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Mother & Son Make Millions Selling Schoolgirl Sex Slaves


A mother and son have been arrested after making a fortune tricking young Korean women, including minors, into sexual slavery overseas.

The pair, a mother (49) and her son (25), were arrested by Seoul police after their scheme was finally uncovered.

They solicited young women by placing adverts offering the chance to “earn more than 30 million won ($24,000) a month. This proved successful, and from February 2008 until their arrest they solicited some 30 women, who were sent overseas to Japan and elsewhere.

These girls were used as dispatch prostitutes, being sent to homes or hotels to meet customers. They were forced to service customers, even when ill, and had their passports taken from them to prevent their escape.

The pair are alleged to have made 3.2 billion won ($2.5 million) through these operations.

It is not clear to what extent the women recruited knew what they were getting into initially, but with the salary on offer and the tradition of such arrangements in Korea and other East Asian nations, it seems unlikely they could have been completely unaware of what was expected of them, though this hardly excuses their inhumane treatment.

Via ZakZak.

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