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Pachinko Ita-Office Building


This Nagoya pachinko company is handling the matter of advertising one of their newer series of games machines (originally based on a manga series) with aplomb, decorating the entire face of their office building in a way that is most familiar to fans of itasha.

The company is Takao Corp., a maker of the metal pinball arcade machines that inhabit Japan’s countless pachinko parlors.

The specific game being shown above is カイジ / Gaiji, which has its own confusingly made website available here.


The original source material is 賭博黙示録カイジ / Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji (Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji), a manga featuring a young gambler serialized in Weekly Young Magazine.


For some reason the connection between pachinko and anime is strengthening, with pachinko based on Evangelion and the like virtually ubiquitous, and with pachinko characters even being adapted into anime

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