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Valkyria Chronicles 2 Announced, Fans Weep


Superb strategic RPG Valkyria Chronicles, which has been adapted into a popular anime and manga, is set for a sequel.

However, there is already a major upset – the game is for PSP, not the PS3 as with the original, making it worthless.



As if this were not bad enough, the game switches pace from stirring martial drama to hackneyed school RPG. The graphical style also looks to have taken on a more shoujo-esque tone than the original, perhaps indicating this title is looking to target the female demographic.

The story itself takes place a few years after the original, with the academy students forced to tackle a rebellion in the south of Gallia.

Valkyria Chronicles 2 is set for a winter release. The site is at, with the major update due in a few days.

How a PSP school spin off justifies being called a full sequel to what still ranks as one of the most original titles on the PS3 is thus explained: “It’s for a handheld but we don’t want users to think the quality will be reduced.”

Possibly they would have done better to stick to calling it a gaiden rather than inciting fans expecting a full PS3 blockbuster, as already a negative reaction is evident… It may just be the case that a full sequel was canceled or delayed however.

You can also read Sankaku Complex’s review of the first game – it is easy to recommend.

Via Hachimaki.

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    • Anonymous says:

      so the 3rd best selling system this generation is a fail!? The system thats sold more units than the 360 and PS3 combined is a fail!? Your mother is a fail, for having such a retarded child.

      I can’t wait for this game, never got the chance to play the first, because I don’t own a PS3, but im picking this up day one.

  • “the game is for PSP, not the PS3 as with the original, making it worthless.”
    What? A game is made for PSP instead of PS3, thus it is automatically worthless? Cool logic bro. Yeah, I sure would love playing VC2 at work during my free time. Because I sure can carry around my PS3 and TV everywhere I go. And everyone knows no PSP game has ever been good or worth buying at all.

  • I don’t care what the title is, I’m just happy that Sega is still interested in VC after it’s mediocre sales. I’m looking forward to playing it.

    This is just like when Final Fantasy fanboys/girls complain over Final Fantasy 11/14 being a “main numbered series”. Leave it to the fantards to cry over everything.

  • Why did they bother to put 2 behind the name anyways?
    They could’ve called it Valkyria Chronicles: (Insert sub name here)instead.

    That way there wouldn’t be much on complaints.
    Just think it a sidestory.

  • NOOOOoooooooooooooooo
    no,no,no,no,no this can’t be happening,say it isn’t so.
    School RPG,what school RPG….wait a minute Sakura taisen + Valkyria Chronicles, it crazy enough to work. Okay I just have to wait and see. Hey if I stare at the loli valkyria harder I think I can see her pantsu

  • Valkyria chronicles had one of the worst PS3 graphic so it won’t be much of problems with converting to PSP, even so graphic isn’t everything, I’m a huge Tales of fan so I know what I’m talking about

  • Why? They already have the game engine built for the PS3 and put out a sleeper hit that picked up some popularity. And now they toss it to the dogs? Shame.

    Sega can still redeem themselves by putting out Valkyria Chronicles 3 on the PS3.

    I am a non-portable console loyalist. I was betrayed by my Game Gear back in the 90s when I couldn’t even turn it on after 6 months due to bad wiring with the AC/DC adapter input. I swore them off ever since.

    Laptops are acceptable, since I can show it off to my friends due to its better visibility. I let them watch me play Touhou, and I impress them. What’s the point of playing a game if you can’t show it off without giving someone a neck-ache?

  • Anonymous says:

    I don´t even own a PS3 but i would have preferred the sequel to be another PS3 game instead of a PSP game that is obviously going to have a lot of limitations.
    The school drama thing is very discouraging too,all that school simulation thingy may work well in Persona but they definitely don´t belong here.

  • Anonymous says:

    The school setting ruined any chance of me buying this sequel. Forget that fact that its coming to the PSP, one look at the medic in a skirt spells anime bullshit. Plus the VC anime is miles apart from the game so it also fails. Just when Sega was getting on my good side again they go and do this shit.

    Sega, you fucked up.

  • Anonymous says:

    I really don’t see the point of all the bitching outside of console exclusivity, which I can understand all too well. IIRC, they were initially planing on releasing a version for the PSP to begin with, so this is more or less going along those lines. While I dislike it actually being a sequel, (And Raita’s designs not being a part of it.) honestly the game will port well given the combat system’s design and given the quality of the first game, it does no good whining about what they will do to it.

