’t still get laid without a wife.

        • Anonymous says:


          “-That bit about revealing your joker before your game? Er, those women were voting in an anonymous poll from some magazine that presumably its main target audience is women.”

          About that; I agree that it’s an anonymous poll and that the main target audience are women. Yet, most of SC’s readers are not even in Japan and we can see the results to that poll, whether the magazine was only aimed towards the female audience or everyone didn’t change that. The concerned voters being generalized as ‘Japanese women’… The fact it’s anonymous means people won’t be able to know who actually voted like that or not, which can affect/bother people. That’s what I meant with the joker card, since the men won’t even take the initiative now that they believe such things too easily; so the ‘bad’ women won’t even get a chance to abuse their husband money-wise (of course, this might not be a big issue, but I doubt it didn’t influence any male).

          I’m not trying to make this a big issue or something over dramatic, but if the poll had the opposite results (about how much they allow their husbands to spend), the future husbands and such would have been fooled far more, and would have seen no problem with marriage.

          Of course, love overcomes all, as money does not even matter then. That is, if there is any true love, of course.

        • This is just something what i heard and actualy saw.
          Women that are treated nice usualy demand more from you and betray,cheat on you.Women that are treated like shit are loyal,don’t cheat on you,love you so much that it actualy scares me when i really saw that.
          Though it won’t work on all women but probably on the most.

          You can see feminists in such a light,being treated too good,they keep doing bad things.

        • Anomynous says:

          Loli Star is being kinda stupid. Its already pretty widely known that japanese women look for welloff men above anything else. And chinese women are oppressed and treated like shit. I’m also a little concerned about loli star’s age. I read a comment posted by him on a forum where he stated he was alive and lived through the 60’s. Making him a creepy 50 y.o. pedo.

        • Anonymous says:

          I am not for or against the previous few post but just some comments against these few points:

          -People who believe in everything they read without experiencing it themselves are idiots (not talking about some deep science of course). That includes people who believe in all the polls or people who watch some anime and think Japan is all that is hyped.

          -I don’t think that many people trust those polls (I am referring to previous articles which cite those polls) anyway. Some of those polls were taken by women readers from certain magazines and those results were also published in those magazines. Not many men is going to read those magazines.

          -That bit about revealing your joker before your game? Er, those women were voting in an anonymous poll from some magazine that presumably its main target audience is women.

          -This time round it isn’t some random poll but a study done by a journalist and sociologist.

          Anyway personally I think it is just the companies overworking their employees. It is not unusual to have people clocking in 10 hours. How do you get a life with that kind of working conditions?

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, but that leads to people taking it as a prime example and they will believe it’s the case for every woman in Japan.

          They see it as a big risk to take, so they probably rather keep their money to themselves, and if they want some love, they get a prostitute and a love hotel for a one nighter.

          Polls are over-trusted by the majority of the public; I don’t know if this one would be the same results all across Japan, but the women who answered are idiots. That’s basically revealing your joker before you even start a relationship, eugh.

          That’s what I was trying to get to with what I said; but Loli Star and Anon#2 might not have noticed.

        • The polls are only of a few thousand in ONE area. They are often also taken by just one specific magazine. The girls who read Seventeen mag probably aren’t like the girls who read Time, or Health and Fitness, or no magazine at all.

        • Anonymous says:

          Except there have been quite a few polls recently, showing exactly how greedy Japanese women are. They are even housed here on the Complex for your own viewing.

          Also, if you are going to call someone fucking stupid; at least learn the difference between your and you’re. Reject.

  • Hmmm I bet those weak men can at least cook and clean for themselves (or at least competent enough to rummage for onigiri at the nearest corner 7-Eleven). The only reason they would women is so they can lose their virginity.

    The economy still needs this near-slave labor demographic. Not everyone deserves to be some top corporate brass commanding legions of sweatshop workers in China.

    On another note, developing countries are still multiplying like rabbits, and ones fathering the most kids are the homeless, drunkards, drug addicts, and convicts.

    I look forward to a more beautiful world.

    • Tenonymous says:

      they could do a dokuro chan and invent eternal youth for females only, trapping them in 11 year old bodies FOREVER! 😀 HELLO WORLD/COUNTRY/LIFE OF LOLIS, HELLO ERA OF THE LOLICON!

  • Anonymous says:

    Merely means that there’s more unmarried japanese women for me to pick from. And a recent study quoted elsewhere on this site says an increasing number of them doesn’t even want to marry, which suits me, a sworn bachelor, just fine. Hurrah!

  • Anonymous says:

    this just means it will be easier to move to japan when their population starts to dwindle. i figured when theyre not making kids its fine, but not even meeting a partner is ridiculous… though i cant talk as ive had my fair share of women who i was afraid to make a relationship with, even though it was blatantly obvious they wanted one.