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Agnes Chan: “We’ll Be Back, You Damn Lolicon!”


Even moral crusader idol Agnes Chan is resigned to defeat where the new loli ban is concerned, but she vows to strike back against the wicked lolicon in a rather strangely worded update to her diary, visible below:


[NB: Multiple exclamation marks and slightly disturbing language are her own]

My pink dress arrived from America [for a meeting with the media]. But there won’t be any photos. Even so, we should be stylish even when nobody can see us.

The Diet’s session ran out of time, it’s unfortunate but this session we may not get the ban.

But all the members really tried hard for this, and agreed on the content of the new law!!!

Possession will be banned, and be illegal!!! I’m grateful, so grateful. They thought of the children, I’m deeply moved.

They thought of the wishes of the people, and they worked hard didn’t they? Both parties promised me “We can’t manage it this session, but we’ll surely do it next.” I’m so grateful.

To all the members, I know you’ll be busy with the election, but when you get back I want for you to start once more.

Doubtless banning loli materials will be foremost on their minds, even as they fight for reelection.

Idols may not have much of a reputation for being intellectuals, but Agnes appears to be doing even that a disservice…

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