    Who knows if they can somehow get a balanced multiplayer to work with it and improve the formula a bit, it will still be a great game.

    What we should all be bitching about instead is if Sega will bother to release it internationally, given how much “loving and caring support” they gave the first one on this side of the Pacific…

    • I can agree with you there. Valkyria Chronicles on the PS3 was a jewel in the sand where I live (New Zealand).

      I for one am looking forward to this sequel. The PSP could do with some better games instead of [INSERT PORT HERE].

  • If it was meant to target girls, couldn’t they have gotten Ogasawara Uki to do the designs at least? If I recall, she drew the Valkyria Chronicles yaoi manga under a pen name.

    …I miss the RAITA designs.

  • Not like it will see the light of day in the U.S. anyway. We still haven’t even gotten the DLC from the first Valkyria game. Maybe if they added more gore and marketed it as a Call Of Duty spinoff it would have done better.

  • Berzerkazn says:

    i just hope it at least does justice to it’s predecessor by being good at least gameplay wise, the school setting may lead to some interesting moments that may interest my inner weaboo XD, but I have to say, being announced for the PSP, it’s quality may be at risk…. I’m in despair now 🙁 Please prove my thoughts wrong sega… (I wonder if it’ll ever mention squad seven in game, or at least note a certain lovable sacrifice)

    • There goes the PSP fucking up yet another good title that would be better suited for the PS3 consol.

      I don’t have a problem with the PSP as I do plan on getting one soon but there are some games that shouldn’t be restricted by the portable gaming system. Yeah the PSP has a great library of games and some of those games seem to go really well for the system but then there’s those games that you’ve been waiting to play on your PS3 when it gets released and it turns out it’s only for the PSP! It just kinda sucks that great opportunities aren’t being taken advantaged of. It’s almost as if the PSP is trying to burn out the PS3. I think there should be dual releases for some games or at least save the big names like Jak, Tales, and now Valkyria Chronicles for the major platform.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sequels of games should never appear on weaker hardware.

    The first VC was a beautiful looking hd game.

    The sequel will be a shittier looking psp game on a small fucking screen. Please don’t tell me about the tv hook up because psp games on the tv still look like shit.

    Its like eating a delicious cake first then being served a shitty cake overflowing with shit second. I don’t want to eat that shitty cake after eating a delicious game, i want another slice of that delicious cake.

    fuck the shitty cake!

  • “……the game is for PSP, not the PS3 as with the original, making it worthless.”
    Seriously, why the hate? I’ve been wishing for a Valkyria game for the PSP, since I can never afford it for the PS3. But yeah, looking forward to the game release whenever that may be….

    • Anonononono says:

      it’s like making killzone 3 on iphone or half-life 3 on ds or god of war 3 on cellphone…making a spin-off of a game on less powerful console than it’s predecessor is one thing…but a sequel??? very disappointed in this…

      • Anonymous says:

        “making a spin-off of a game on less powerful console than it’s predecessor is one thing…but a sequel???”

        So you’re letting yourself get all worked up because they’re calling it “Valkyria Chronicles 2” instead of “Valkyria Chronicles Portable” or something?

        Any continuation of the series is good as far as I’m concerned, no matter what they name it.

        • Anonononono says:

          i know…while i’m glad there’s a sequel…this’s still a disappointment though…many other game make spin-off sequel on portable console…why can’t they??
          kingdom hearts,dead space extraction,suikoden tekreis,god of war psp/cellphone etc

        • Anonymous says:

          You asses didnt make it possible, they knew what they wanted to do with this franchis from the start, and since the PS3 wasn’t cutting the profit they needed to do what they wanted with the franchise, they move to a system that could, the PSP. You know, they 3rd best selling system this generation.

        • Square Enix wasn’t right for making Dragon Quest IX for the DS either. For God Sakes, there are ENOUGH damn RPGs for portable systems. Where are the GOOD console RPGs?

          Can you get engrossed with an RPG while on a train? Or a bus? Or at the doctor’s office? Or waiting for a mechanic to fix your vehicle? Because God knows, I can’t. The only way I can play RPGs on portables is if I’m sitting in a comfortable spot at home – in which case, I might as well play a game on my TV!

