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Mio, Goddess of K-ON! Figurines


Late but greatly welcomed, a slew of K-ON! figurines is finally making its debut in the market. As expected, Mio remains the go-to girl of choice, even for the figurine makers.

Goodsmile Company announced plans to make Nendoroid Akiyama Mio and Nendoroid Hirasawa Yui earlier this year. A photo of prototype Nendo Mio was posted on the K-ON! blog. No release date or price is yet available.


In the same post was also a photo of Alter’s prototype of 1/8 scale Mio, in a dynamic pose with her bass. Release date and price are also unknown.


At Tokyo Toy Show 2009, Prop Plus Petit K-ON!, a series of cutely deformed trading figures, was announced. The set will feature 11 variations and retail for ¥499 apiece come October.

These K-ON! figurines are expected to be displayed at the upcoming Wonder Festival 2009 Summer event later this month, possibly with release dates, and the amount of yen fans will be robbed of for Nendoroid and Alter Mio.

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