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Top 10 Manga to Leave to Posterity


A survey of the top ten manga the Japanese would like to see left to posterity reveals the paragon of literary greatness in comic form is apparently a basketball manga, and that future generations might be disappointed should they happen not to like shonen manga…

The list, compiled by chart masters Oricon:

1. Slam Dunk

2. One Piece

3. Dragonball

4. Doraemon

5. Sazae-san

6. Detective Conan

7. Kochikame

8. Chibi Maruko-chan

9. Full Metal Alchemist

10. Hana Yori Danshi

The survey took a stratified sample of 900 men and women, asking 150 men and 150 women from those in their teens, those in their twenties and those in their thirties, all of whom answered yes to the question “do you have an interest in manga?”

Via Oricon.

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