          If they were Dragon Quest and Valkyria Chronicles spin-offs, then fine. I can deal with that. The Sengoku Basara and Metal Gear Solid entries on the PSP were spin-offs, and while I wish they were on the PS3, I can deal with not playing them – I don’t have to partake of them to feel like I’ve experienced the entire series.

          My only hope is that this game, just like the original VC, ends up going from the PSP to the PS3. If they make it for the PSP, that’s fine – just don’t leave out the people who made a sequel possible, assholes!

  • Anonymous says:

    oh no…..

    fuck no…..

    VC was one of the best games I’ve played in ages.

    Put the sequel on the ps3/360!

    And give us the original leads.

    I am seriously fucking sick of japan right now. Everything is turning into psp or ds software. I fucking hate portable consoles, I want to play cutting edge hd games on my 50″ hd tv, fuck portables…….


    *head explodes*

  • Anonymous says:

    If they wanted Valkyria Chronicles to sell in the west they needed to put it on the xbox 360. Of course it’s going to sell like shit on a gaming system no one wants to buy for gaming.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm I see where this is going.

      I bought Dreamcast because of Grandia II and Skies of Arcadia. I was a little pissed when they decided to port them later to PS2.

      I’m a Sega fanboy but I’m not that loyal enough to invest in to-be-discontinued hardware.

      I think I might just wait for the Valyria Chronicles 1 remake for the Xbox 360 or even PSP if they can totally trash the canvas engine and just keep the core story and gameplay.

  • Anonymous says:

    The game sold somewhat poorly despite all the praise it received from critics. The move to the PSP could be their shot at garnering better sales through the franchise, seeing as there are more PSPs out there than PS3s.

  • sporkhead says:

    To be fair, the original took many years to develop, heck, it even switched platforms to the PS3 during development, here at least development costs won’t be so high.

    Sort of wish it wasn’t on PSP, it’s a dying platform here in the UK.

  • Anonymous says:

    Not all that of a shock.
    I think SEGA expected this to sell well in the West, which it didn’t.
    Perhaps the overall sales simply didn’t warrent a proper PS3 sequel so instead the project got shifted to the less expensive to develop for PSP.
    It’s a shame since the original is one of the few PS3 games I’ve enjoyed, and I hardly want to rebuy a PSP for this, so meh…

  • Doesn’t bother me, at least it’s getting a sequel. *looks over at skies of arcadia*

    It might sell better on the psp, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the series ever came back to console. The fanbase is rather vocal about the game, it just depends if Sega will listen.

    I’m still waiting for a true Phantasy Star sequel though.

  • Handhelds any good? says:

    There are plenty of people around me who have PSPs, but all they seem to be doing with them is playing games and music and videos they didn’t pay for.

    I can already do that with a computer and an ipod, so I’m wondering what the appeal is to a PSP. I would only get one if there are must have original premiere games on it. But are there any at all, specifically Japanese main titles?

    I look at the listings and all I see are spin-offs and remakes of stuff I already played on PS1.

    If what people who don’t like handheld games said is true, then I’m not sure it’s worth investing in a PSP just for VC2. (vs investing hundreds more for a PS3 for VC1).

  • Meh, Ps3 sucks anyway, hell so does 360 and Wii. Last good console was ps2. New ones have a severe lack of decent games. All are either remakes, or garbage thats been done 10 times over.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wish they would stop jamming that psp down our throats. It doesn’t matter though since this probably won’t see the light of day in the united states as we still haven’t gotten the downloadable content from the first game that’s been out over a year. Maybe if they upped the gore level and tried to push it as a call of duty spinoff the American public would go for it.

  • crap news. this is why i hate handhelds, creating so much spin offs and insignificant titles based off original games.

    I wouldn’t mind if the psp game was a upgraded port or something, but a sequel to the first game? that’s just not cutting it. you would think that after such success with the ps3 game and anime they would at least invest more resources into the franchise.

    fucking sega, no wonder you guys aren’t in the hardware business anymore…

  • moonprincess says:

    Mmmm me thing that this bullshit of ps3 fan will have to stop soon, no matter what gamesthat will come out in any console it will be great not because of on what console but the game itself.

    • Well it is their own fault the fans are complaining. Ideally all games should be multiplatform. But no, we gotta have Xbox360 Exclusives, Playstation 3 Exclusives, and all that crap.

      I used to be a PC gamer until all the better games started to become console exclusives.

      Valkyria Chronicles 1 prompted me to invest in the PS3, because I thought that’s where the property would stay. So they stayed with Sony, fine, but then they’re saying the next installment will be on the PSP, which I don’t have. I can’t afford to invest in every single console out there, only the ones that support the properties I like. And with IP like Valkyria Chronicles doing the console musical chairs like everyone else, I’m really starting to get irritated.

      All I ask is that companies remain consistent. If you’re multiplatform, you’re the greatest. If not, at least stick to a single damn device, so that your fans can stay with you.

      • when i read the title of the article, my heart began to beat quickly, perhaps if i was edward norton, i woulda of hulked from the joy of hearing VC2. Then my eyes led my feverish mind through the actual article until a bowling ball hit me.

        PSP, NOT PS3.


        Lucky PSP bitches…

  • holy f***! now what. bcoz of Valkria Chronicles, I was forced to buy a PS3. and now, I’ll be forced to buy a PSP then. but its ok. been planning to buy one. and an English version might be set for a release next year. who knows. hehe. 😀

    thanks for this news! 😀

  • thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl says:

    They better have a real sequel for the PS3 in the future. I do have a PSP but honestly it sucks. Actually all handhelds tend to suck. It took me this long to realize it. I’ll still buy it simply because this is a good game series but I expect it to be about 95% worse than the original…this is also a spin-off so it will no doubt suck. school? This isn’t a school game! This is war damn it!

  • I don’t have a PS3. I won’t be able to have one for years, most likely. I really want to play VC and it’s nice to be able to play a VC game on a system I do own and can afford. So quit your bitching about it not being on the PS3; superior graphics and such do not a good game make.

    • I totally agree – screw the fans who bought the original and made the sequel possible! Why should THEY get to enjoy the full story?

      You want to experience the full story? Then buy another system, asshole!

      At least, this is the vibe I’m getting from Sega. It’s like they’re doing everything they can to screw over the PS3 users that made the original achieve cult classic status.

      I could deal with it being an X360 exclusive better than PSP. At least that’s a damn console. Handhelds should be reserved for quick-burst games that require a few spare minutes, not hours.

    • Anonononono says:

      “superior graphics and such do not make a good game.” yes i agree…but it’s like making killzone 3 on iphone or half-life 3 on ds or god of war 3 on cellphone…making a spin-off of a game on less powerful console than it’s predecessor is one thing…but a sequel??? very disappointed in this…

      • Stop comparing it to cellphone games. They’re trying to make a point that games on PSP are high quality and that what can be done on the PS3 can also be done on the PSP.

        Another example would be Gran Turismo PSP (though, no car damage.

        The ACTUAL upcoming Metal Gear Solid game will be on PSP as well, called Peace Walker (not the spin-off “Rising”, which will also be available to 360).

        They expect you to already own a PSP and buy it if you don’t have one.

        • Actually, I’d say it’s more 3d games don’t work well on the PSP due to the way of controlling movement in a 3d environment is limited to that piss poor freaking nub.

          Control= most important part of a game. If you can’t control it you can’t play it. Bad controls can kill the fun of a game faster than anything else.

        • Anonononono says:

          i agree…stupid sony!

          while peace walker is a continuation of mgs3 (i think?) it’s still kinda spin-off some sort…coz it’s basically telling the back-story b4 mgs4…guess i’ll be getting that psp go after all…sigh

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually, barring the hand-painted filter, they could have gone with simple cell-shading and released the game for PS2. But of course Sony didn’t want that, they wanted to push PS3s. Now that it’s been proven it wasn’t enough, Sony sez, okay, at least push PSPs, as it’s still “current” hardware.

  • Anim3Fr33K says:

    well all i have to say is HELL YES! any form of a sequel is good considering how poorly this did in sales, hopefully the PSP version combined with the anime will generate enough money to bring forth a PS3 sequel.

  • InfiniteNine says:

    I don’t really care about it being on the PSP as long as the game play is the same as that is what I loved about Valkyria Chronicles, but the art direction however confuses me. I’ll have to buy a PSP when this comes out.